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    Sara (78 KP)

    Anime and bookworm extraordinaire

    A bibliophile video game lover who loves nothing more than a day to get lost in my favorite fantasy...

    Last Active: Sep 21, 2017

    Mr. Top Hat (0 KP)

    Anime Convention Director

    Anime/movie buff who loves spoilers and a good plot.


    Nikki (11 KP)

    Book Worm and Anime Enthusiast

    I love reading books. My interests in reading range anywhere from cultural studies, to fantasy, to...

    Last Active: Aug 20, 2017

    LadyMayri (36 KP)

    Book Worm, Anime addict, Padawan

    Mother of Cats, OriĆ³n and Nebula. I love stargazing, chocolate, and reading. I read every single...

    Last Active: Apr 14, 2018

    Jason Rivera (0 KP)

    Anime fan

    I have loved to read books for a long time. I watch tv or movies or read or play videogame in my...