The 25 Steps to Accurate Property Valuation

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The 25 Steps to Accurate Property Valuation

2022 | Business & Finance | Education

A much need book that demystifies the home valuation process for real estate investors and agents and puts you in charge of the buying and selling process!

Over and over again, investors and agents fall into the trap of overvaluing or undervaluing a property.

This book is for you if you are:

- An investor tired of making hope-based "nice-to-have" but unprofitable improvements to your flips and not seeing a return on your money
- A listing agent who is tired of woefully watching buyers flock to competitor's homes while your listings sit on the market with no offers
- A buyer's agent that keeps getting outbid because you have unintentionally been making lowball offers on your client's dream homes
- A home seller looking for peace of mind that you are not selling too cheap
- A home buyer who wants to ensure that you are not overpaying

Investor and valuation expert Suhail Tayeb will guide you through his researched and tested 25 Steps to Accurate Property Valuation so you can avoid making costly and embarrassing mistakes!

Here is what you will learn:

- What an appraiser looks for in a property that can affect their opinion
- How an investor can avoid the over-improvement trap
- How to identify the property's neighborhood and the neighborhood boundaries
- The importance of location
- How adjustments are determined to arrive at a fair opinion of market value
- How to pick suitable comparable properties
- What to do when you can't find any living area details in the public records
- The difference between a bedroom and a den
- The impact of energy-efficient items like solar panels and tankless water heaters on value
- About accessory dwelling units on parcels with multifamily property
- How to deal with unpermitted additions
- The difference between Condos and Co-ops and all about condo conversions
and much, much more!

The book is jam-packed with illustrations and examples to give you a behind-the-scenes look and take the guesswork out of the valuation process.

If you want to join the ranks of "The Pros," who rarely overpay when buying property and almost always sell the property for the highest price in the shortest period, The 25 Steps to Accurate Property Valuation is your roadmap.

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