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Matthew Hoobin (1375 KP) rated Role Models (2008) in Movies

Sep 8, 2017 (Updated Jun 11, 2018)  
Role Models (2008)
Role Models (2008)
2008 | Comedy
5.0 (6 Ratings)
Movie Rating
Funny, formulaic, forgettable
"Role Models" is a mildly entertaining movie. That being said, it falls into a sea of forgettable, raunchy comedies from the 2000s. Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott star as Danny and Wheeler, two energy drink salesmen who are enrolled in a program which pairs youths with adult role models, and of course, neither are very respectable mentors. Danny's girlfriend broke up with him for a variety of reasons which plague your typical white comedy protagonist. The movie has an incredibly predictable narrative. We already know that our protagonists are going to learn to bond with their court-ordered youngster pals, though to the movie's credit, those young actors aren't terrible. Christopher Mintz-Plasse plays Augie, an introverted teen who enjoying live-action role-playing, and Bobb'e J. Thompson portrays a vulgar streetwise kid named Ronnie. Most of the film's humour surprisingly comes from Wheeler and Ronnie, both of whom are crude, sex-obsessed delinquents. Ken Jeong is inconsistent though appropriately obnoxious as the king in Augie's role-playing community, and Jane Lynch is rather bland as the mentor program's leader Gayle. "Role Models" might be entertaining for one watch, but it's nothing special.

Matthew Hoobin (1375 KP) rated Frank (2014) in Movies

Dec 17, 2017 (Updated Dec 17, 2017)  
Frank (2014)
Frank (2014)
2014 | Comedy
"Welcoming smile."
"Frank" tells the story of an aspiring musician becoming a member of a weird experimental band, with a bizarre man (who's always wearing a large, papier-mâché head) at their forefront. The audience surrogate is Domhnall Gleeson as the protagonist, Jon, and Gleeson does a good job in the role. The supporting cast, including Maggie Gyllenhaal as the mentally unsound theremin player Clara, give quality performances as well, but the standout is Michael Fassbender as Frank. The character is so outlandish that he's remarkably captivating, and even though he can come off as tragic at times, he's the source of a lot of humour. It's a little rare for me to audibly laugh so often during a film, but this movie managed to accomplish just that. Unfortunately, the third act fell flat for me, despite it having one of the funniest lines in the film, when Frank shares his opinion on the quality of Jon's music. After some reflection, I came to understand the overall moral, and despite portions of the movie's last act, the comedy was effectively absurd and the narrative was so unusual that I couldn't help but be engaged.
Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017)
Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017)
2017 | Action, Sci-Fi
Beautiful visuals (1 more)
Good story
This is the current movie I've been gushing about to my friends, it had a little bit of everything and did not fail to impress me.
Of course it helped that I was with a great packed-out theatre crowd. I live for moments when the whole theatre is applauding at a scene.
The pacing was great, I didn't feel as if I had been sitting at the theatre for an extended amount of time.
Great action moments, especially at the end, good high stakes drama, and comedy sprinkled throughout.
The visuals were beautiful

Now, all this being said, there were a few moments that kind of threw me. I don't want to explore these too much, as they are spoilers, but there was a time here and there that I felt myself mentally step back and question what was going on or if a scene or an action was really necessary.

All in all, I highly recommend this movie to all, Star Wars fans or not. This was a great bridge between the new trilogy and has me super excited for what's to come.

Matthew Hoobin (1375 KP) rated Rick and Morty - Season 1 in TV

Jul 27, 2017 (Updated Nov 7, 2017)  
Rick and Morty  - Season 1
Rick and Morty - Season 1
2013 | Animation, Sci-Fi
A funny addition to Adult Swim
"Rick and Morty" garnered my interest because of its intentional resemblance to my favourite film, "Back to the Future", but it's a whole different breed of entertainment. The show implements a wide range of humour, from dumb fart jokes to existential ironies. The voice acting is quality, especially with Justin Roiland voicing both Rick and Morty, and the show balances family drama with nihilistic but simple science-fiction comedy. Rick is an interesting character, only showing slight humanity and often nonchalantly navigating through the terrifying uncertainties of the universe. Morty's voice, however, can be grating. The first episode, "Pilot", begins with what is probably one of the greatest introductory scenes in any television series, and the show goes on to cement itself as a clever program, with episodes like "Lawnmower Dog", "Rick Potion #9", "Something Ricked This Way Comes", and "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind". My least favourite episodes of the first season are "M. Night Shaym-Aliens!" and "Raising Gazorpazorp", but they're not awful. The show is worth a watch, even if the fanbase seems to have tainted its charm.
Rough Night  (2017)
Rough Night (2017)
2017 | Comedy
Not my kind of film
I’ll be frankly honest, I have a very particular sense of humour and mainstream comedies like this really aren’t my thing. So I’d potentially take what I say with a pinch of salt, as I knew I wouldn’t like this before I even watched it.

