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2019 | Card Game | Educational | Kids Game | Medical | Puzzle

SAIBOU is the Japanese word for “cell”. Your goal is simple - create a culture of 9 cell cards in a 3x3 group before your opponents can! Use versatile Stem Cells and Macrophages to fill in gaps and protect yourself, but watch out! Other players can use nasty Bacteria and Virus cards to infect your cells and eat them!

Whether you play carefully or care-free, the luck of the draw and the other players will shake things up for sure!

Part card game, part puzzle, all fun! Quickest games played with two players, but can be played by up to four.
The cards in SAIBOU are deliberately designed with no text, so that anyone can be taught to play by example.

—description from the designer

No. of Players 2-4
Playing Time 15-30 min
Age 8+
Mechanics Pattern Building
Designer Andrew Todd
Publisher The Game Crafter

Main Image Courtesy: @purplephoenix.
Background Image Courtesy: @purplephoenix.
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