Once Upon a Dream (Mystic Beach #1) by Aislinn Archer

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Once Upon a Dream (Mystic Beach #1) by Aislinn Archer

2022 | Paranormal | Romance

Best friends in this life. Even more in her visions of a life before. Will his rockstar dreams tear them apart?

I’ve loved Hunter since the day we met. Now I’ve seen a vision of our past together — long before that day in first grade. But Hunter doesn’t believe my vision, and my feelings for him have made things complicated. And that was before his band got its big break. Now, every step he takes toward superstardom feels like he’s leaving me further behind.

At 15, I was cut adrift, my mother gone, my father casting me aside. The only things that matter to me are my guitar and my best friend, Brighid, who’s always been there for me. But she had this dream, and now she thinks we belong together, as more than friends. Even before my band started taking off, I knew I couldn’t belong with anyone — especially not her. I have to keep her safe, even when what I’m keeping her safe from is me.

Two best friends.
Two soulmates.
A rock-and-roll dream becoming reality, and a romantic dream evaporating in the heat of the spotlight. Bringing both their dreams together in a happily-ever-after could require divine intervention.

Published by Mystic Beach Press

Edition Kindle
Language English

Paranormal RockStar Romance

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