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Call Out My Name

The Silencing
Kirsten Powers | 2015 |
10.0 (1 Ratings)
Book Rating
A sobering look at how the illiberal left is using name calling and intimidation to silence those they disagree with. Columnist and Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers chronicles stories from the last few years of this trend to name call, demonize, and shout down those who don’t follow liberal dogma to the letter. She shares stories from college campuses, feminism, and the war on Fox News.

There is little editorializing in the book. Instead, she lays out story after story of how people are being attacked for saying things that aren’t deemed correct. The result is a book that anyone who cares about America should read with their eyes wide open.

Read my full review at <a href="">Carstairs Considers</a>.
All My Friends - Single by Col3man
All My Friends - Single by Col3man
8.0 (1 Ratings)
Album Rating
Armen Paul is an NYC-based singer-songwriter from Boston, Massachusetts. Col3man is an electronic producer who grew up in Heber City, Utah. Not too long ago, they released an introspective dance tune, entitled, “All My Friends”.

“Can’t walk on water, never figured it out. Waves break like me and you. Wade in my worries, but I’m human to doubt, feel you in every mood when I’m angry. I get down on my myself and I get anxious when I need help.” – lyrics

‘All My Friends’ tells an interesting tale of a depressed young man who prays for someone to call his phone.

Apparently, he’s not strong mentality, but somehow he blindly makes it through the day.

‘All My Friends’ contains a relatable storyline, harmonious vocals, and vibey instrumentation flavored with a futuristic blend of indie-pop and electronic elements.

“My friend Col3man and I wrote this song in hopes of helping to erase some of the social stigmas around talking about depression and suicide. It can be challenging to approach friends, family, or professionals and ask for help, but talking about it is often the healthiest way of coping. There is always someone out there willing to listen. We hope this song helps others be the person to reach out and offer help or alternatively, be the person who asks for help. Both efforts take a tremendous amount of courage and they can be life-changing.” – Armen Paul

Armen Paul’s silky falsetto and shimmering vibrato coupled with his subtle grit and soulful melodies create a beautiful musical atmosphere. Not too long ago, the bubbly entertainer appeared on the television show, The X-Factor.

Greggory “Col3man” Ellis has been making a name by creating a unique blend of urban and electronic music.

After touring Africa and Europe as a concert pianist in high school, he found his love for production and dance music.
Who&#039;s Watching Oliver (2018)
Who's Watching Oliver (2018)
2018 | Horror
8.7 (3 Ratings)
Movie Rating
Lead Actor (2 more)
Disturbing script
Brutal Effects
Not sure what i watched... But oh so dark and twisty
So.... I sat down for an afternoon movie... Closed my eyes and picked this gem of a deranged fest.
Not only was i disguated by the ideas floating around in the plot. Incest... Kidnapping... Dismemberment and Torture... All the wonderful things i like to be disguated by in a film... I was impressed by the acting ability of the lead character... I'm sorry, Boils and Ghouls, but his name slips my mind... Probably because I'm in Canada, and I can legally smoke weed anywhere...
The performance by his love interest as well... Simply amazing... Not to mention the vile and vulgar Mother.
About halfway through the film, my fiance got up from her pre work nap and she watched the movie for a few seconds and turned to me shaking her head... So this is the kind of sick shit you watch while I'm sleeping... She says... To which i reply... And when youre at work, or out with your kids... Or even sotting in the chair next to me... Lol...
Anyways... For the gore fan... Its a definate must... For the psychological fans... I would recommend. And for everyone else... There's always Aquaman.... Or as i like to call it... The Jason Momoa Girl Jizz Cabaret....
Til next time... Meaning tomorrow...
Enjoy the gore... It's a beatiful day to Slay lives...
HelloTalk Language Exchange
HelloTalk Language Exchange
Education, Social Networking
7.0 (1 Ratings)
App Rating
Great to Learn About New Cultures (0 more)
Not Reliable for Learning Significant Amounts (0 more)
This app is great to speak to native speakers of the language you want to study. You can follow people you are interested in, or who provide useful information for you and you can even message, call, and send pictures to HelloTalk friends. It is a great app to learn about culture because you are learning from the natives themselves, not just from a textbook. You can even ask people questions if you're nice enough.

