Blood on the Clocktower

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Blood on the Clocktower

2020 | Bluff | Deduction

Blood on the Clocktower is a social deduction game for 5 to 20 players on good vs. evil teams, overseen by a moderator or storyteller.

Just like in Werewolf or Mafia, there is a "day" phase where players discuss openly and privately with other characters to ultimately execute a player in the hopes of killing those who are on team evil. There is also a "night" phase, where special roles get information or otherwise affect the game for good or for evil.

The moderator gets to act in this game as well, orchestrating the information and even affecting the game in some ways.

Unlike many social deduction games, you are not out of the game when you are dead. You can still speak and spread (mis)information, and you get one more vote to use. There are also ways for late joiners to jump in after the game has started.

There are SO many roles, role sets, and special rules you can play with.

No. of Players 5-20
Playing Time 30-120 min
Age 12
Mechanics Player Elimination, Voting
Designer Steven Medway
Publisher The Pandemonium Institute

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