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Scott Tostik (210 KP) rated Holliston in TV

Dec 17, 2017  
2012 | Comedy, Drama, Horror
8.5 (4 Ratings)
TV Show Rating
Some good writing (2 more)
Great cast
What would happen if Friends met Hatchet in a dark alley
A horror/comedy series that leaves you begging for more
I love Adam Green!!!! The man has proven with this series that he can wear many hats in the industry. As can co-star Joe Lynch (director of Mayhem).
This show is everything a horror fan needs wrapped up in a 45 minute(first season) and 22 minute(second season) episodes. Some great dialogue and brilliant acting by co-stars Corri English (country band Brokedown Cadillac) and Laura Ortiz (The Hills Have Eyes remake) make this show easy to swallow and a fun time for even the mildest of horror watchers.
Don't forget some great guest appearances by Kane Hodder(Hatchet), Danielle Harris(Halloween 4 & 5), Derek Mears (Friday the 13th remake), Colton Dunn(hatchet 2), Ray Wise(Digging Up the Marrow and TV's Twin Peaks), Tony Todd(Candyman) and David Naughton(An American Werewolf in London) who all go to lengths to prove that horror is not the only genre they belong in.
Twisted Sister's Dee Snider is a series regular as Cable Station Managere Lance Rockett and provides the viewer with some great one liners and laugh filled on screen moments that can not be easily forgotten. Dave Brockie or Oderus Urungas as he was better known to metal fans as the lead singer of the band Gwar also appeared regularly as Adam's imaginary friend who lived in his closet and came out occasionally to give words of wisdom, advice and shots to the nuts. Sadly Dave lost his life in April of 2014 causing Adam to put the series on hold for the time being because of the death of his longtime friend.
Holliston is nothing short of brilliance to people who not only love the horror genre. it is nothing short of amazing. With laughs, scares and even a few tears shed during its brief interlude on This show will forever remain in my heart and mind as one of the best sitcom/horror shows I have ever watched. Give it a try people
Toy Story (1995)
Toy Story (1995)
1995 | Animation, Comedy, Family
Toy Story's magic amazingly manages to hold decades after its 1995 release. Woody (Tom Hanks), a toy cowboy, is used to being king of the roost in owner Andy's home. When a shiny new toy shows up by the name of Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), Buzz and Woody have to figure out a way to coexist in Andy's room.

While the movie largely revolves around the big characters of Buzz and Woody, Toy Story would be nothing without the rest of its fun and lovable crew. My personal favorite was Rex (Wallace Shawn) a T-Rex scared of disappointing any and everyone. His numerous moments of distress keep the comedy level ramped up. He is the antithesis of a film that stresses living in the now as he is always worried about what's going to happen next.

It's an adventure that takes you all over the place while breaking animation barriers in the process. You'll explore an exciting world through the eyes of tiny toys where everything is much bigger. From racing through Pizza Planet and escaping "The Claw" (Ohhhhhhh) to harrowing escapes from attack dogs and evil neighbor kids, you're never bored from one moment to the next. Seriously, what's not to like?

There are so many classic scenes, it's hard to keep track. One scene in particular saw Woody trying to communicate with the other toys from neighbor Sid's window. He's trying to prove that Buzz is still alive but only has Buzz's arm. All hell breaks loose when the other toys realize the truth. The scene is less than two minutes, but easily one of the most memorable.