However, by way of learning a significant amount of your studied language. It would take some dedication and patience. Firstly, it can be difficult to find someone who is willing to teach and not be taught. Secondly, it can be difficult to call people because of the different time zones, and then of course there can be language barriers. I find that when I message people it is usually the same generic conversation starters and questions:
Hello, how are you?
What is your name?
How old are you?
Where are you from/where do you live?
What is your job?

It can be difficult to get to know someone well enough to move past these types of conversations, but not impossible. It just might take some time to root out a good candidate.

Nevertheless, I love using the app. I like to post on my memories and help other people learn about my culture. It is rewarding. And it is easy to like, and ask other people questions about their home town.

If you use the app right, you can gain a lot from it. If you only use it halfheartedly, you will probably gain hardly anything of value to you.
Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation)
Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation)
Home Audio & Theater > Speakers, Smart Home
Wonderfully useful and functional
I’m one of those people who often takes a while to get into and accept new technology. Not because I’m a technophobe, in fact I’m a massive techie and often the go to person for tech related issues within my family and friends. My issue is that I find a lot of technology is encouraging people to become lazier or become out of touch with basic home skills (like smart ovens or washers, I just don’t get it!). I’ve often lumped smart speakers like the Echo Dot in the same category in that I just didn’t see the point in them when most people still have functioning old school speaker systems. However I can honestly say my mind has definitely been changed for the better on the Echo.

Firstly it looks and feels great. I was expecting a rather flimsy feeling speaker but in fact it feels quite weighty and substantial, and the Sandstone version that I’ve bought looks rather sleek. It stands out and looks good but at the same time isn’t at any time the focal point in a room. The speaker aspect is rather good too and has a decent sound quality. I’ve placed this in my kitchen, as I have a fairly open downstairs and the sound easily reaches the entire floor - I can even speak to Alexa from my living room which is a good 7+ metres away with only a standard sized doorway for sound to reach through. Admittedly I had to mute the TV, but I’m still impressed she can hear me from there! The Echo Dot links up seamlessly with my Spotify account and I’m surprised it plays so well and doesn’t encourage you to try and sign up to Amazon Music instead.

The thing about the Echo Dot is that it isn’t just a glorified speaker and it’s only from owning one that I’ve truly appreciated this. As well as music, Alexa also helps out with so much more like reminders, timers and the weather as well as a whole host of fun features. There are so many fun things you can ask Alexa (google it if you haven’t already), too many to name although one of my favourites is “Alexa, find Chuck Norris”. There’s also the rather sad fact that as I live on my own, Alexa provides a rather welcome conversational partner and definitely less one sided than talking to the cat! I’m also a rather forgetful person, so having the ability to ask Alexa to set reminders when I can’t do something at the time (i.e. remembering to take the bins out when I’m in the middle of making dinner) is a god send. I’m surprised at how well the voice recognition works too. I’ve often experienced issues with voice recognition on mobile phones, because it doesn’t appear to like the northern accent, but Alexa so far has not had any issues. Maybe I need to speak “proper” Northern and see how she reacts...

I love this that much that I’m looking at buying a second Echo Dot for my upstairs so I have full coverage in my house, and can then take advantage of using Alexa as my morning wake up call amongst as well as being able to link both together to act as a multi room speaker system. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to get a bargain during Black Friday in a couple of weeks!
Ninja Assassin (2009)
Ninja Assassin (2009)
2009 | Action, Drama
7.0 (4 Ratings)
Movie Rating
Blood Fest
Ninja Assassin is one of those movies that you forgot that came out because it was such a underrated jem. You forgot that James McTeigue directed it, who's that you say well... He directed "V For Vendetta" in 2005, a great film by the way. Than after this film he went on the directed "The Raven" in 2012, a decent film underrated as well. Than 2 more films that i havent seen. So why am I reviewing this film, well because its really a forgotten movie, same with "The Raven" which ill probley reviewing in the future, this one is just oh hey you remember that movie called "Ninja Assassin", not really/no/Ninja plus Assassins that sounds call would be someone's answer. Or Thats a cool title whats it about..

