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M Tasks

Business | Productivity


Pleasant tasks management app with Do-Doing-Done steps!
Have you ever experienced that:
you have too much job to organize?
you wish to divide jobs by priority?
you are afraid to forget your pretty forward schedule?
you don't want to forget your friends' birthday?
you wish to prepare a nice present for anniversaries?
you wish to remind your children's sports meetings or school visiting days?

This application helps you remember and complete your todos in a convincing way.
It is useful not only as todos management but also as your personal organizer.
You can set a due date for each registered event. The bar shows upcoming todos with remaining time, days or months.
You can also sort todos by what you have to do, what you are doing now and what you have done, and switch the view with only one click. It's simple and clean.
You can register up to 4 levels of priority so that you can easily see what is the most important.
Adding a category icon shows you the kind of todos.
You can sort todos by date, priority or category icon.


Simple user interface and easy registration
Setup due date
Setup priorities
The bar shows you the remaining due days visually
Sort by due date, priority or category icon
Manage todos by adding an icon
Manage date and time

How to operate
The bar under the screen switches between "DO", "DOING", and "DONE"
The upper middle icon sorts by priority, due date and category icon
The upper right button registers a new todo
The upper left button operates each settings
Tapping a registered todo switches to the edit screen.

Published by masataka kobayashi
Developed by masataka kobayashi
Certificate 4+
Languages German, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese
Compatibility iPhone, iPad, iPod

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