The Architect by Paloma Faith

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The Architect by Paloma Faith

2017 | Pop

Leaving love and heartache behind to delve into society and politics, Paloma Faith invites us to see the world through her eyes. Continuing to draw on retro soul, big band and orchestral pop, she delivers emotive reflections on homelessness (“Surrender”), the refugee crisis (“Warrior”), voter regret (“Guilty”) and war (“WW3”), punctuated by powerful monologues from Samuel L. Jackson and political commentator Owen Jones. Most moving is the title track, where Faith showcases a new, contemplative depth to her vocal by playing the part of Mother Nature despairing at what’s become of her planet.

Label RCA

Track List
The Architect (0 Ratings)
Crybaby (0 Ratings)
Lost and Lonely (0 Ratings)
WW3 (0 Ratings)
'Til I'm Done (0 Ratings)
Guilty (0 Ratings)
Kings and Queens (0 Ratings)
Love Me As I Am (0 Ratings)
Still Around (0 Ratings)
Surrender (0 Ratings)
Warrior (0 Ratings)


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