I saw this film for the first time when I was eleven and the message was lost on me then. Years later, it's staring me dead in the face: It's about not trying to be something you aren't but rather focusing on being the best YOU you can be. It's a magical film that takes us back to a time before video games were everything. The first of one of the best trilogies ever done, I give it a solid 98.
The content; illustrations; summary of plays; readability; userfriendly; able to comprehend material easily; easy to enjoy; includes brief overview of Shakespeare’s life (0 more)
I wish it included a short story of ALL plays; however, it does include a 1-page summary of a handful of the plays it doesn’t provide a full short-story of, so all of his plays are included in the book. (0 more)
This book is absolutely breathtaking! In most schools, children are not introduced to Shakespeare until at least late middle, if not high-school, and by then, it’s in his original language. By providing children, and adults even, with a book such as this, in a readable language relavent to today, we are able to fully enjoy Shakespeare’s stories in a way that we can comprehend before diving into his original works. By providing books such as these, our children will better appreciate his work when they approach it in school in later years because they will already be familiar with his plays. Each play is labeled as a comedy, tragedy, or historical play, and then provided with a one-page synopsis of the play, along with beautiful illustrations of the characters and how they relate to the other characters. Then you’ll dive into 7-8 pages of text that are written in plain-English that relay the story! This is brilliant! There are a handful of his lesser-popular works that are provided in a simple one-page summary with illustrated characters, but they are still included, as well as a brief section of Williams Shakespeare’s life. This book is also hard bound with extra padding to protect the cover, and a ribbon bookmark to save your place. It will definitely be a treasured book in your family’s library for years to come! My 6yo daughter has absolutely fallen in love with is works because of this...and I must say.....she’s SIX and already knows Shakespeare!!!! All thanks to Usborne Books and More! This is why I do what I do! You can find this book on my website at: for only $24.99 and it’s well worth it! Happy reading!
The Breakfast Club (1985)
The Breakfast Club (1985)
1985 | Comedy, Drama
Classic 80's
Five teenagers form a bond while dealing with their personal issues during Saturday detention.

Acting: 10

Beginning: 7
The Breakfast Club gets off to a decent start as you're introduced to all the players, quickly getting a small taste of each of their personalities. Principal Vernon (Paul Gleason) gets off to a roaring start where you come to hate him fairly quickly. The first ten minutes was enough to make me want to learn more about each of these characters and what in the world landed them in detention in the first place.

Characters: 10
All six of the primary characters had a solid foundation with their own personal story that made them unique. It fleshes out the idea that you never know what people are going through no matter how great their life must seem. Andrew Clark (Emilio Estevez) was the star wrestler and one of the most popular kids at his school. On the surface, he seemed to have it all together but ultimately he was suppressed by the desire to make his father happy. The characters all had their own story that defined them.

I appreciate that each of the characters had their share of flaws as well. I found myself hating them and loving them at the same time, sometimes with only a few minutes in between. It's the mark of real, well-developed characters you can actually get behind.

Cinematography/Visuals: 7

Conflict: 10

Genre: 8
What are we calling this? Comedy? Drama? 80's film? While it certainly has its share of funny moments, I would consider it more of a drama. As dramas go, particularly 80's dramas, I think the film ranks right up there as a solid one that provides its share of conflict and depth.

Memorability: 9

Pace: 10

Plot: 9

Resolution: 5

Overall: 85
While The Breakfast Club hit me with the typical 80's vibe, it steps it up a notch by hitting you with serious issues to chew on. There are real moments here that leave an impact.
St. Vincent (2014)
St. Vincent (2014)
2014 | Comedy
8.2 (5 Ratings)
Movie Rating
Another Murray Classic
When a single mother moves into a new neighborhood and gets overwhelmed with her taxing job, she relies on her crude, foul-mouthed neighbor Vincent (Bill Murray) to watch over her kid while she's gone.

Acting: 10

Beginning: 6

Characters: 10

Cinematography/Visuals: 7

Conflict: 9
Vincent basically creates conflict everywhere he goes. Between his actions, decisions, and mouth, something is always getting him into trouble with those around him. It's hard to watch at times, funny during other times. His life is crumbling, but he brings most of it on himself. Throw in Maggie's (Melissa McCarthy) custody battle for her son and the film gives you more than enough conflict to drive the story.

Genre: 9
St. Vincent hails itself as a comedy. It's certainly going to make you laugh, but it succeeds in how dark and truthful it can be at times. I love that the film never cuts corners with Vincent's character. His life is cringeworthy and sad, yet the audience is still given avenues to laughter.

Memorability: 8
Once again, Murray manages to make a film memorable with his character alone. He doesn't care about the people he hurts or at least that's what he would have you believe. His destructive attitude oftentimes results in a finished product that will either make you shake your head or bust out laughing. I enjoyed watching the relationship develop between him and Oliver (Jaeden Lieberher). They were made for each other yet neither one of them realize it at first. The film as a whole makes you contemplate what constitutes being a good person versus a bad person.

Pace: 10

Plot: 10
Even as Vincent's life tailspins out of control, he manages to touch the lives of those around them in ways they never imagined. He is a ball of chaos, but in the heart of that chaos, the plot shows the semblance of a good man. Again, it's ugly but real at the same time. And that's what makes it beautiful.