For me, the humour just wasn’t my thing and apart from a few odd remarks, I didn’t find the film particularly funny. The story itself is very predictable and it’s obviously trying to repeat the success of Bridesmaids, with a pretty poor result. I really don’t like Scarlett Johansson in this, it’s not really her usual type of film and this shows as her acting comes across as pretty poor. And I also absolutely despised the character of Alice (the best friend), she was that irritating I almost wanted to turn the film off. The only shining light in this film really is Kate McKinnon. She’s the only one who is actually any good and you can tell comedy is her thing. She was the best thing about this film (same as Ghostbusters too imo), and I dread to think how dire it would have been without her.
The Trouble with J. J.
Tami Hoag | 2009 |
6.0 (1 Ratings)
Book Rating
Genna Hastings, had returned home early from her vacation since she had sprained her ankle. Shortly after getting out of the car, she is hit in the head by the kids in the neighborhood who were playing football. They had been using her yard while she was gone and playing with J.J. Hennessey, the Hawks quarterback. Genna, had no idea who he was, but was definitely taken aback when she saw his yard full of pink flamingos. As if that wasn't bad enough, his whole bad boy exterior was enough to scare anyone away.

When J.J. Hennessey first meets Genna, he is taken aback. Most women swoon over him, she was having none of that.

After losing her job for the summer(Genna's a teacher), J.J. presents her with an opportunity she really can't turn down. Throughout the summer, Genna and J.J. will learn things about each other that will surprise them both.

Will this summer job lead to a summer romance? What will happen when the summer is over?

This was a cute, romantic comedy by Tami Hoag. This is the first book that I have read by her, and I'm interested to read more.

Brian Kapfer (2 KP) created a post

May 26, 2018  
I decided to take a chance and watch 'How to Talk to Girls at a Party,' starring a cute as a button Elle Fanning and an almost unrecognizable Nichole Kidman. The story is based in England during the Punk revolution with bands like, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones and NY Dolls...well, maybe not them. It is a historical drama, with a fantasy twist. Though, it is lacking comedy and action, the dialogue between the main characters is very nice to watch. The hero, Mikey (actor's name unknown, no entry in IMDB and other sources) wants to be a punk singer and during a basement concert he sees and falls in love with Zan (Fanning) at first sight. A he woos here, we begin to suspect that this girl is not really what she seems. Further along, we find more and more of Zan's species and learn their terrible secret. As the movie ascends to a climax, we find that Zan and the others must leave Earth and fulfill their destiny, though not without trepidation. Overall, I enjoyed it and would watch it again. Fanning pretty much owned her part and the movie.
Eat Locals (2017)
Eat Locals (2017)
2017 | Comedy, Horror
5.3 (4 Ratings)
Movie Rating
Strong cast (0 more)
Doesn't live up to its billing (0 more)
One of those can't decide good or bad movies
Every now and then a movie comes along that you don't really know what to say or think about it... This is one of those films, a strong cast that wouldn't have been out of place in an early Guy Ritchie film, fills you with promise, but it feels very rushed in its storytelling, not really giving you time to work out who the characters are and what the significance of their meeting in a remote farmhouse is and to that point why and how the "Vampire hunting elite squad" knows where this meeting is yet not how many there are, other than they have one target they are after...
Don't get me wrong I did enjoy it, I'm just not quite sure why! if you like comedy horror Cockneys vs Zombies does it better, but the sight of Victor Meldrew's wife (Annette Crosbie) going from knitting in the kitchen to wielding an automatic weapon does leave you somewhat satisfied...

I think this is one that people would really need to make up their own mind on.
On Chesil Beach (2018)
On Chesil Beach (2018)
2018 | Drama
Bleak British Repressed Sexuality a Go Go!
Handsomely mounted BBC film starts off looking like many another period-set literary adaptation, then turns into something rather different. Newlyweds Edward and Florence are on the brink of their wedding night; both are nervous, and struggling with the expectations society and their upbringing has placed upon them. (The fact that society hasn't bothered to educate them in the slightest about what can, or should, go on in the bedroom really doesn't help on this voyage into, or possibly out of, virgin territory.) Not all goes to plan; a small but genuine tragedy unfolds.

Not the kind of film you walk home from whistling, unless you're some kind of militant celibacy advocate, but an undeniably fine one (or so it seems to me): very good performances from the young stars, and well-judged direction. Initially the film seems like a slightly dark comedy-drama of manners (the excruciating scenes of people failing to have sex are very awkward to watch), but it develops into something profoundly moving and deeply sad before the end. Thank God for the permissive society.
Final Space Season One
Final Space Season One
2018 |
8.2 (6 Ratings)
An epic comedy space drama
Final Space flashed up a few times for me as a recommended show on Netflix. As the trailer automatically played, it came across as some kind of Futurama/Rick and Morty wannabee, with annoying characters. So I ignored it, until one day I just decided to give it a go. And, it was slightly annoying for a while. But, it was also slightly funny at times too, and I remember feeling a bit like that about the first episode of Rick and Morty, so I stuck with it a little bit longer. I'm so glad I did.

Final Space is a sprawling, epic space adventure. Set across 10 episodes, each one continuing the story, starting with a teaser of the final episode, and ending with a cliffhanger. Huge space battles, tonnes of action, drama, sadness, and even some romance. There's an evil bad guy, plenty of hilarious characters, and a cute little planet destroying alien, who now has his own plush toy (added to my Christmas list...). And it all builds to ask incredible, tension filled finale with an even bigger cliffhanger. I freakin loved this show...

Sawyer (222 KP) Aug 18, 2018

i been wanting to check it out seems interesting