Sex Education

2019 | Drama

Young or old, in some way or another, you will relate to this show.

Sex Education isn't just about sex, it's about learning self appreciation, respect and living life as best as possible with the choices we have in front of us.

This starts off as a raunchy series, quickly turning into a story of many characters who seem to have it all or nothing in between. They soon come to realize that they are no more special than the person next to them, no more right or wrong than the one they criticize or blame.

Casting is fantastic - The leading role, wow; a normal and confused 16 year old who has an amazing gift, to calm and guide those who seek his help in finding the answer to any slight imperfections they may have with themselves or with their partner.

A blend of comedy, love and drama - Sex Education is a well balanced and written series that takes you for a ride that's full of heart.
With the variety of characters in this show, each and every one of us should have some one to feel familiar with.

I can’t recommend this series enough and can’t wait for series 2. There are talks about a second season but we won’t know for a couple of months yet if or when it will happen.

Network Netflix
Creator(s) Laurie Nunn
Cast Gillian Anderson , Asa Butterfield, Mikael Persbrandt, James Purefoy and Alistair Petrie

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