Capital Resolutions: Blessings, Balance, Courage, Control (The Capital Trilogy #3)

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Capital Resolutions: Blessings, Balance, Courage, Control (The Capital Trilogy #3)

2018 | Contemporary | Romance

Picking up the pieces is something Summer Stevenson is becoming a pro at. Just when she thinks she can take a moment to breathe and digest her new reality, something is revealed, causing Summer to question what she thought was real.

The puzzle pieces have finally fallen into place for Brooke Brazile. To know Brooke is to witness her need for constant perfection and control. Unfortunately, she will learn that control is a false concept and will be knocked down a few pegs on the totem pole of humility.

It’s about time that Amber Hamilton looks inward for answers and not down the trousers of a man. Now that she’s in the shoes of someone living the good life, Amber begins to question the path she took that led her to the place at which she lies her head at night.

After enduring a few sad and shaky months, Emily Gray has cleansed herself of negative energy and is ready to move on. She can’t believe that she’ll be getting the life that she’s always wanted. When she least expects it, her resilience will be put to the test. Emily will quickly realize her strength when timing rears its ugly head.

After the rough year they’ve endured, playtime is over for these ladies. See how it all ends when the ladies of DC are left to make choices that will reflect each of their maturity levels.

Published by Sweet Blue Press

Edition Kindle
Language English

Contemporary Romance

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