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2001 | Action, Fighting, Shooter
Story, plot, combat tactics, characters, style. (0 more)
Rough control, occasional awkward camera placement, gun control! (0 more)
An overlooked bungie Gem that was too ahead of its time.
Contains spoilers, click to show
Oni is a third person action videogame developed by Bungie (west).
Released in 2001 it was Bungie wests ONLY game!?
The game focuses on shooting and hand to hand combat as you take on a reasonable amount of enemies, the gun controls are rather terrible and the combat controls are great providing you actually manage to land a strike.

ONI was originally planned to be released just for Mac, OS and Windows but was later ported to ps2 through Rockstar Canada.

The game was heavily inspired by Anime classics 'Ghost in a Shell' and 'Akira' which is very noticeable from the cover and beginning of the game (and also being set in a cyberpunk world).


Taking place in the year 2032, the world has become a dystopia due to pollution leaving very little of the planet habitable.

In order to solve the Global economic crisis, all nations formed under one banner....the world coalition government.

 You play as agent Konoko (voiced by Amanda winn-Lee) a member of the TCTF (Technological Crimes Task Force), working against a crime organisation known as The Syndicate. Whilst blasting through enemies konoko begins to unravel secrets promoting more questions than answers.
I haven't seen the anime of this yet, and I'm not sure which was released first. I'm definitely interested in seeing the show now though, and am certainly going to read the rest of the manga volumes (if I can find/afford them all!).

As usual, I will try not to ruin the plot for anyone who wants to read it. I'll just say that Ichigo can see ghosts, and one day comes across a soul reaper - who accidentally gives her powers away and is stuck in a temporary human body. Together, they work as soul reapers to rid the world of "evil" hollows - which takes them through some pretty sad memories.

The writing is great - I found this so so comedic, and just enjoyable to read all the way through. I read all 500+ pages in one afternoon!

There's also some.seriously sad stuff in there - dead family members make guest appearances, and I actually found some of the scenes so touching and painful. The entire volume was just written so fantastically.

The art is amazing, too - I especially liked the odd blank page with just a small illustration that peppered the book. It was artistic, yet still presented the story well.

This is probably gonna be a favourite of mine for a long time. I cannot wait to read on - the end of the third volume in this collection is very intriguing! 5/5 stars.