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Please Fix the Teleporter
Please Fix the Teleporter
2020 | Action, Kids Game, Racing, Real-time, Science Fiction
Captain Gerf and Emperor Korlax are trapped inside the teleportation beam? Again? Who forgot to install the upgrade module? Uh oh, it was me… Well now I need to get to work fixing this infernal teleporter because my captain and his captured enemy keep coming aboard all different. They are all shouting at me, “PLEASE FIX THE TELEPORTER!”

Please Fix the Teleporter is a quick real-time action/dexterity card game for 1-4 players, but in this preview I will be tackling it as a solo experience. In it players are teleportation specialists charged with repairing a malfunctioning teleportation beam that is displaying strange mix-and-match features of the two persons attempting to board the craft. By matching the images on the display six times the Captain and his quarry can board safely and in one piece.

DISCLAIMER: We were provided a prototype copy of this game for the purposes of this review. These are preview copy components, and I do not know for sure if the final components will be any different from these shown. You are invited to back the game through the Kickstarter campaign,or through any retailers stocking it after fulfillment. -T

To setup for a solo game choose one color of body part tiles and place them in front of the player. Shuffle the deck of scrambled cards and deal six face-down. Have a timer handy (Alexa, Siri, or Google also work well) and the game may begin!
Gameplay is simple: flip over one card, match the card with the body tiles to recreate the image and then flip over the next card. Repeat these steps until all six cards have been matched and then stop the timer. Based on the table on the back of the rulesheet the player may determine how well they fared. For example, the highest score that may be achieved is five stars, which is earned by completing the game in under 30 seconds.

Once the game is over, the player will most certainly wish to play again, so multiple games may be played in order to earn that glorious five star rating.

Multiplayer rules are almost exactly the same except instead of dealing six cards at the beginning, the first player to match and claim five cards will be the winner.
Components. This game is a bunch of cards and four tiles per player. The cards are nice squares and the tiles are chunky cardboard. What sets this game apart for me is the art style. The art here, as you have seen, is so crazy and wonky and I just love it! The colors used are some of my favorites and it just looks amazing on the table. I have zero complaints for components and art.

Gameplay is similarly loved. This one is so quick and easy that anyone can play and be great at it. It takes mere seconds to teach and each player will want to play more and more, even the solo player. I cannot really comment on strategy, as this game really doesn’t lend itself to any sort of strategic play. It is a free-for-all to match the cards and move on to the next. I like being frantic.

So if you are at all like me and love these little “refreshers,” as I like to call them, check this one out. It will fit perfectly between two heavy hitters to refresh the players for the next game. Or will perfectly balance your night of solo play. Are you into theme nights? I am. What a great addition to an outer space themed game night! Quick and easy with excellent art. This one is a winner, even if I never manage to actually fix the dang teleporter.

LeftSideCut (3778 KP) rated the PlayStation 4 version of Dead by Daylight in Video Games

Jun 20, 2019  
Dead by Daylight
Dead by Daylight
2016 | Action
A hugely enjoyable, and often frustrating, horror multiplayer
I'll admit first off, that I've put a truly unhealthy amount of hours into Dead By Daylight - I imagine at this point, it's probably around the 700-800 hour mark - certainly enough to have a pretty solid idea of how the game works, and I'll say this - this game is as fun as you make it, and the most important part of that statement is friends.

Communication in DBD is key, and unfortunately, the game is subject to very douchebag-ways of playing (on both the killer and the survivor side).
Playing as one of four survivors can be incredibly frustrating, so jumping in with three friends is an easy fix - and when you're having fun, DBD is an absolute blast, a nice blend of scares, tension, action and teamwork.

Playing as a killer can also be heaps of fun, especially since a number of horror icons have been added as DLC (Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, The Pig from Saw, Ghostface), and they sit nicely alongside a humble roster of original killer characters, all with unique powers and perks, that make playing as them, and surviving against them, into an exciting mix of tactics and gameplay.

DBD does seem to have issues with bugs and glitches fairly regularly, but on the flip side, there are also regular patches and updates, from a Dev team that listen to their player base more often than not.

If you love horror games, the I implore you to get involved.

Dean (6921 KP) Jun 21, 2019

I actually have this downloaded but not got round to playing it yet. Friday the 13th the game is very good, also with some downsides but good fun.


LeftSideCut (3778 KP) Jun 21, 2019

I was obsessed with Friday the 13th for good 6-7 months after it released but to be honest, as soon as so started playing DBD, I played Friday less and less. When the Devs stopped adding content, it was pretty much game over for me. I still hop on every now and again. But again, a game best played with friends!

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