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  • R.A. Smyth

    R.A. Smyth


    My name is Rachel. I live with my husband and amazing golden retriever Sandy in the UK. I am a...
  • Jasmine Mas

    Jasmine Mas


    Jasmine Mas is a romance book reading lawyer who spends all her free time writing fantasy stories...
  • Maria Warren

    Maria Warren


    Maria Warren writes fantasy action romance with a sensual reverse harem twist. She's a wife,...
  • Laura Navarre

    Laura Navarre


    A long time ago in a galaxy far away, Laura Navarre was an award-winning dark historical romance...
  • Rachel Grey

    Rachel Grey


    Rachel Grey is an editor and author who spends a good chunk of her life in Fantasy and Paranormal...
  • M.F. Adele

    M.F. Adele


    M.F. Adele resides in the outskirts of the Rocket City in Alabama. She lives in her overactive...