Resolution: 10

Overall: 89
If nothing else, St. Vincent shows us that sometimes the funniest things are those mired in reality. Another Murray classic.
Drowned Under
Drowned Under
Wendall Thomas | Mystery
8.0 (1 Ratings)
Book Rating
Cyd’s Cruising to Find Missing Passengers
It’s the week before Christmas, and Cyd is dreading the upcoming holiday filled with rumors, whispers, and awkward family moments. Then Barry Manzoni comes to her for help. Barry is a childhood friend and Cyd’s ex-husband. His parents are on an Australian cruise, and they vanished part way through. Even though they didn’t book with Redondo Travel, Cyd still begins to use her contacts to see what she can learn. In fact, she uses one of those contacts to get herself booked on the next cruise their ship is taking, which is following the same route. Okay, so she might be using the trip to avoid Christmas with her family, but she does want to help Barry.

After a whirlwind trip half way around the world, she arrives on the ship only to find a dead body. The crew want to say it is a tragic accident, but Cyd suspects foul play. Does this tie into the disappearance of the Manzonis? Can Cyd trust anyone on board?

If you haven’t read the first book in the series, a warning – this book does by necessity spoil some of the events of the first book in the series. If you have read the first book, you know exactly what to expect here, and you won’t be disappointed. We’ve got a fast-paced story with twists that keep Cyd hopping as she tries to uncover what exactly is happening. There is a strong screwball comedy element that keeps us laughing, although some events and Cyd herself keeps us grounded. I did feel the book got a bit frantic at times, but it never lasted too long. The characters are a little caricature as well, but that just makes them fit perfectly into this world. There is a smattering of foul language here. We also have a very strong sub-plot with another endangered animal, but there is no animal cruelty involved this time around. I enjoyed the different take on the Christmas setting – since the book is set mostly off the coast of Australia, we don’t have cold and snow, after all. This is a fun ride, so pick up this book and hold on tight.
The Conqueror's Shadow
The Conqueror's Shadow
Ari Marmell | 2010 |
9.0 (1 Ratings)
Book Rating
Anti heroes join this great plot
I haven’t read a good fantasy in such a long time! And this one was excellent! It’s fun to see a bunch of misfit anti heroes come together to try and save the world because not only did they leave on bad terms back then in the day, Corvis actually had the galls to come back to ask them for favors (we all had that one friend didn’t we?)

Each of the characters have their distinct quirk and personality. Also they’re not afraid to tell Corvis how it is (and he surprisingly takes it...which makes them a more fun bunch to read) I can’t really say I have a favorite although I admit I was disappointed in Khanda towards the last half of the book. He definitely had the best and more fun personality to read on but he just *had* to do it didn’t he? (you’ll see when you finish the book)

The plot had a steady pace and it was good. I was actually surprised as to who the Serpent really was as you’d think it was obvious. It was a good surprise and the action in the last third of the book was massive with lots of action. Although it gets pretty dark at times and Corvis isn’t a hero per se (more like a terrorizing horrible despot who decimates towns and villages to his liking) it has black comedy elements in it and overall because of this provides a ‘lightness’ to the story. It helps that the cast of characters have witty retorts and comebacks which also provides a few laughs here and there.

The world building and setting is pretty much your standard fantasy setting that is portrayed in most novels of the genre out there. Nevertheless it doesn’t take away from the novel and still provides a good foundation for it.

A plot rich with a variety of characters, good light banter, and some action is what makes up this book in a nutshell. I definitely recommend it as it was an enjoyable read.
Sixteen Candles (1984)
Sixteen Candles (1984)
1984 | Comedy
John Hughes (0 more)
Dated, but fun back in the day.
I grew up with Sixteen Candles. Every girl I knew either wanted to be Sam and wear awesome clothes and hats or the Uber cool best friend Randi. I have lost track of how many times I've watched this movie. I've probably seen in a few times a year ever since it was first released. I have so many scenes and lines committed to memory. If I just watch it with my thoughts on what the times were like back then, it's a funny, lighthearted romantic comedy. Plus, one of the sweetest movie dads in history. I can relate to this movie because like Sam, I was a white girl growing up in the suburbs. I had older siblings who got all the attention and felt left out, even in my own family. I had a crazy, chaotic family. I had a crush on an older guy who was dating the perfect girl and I felt invisible. And like Sam, I thought Jake Ryan was just dreamy and I loathed taking the bus to and from school.