The Plot: Trained in methods of killing from an early age, Raizo (Rain) is a member of the secret clan of assassins known as the Ozunu. After the Ozunu kill his friend, however, Raizo breaks free from them and vanishes. Meanwhile, Europol agent Mika Coretti (Naomie Harris) discovers a money trail linking the the group to murders. Raizo saves Mika from his former comrades and joins forces with her to bring down the Ozunu forever.

Sounds intresting right, because it is. The action, the violence, the gore, the blood. Plus also a actor name Rain is in it. Rain how cool is that name and also i forgot that Naomie Harris is in thia film. She is such a great actress that hardly no one talks about, she is such a underrated actress.

A fun and cool film to watch in my books.
Merlin's Children
8.0 (1 Ratings)
Book Rating
First off, allow me to commend Megan for making it past what I would call the Snowpocalyspse level, in which case the weather was nastily for a week in early January. I'm sure that says a lot, and that was not sarcasm whatsoever.

     Merlin's Children starts off pretty much exactly where Taliesin Ascendant left off, and we finally get answers from the prologue of Book 1.

     Or maybe I just now realized the answer to the question and it was in my face the entire time. *shrugs* I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter since as long as the question is answered, then it's all good.

     I still have to applaud the author for continuing to be practically flawless in grammar/spelling (I make it a point to mention these things :p).

     But I do find it really weird that the characters seem to draw their eyebrows downward a lot. I'm not sure if it's possible or I'm just those peeps who can only raise my eyebrows, but each time it was mentioned, I was pretty tempted to run into the bathroom, stare at the mirror and see if it was possible.

     My mother would have thought I was insane if she saw me so I didn't do it.

     HEY! HERE'S A POSSIBLE HUGE SPOILER! I sort of wanted what happened to Jamison to be something else. Maybe because I was thinking of what I read about the Nikita finale in TV Guide, in which I sorrily missed. -_- I am glad that some of the characters from the very first book return though. ^_^

     On a final note, Megan has upped her game a bit compared to the last 2 books (yes, I'm staring at the raw ratings for the series). It's more fast paced, has more action and if anything, I sort of have a short attention span. A semi one, since I can tolerate SOME boring books to the end. :D But then the review turns out bad. I think that was irrelevant.

     For some reason, I keep reading Ermengarde's name as "Er Ma Gawd" so I ended up reading "so and so and Ermagawd..." every so often. That might actually be how the name is pronounced, but I'm honestly not sure so I'll just call her OMG. :D

     Another thing irrelevant I suppose.
Original Rating: 4.5
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This review and more can be found at <a href="">Bookwyrming Thoughts</a>
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Project X (2012)
Project X (2012)
2012 | Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi
7.5 (2 Ratings)
Movie Rating
Project X is a wild ride fueled by drugs, booze, nudity, strong language, and a mob mentality. It starts off very slow, like every other day at high school (for most of us), and then quickly escalates into a series of events that seem inevitable, like watching dominoes fall.

The story follows three teens: Thomas, Costa, and JB. Costa and JB are on a mission to execute the biggest birthday bash known to man for their best friend Thomas. Their mission? To hopefully change their reputations as high school losers. Of these three, Costa is the only one whose real life name is not the same as his character. Many of the characters in this film used their real names, much to my surprise.

When I first read the film’s synopsis, the following phrase was included: “Project X is a warning to teens, parents and law enforcement.” Naturally, I assumed the film was going to be a documentary laced with lessons for the viewers. While I can’t say more without giving away what happens, I was surprised — and that’s saying something.

