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2018 | Fiction & Poetry

Working as a janitor at an insane asylum in rural Idaho has Jim in the dumps. One night, his attempted suicide is rudely interrupted by one of the residents, and he's recruited to play a game called Cryptofauna. The bizarre contest of worldwide mischief and meddling might actually help the blue custodian discover a reason to life, if he can survive the deadly trials that await...

“If Alice and Wonderland and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy had a love child, it’d be Cryptofauna. This fantasy novel creates an acid dream of lovable characters, tense twists, and a storyworld unlike any I’ve experienced. […] it’s a beautiful story, funny at times, ridiculous in the best possible way, intense and action packed." - Nico Bell Writes

"[...] a very readable fast-paced adventure packed with fantastic and ridiculous invention.” - Ingenious Cat

“Every so often, you come across a book that leaves you wondering if you should be looking into psychedelic drugs, because you realize that your reality is rather limited. This is definitely one of those books. [...] one of the strangest, most intriguing things I've ever read.” - Songs Wrote my Story

“Cryptofauna is fantastically strange, it's so funny and I found myself laughing out loud multiple times. But it's also deep and poignant and [the] attention to detail is superb.” -Rae’s Reading Lounge

Edition Kindle
Language English
Edition Paperback
ISBN 9781790939688
Language English

Black Urban Fiction

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