The situations with her family, especially her dork of a brother, passing notes in class, going to the high school dance, feeling like a fool, being embarrassed by my family, crushing on guys, and generally not fitting in and wishing I was someone else, were all relatable.

The movie was so much fun back in the day but it has not aged well for today's sociological and political climate.

Problematic plot points: shock at the thought of interracial dating, a lot of racially-insensitive jokes at the expense of the Asian character (including the sound of a going whenever he is mentioned or shown), racially-insensitive jokes at the expense of Italians, making light of taking advantage of a drunken female, use of the word retarded, and more things that I can think of right now.

I can ignore all the problematic points and still enjoy the film. It isn't one I'd recommend to younger people today but for those of us who lived through it, it's an enjoyable flick.
Us (2019)
Us (2019)
2019 | Horror, Thriller
A stab in the dark
#usmovie is a powerful, #political & psychological #horror that has so many strong messages to convay that it constantly intimates & frightens the viewer in ways that most mainstream horror films simply can't comprehend. ?THIS #REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS? #jordanpeele manages to do it again this time around & while not quite to the quality of #getout #us manages to shine with its impressive direction & nerve shattering soundtrack. To start i want to talk about the messages that I think came across to me while viewing Us. For most of its runtime you could be fooled into thinking Peele has made a simple but very decent #80s #nostalgia/home invasion/#slasher movie but once we hit the final act it almost tests you to see how much of the finer details you been paying attention to by hitting you with the overall message its been trying to convey. This world is falling apart at the seems & we are the ones responsible, we create imaginary #borders, distance/alienate ourselves from one another day by day, weve stoped comunicating, #loving trusting in one another & we gradually grow our hatred & fuel our #social awkwardness with technology. Its highly #depressing stuff & when it finally sinks in this is whats at the movies core & how it relates so well to the world today the burden of it ways heavy as you leave the cinema. Cutting ties with one another is a strong theme here as well as how lack of comunication, childhood trauma & inner #demons can become toxic/contagious & lead to the destruction of a family. Acting is simply phenomenal with #LupitaNyongo giving a performance so nerve shattering yet so humble that she deserves an award for sure. Its not a flawless movie however as does have flaws, its a little drawn out at times & when the film feels the need to talk you through & explain itself i found it a little tedious but that being said it accomplishes a perfect balance of #comedy, horror & seriousness with a spine tingling score & #gorgeous cinematography making it well worth experiencing. #odeon #odeonlimitless #filmbuff #filmcritic #friyay #weekend #scary #black #gore #trump #america #usa
Venom (2018)
Venom (2018)
2018 | Action, Sci-Fi
We arnt Venom
#venom is this years biggest flop. Inconsistent, #boring, generic & makes even #spiderman 3 look good in comparison. What wound me up most is the characters/the acting, every single person in this film underreacts not only to situations but to each others presence too. There's simply no #emotion towards anyone or anything, #sadness, shock, #horror & #panic all feel missing from everyone giving each of them a hollow & cartoonish feel. Characters also lack #motivation for any of their actions making a good chunk of them completely disposable. Tone wise its a mess with the sparce #horrific/#dark scenes edge taken away instantly because they are followed by such a #childish/out of place slapstick #comedy vibe. Infact Venoms tone felt more like watching #Jumanji rather than a 15 certificate #film with most of its runtime feeling like an over simplified dumbed down #family film. There's so many inconsistencies too like relationships going from hostile to fine with no explanation, characters figuring things out first time without having found evidence, people appear out of seemingly nowhere on multiple occasions & nobody ever notices any of the #death/destruction being caused around the city. Its all so obvious that it feels like either huge chunks of the film is either missing or someone was really bad at editing & keeping consistency. Action is poor, forgettable, generic & anticlimactic & the cgi #feels cheap, #lazy & unimaginative like a straight to dvd #movie. Plot is borderline offensive its that basic with so many early visual cues to whats going to happen that its really #inteligence insulting at times. #tomhardy is great as always & really seems like he's giving it his all but the bad writing & awful script kill what #charm & likability his character has completely & the interaction between him & Venom lacks punch & believability too. #Upgrade proved this year that you dont need a big budget to make a great film about losing control of yourself & yet Venom with all its backing doesnt even come close to doing anything right. Last years #life would of made a far better venom movie than this. #wednesdaywisdom #filmcritic #stanlee #mcu #comic #marvel