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Rise to Nobility

2018 | City Building | Dice Game | Economic | Fantasy

Rise to Nobility is a worker (dice) placement game set in The Five Realms, the same fantasy world as Cavern Tavern. At the beginning of each round, every player rolls 5 dice that represent their available actions in the game. You place the your dice and any settlers you've obtained to various guilds to earn resources, nobility, money and victory points. Through these actions, gain yourself as many victory points as you can over 10 rounds to win the game.

No. of Players 1-6
Playing Time 45-90 min
Age 13+
Mechanics Worker Placement
Designer Vojkan Krstevski, Ivana Krstevski, Maja Matovska, Toni Toshevski
Artist Mihajlo Dimitrievski
Publisher Final Frontier Games

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