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    Sara (75 KP)

    Anime and bookworm extraordinaire

    A bibliophile video game lover who loves nothing more than a day to get lost in my favorite fantasy...


    Mr. Top Hat (0 KP)

    Anime Convention Director

    Anime/movie buff who loves spoilers and a good plot.


    Jason Rivera (0 KP)

    Anime fan

    I have loved to read books for a long time. I watch tv or movies or read or play videogame in my...


    Tarkin (14 KP)

    Amateur anime adoring seamstress

    Love anime and Japanese culture, love dressmaking and general sewing, and all other fabric crafts,...


    LadyMayri (36 KP)

    Book Worm, Anime addict, Padawan

    Mother of Cats, OriĆ³n and Nebula. I love stargazing, chocolate, and reading. I read every single...