Nima Nourizadeh showcases his skills on the silver screen for the first time in a non-documentary capacity, though the film is very documentary-esque. I have to give him two thumbs up for creating a very funny, visually appealing, and emotionally charged film.

The best part for me was the comedy, which I’m sure resonated with younger viewers more, but was hilarious none-the-less. It’s a triumph for true laugh-out-loud film-making.

My only criticism comes from a scene near the end, which seems completely implausible given the realistic nature of the film. This particular scene felt very out of place. At the risk of ruining the moment for you, I will simply say that the drug dealer really lights up the scene, albeit
in a very unlikely manner.

I would call this underdog film an unexpected win.
Ride of Her Life
Ride of Her Life
Kimberly Dean | 2012 | Contemporary, Erotica, Fiction & Poetry
5.0 (1 Ratings)
Book Rating
Woman Surprised When Neighbor Waits For Her When Coming Home Late
Genre: Contemporary, Erotica

Word Count: 3,830

Average Smashwords rating: 5 out of 5 stars

My rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Warning: quotes below are certainly rated R.

When Andrea’s car breaks down and she gets a ride home with a coworker, the last thing she expects is her sexy yet scary-looking neighbor, Bo, waiting for her and livid. Worried out of his mind, Bo is done flirting with Andrea without action. Tonight, he’ll show her exactly what he wants with her.

Ride of Her Life is a hot little escape, but it’s like daydreaming about the stock photo of a tattooed macho man. True, it has some great sexy time.

He was fucking her hard and fast, but it was too much. Too raw. Too intimate. She felt too vulnerable, and she tried to lower her legs.

“No.” Keeping her legs close together, he leaned forward. “I like it this way. It makes you tighter. Makes you pay attention to me.”

The increase in pressure startled her. “Bo!”

He bucked at the sound of his name, and Andrea could hardly stand the pleasure. It felt naughty, exhibitionistic, and so damn good.

“That’s right, sweet thing. Give it to me. I’m the guy who’s meant to be your lover, not your handyman.”

But Bo has no character whatsoever. For that matter, Andrea isn’t much better with her inconsistent weirdness.

Bo is a jerk. He was mad that his neighbor didn’t call him when she was going to be home late or ask him to drive all the way to the college just to give him a ride. He was even more irritated that the coworker who dropped her off was male. Bo is her next door neighbor! Sure, they’re closer than most neighbors, but that doesn’t mean she needs to call him when she is a little bit late.

There’s an inch of depth that flickers beneath Bo’s otherwise boring flatness. His anger stems from worry and he’s insecure around Andrea. He doesn’t think he’s smart enough for her and in a moment of vulnerability asks her what he means to her.

It’s clear the two of them have history together. They have been neighbors for a while and Bo is always there to help with lawn mowing, giving her takeout, and doing repairs around the house. Andrea fantasizes about him at night but is scared to acknowledge her attraction to him. Bo seems to know it anyway and basically takes her on a picnic table with Andrea barely getting a consent out.

The lack of real consent is a huge turn-off for me. Just because he mows her lawn doesn’t mean he gets to, well, mow her lawn. There’s a difference between dominating and borderline-raping, and I wish that was much clearer here.

Andrea’s character is all over the place. She goes from caring to femme fatale in less than four thousand words.

At first, she’s slightly scared of Bo. She’s nervous and innocent for most of the story.

The tingle was back. Her entire body vibrated with anticipation and nerves. She’d never done anything like this. A thrill of uneasiness and excitement rushed through her

By the end, he’s just a fuck for her.

“Can we go inside now?” she asked, her lips brushing against his ear.

“On one condition. Tell me what I am to you.”

She smiled softly. “Oh honey, you’re the man I call when I need a ride.”

Where is this new found confidence of hers and when did she start calling him honey? Did her orgasm compel a man-eating ghost to possess her for the sake of reliving glory days?

We’ll never find out, because that’s where the story ends. There’s no real conclusion and just the flippant line to half-heartedly tie the ending and beginning together. It left me wholly unsatisfied.