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    Adragonwolf (1 KP)

    Crazy 3 day eventer movie fan anime cosplay geek

    46 year old horse crazy anime/fantasy/sci-fi movie fan cosplaying geek


    Mr. Top Hat (0 KP)

    Anime Convention Director

    Anime/movie buff who loves spoilers and a good plot.


    Alyssa ✨ (0 KP)

    Longtime RPG Fan & Anime YouTuber

    I'm into many fandoms, but my two biggest are anime & video games. Horror is my favorite genre among...


    Chance (0 KP)

    Comic book, Movie, animation, music, anime buff.

    I love anime, rap games, guitars, music, animation, movies, music, drawing.


    Jason Rivera (0 KP)

    Anime fan

    I have loved to read books for a long time. I watch tv or movies or read or play videogame in my...


    Sara (75 KP)

    Anime and bookworm extraordinaire

    A bibliophile video game lover who loves nothing more than a day to get lost in my favorite fantasy...