Ice Cold Moon (Wildeward Academy #2)

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Ice Cold Moon (Wildeward Academy #2)

2020 | Erotica | Paranormal | Romance

What’s a witch without a coven? Just a mage with no focus.

My name is Victoria Grey.
My five familiars died to protect me from my curse and now I’ve been sent away from society to learn to control my magic. Magic that’s taking unexpected twists as it grows.

This is Wildeward: Academy for magicals and monsters. Home for lost souls. Asylum for those they want forgotten.

Blood and magic wove a spell upon my heart. Five men of Wildeward answered its call: Jekyll and Hyde, the werewolf brothers; Frankie, the shy doctor who believes he is a monster; Achoris, a smoking hot but sleepy oracle; and Doyle, my reluctant vampire. But can I keep them?

Winter is here and exams have me on edge. With an uncanny new student wanting all my attention, the creepy Dr. Stein still making my skin crawl, and the b-witch Regina threatening to take what’s mine, I've got enough on my mind. Never mind my search for the perfect gifts and trying to see the warmth of the cold moon season.

The Yuletide is officially on my naughty list.

This is a Reverse Harem series with light m/m content and a non-bully romance. Recommended for mature readers.

Edition Kindle
Language English

Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance

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