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The Walker

2018 | Action | Fighting | Horror

PlayStation 4

The Walker is based in a time where traditional Chinese culture is on the crossroads of modernisation The game combines the ancient Chinese art of exorcism, with modern weapons and equipment Players become exorcists with the ability to use Chinese paper Talismans, and battle against various monsters and demons in order to protect the city. Swords and sorcery in Shanghai A demonic army is sweeping through the land and as a distant and last known descendant of the ancient, mystical Fangxiang family, famed for their mystical mix of swordsmanship and sorcery, you stand alone to meet them Set in historic Shanghai, the unique sights and sounds will envelop you as you roam through 6 different locations, fighting off waves of the demonic militia horde and battle between sweeping boss showdowns Infuse a variety of weapons with special powers stand your ground with total 360 movement in a tense and action-packed storyline with incredible graphics full of memorable quests, challenging mini-games and epic boss battles. Live up to your famed lineage and use swords, guns, mystical perks and charms to destroy all who stand before you.

Published by Perpetual
Developed by Perpetual
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Rating Pending

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