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Sin Undone (Demonica #5)
Sin Undone (Demonica #5)
8.8 (5 Ratings)
Book Rating
This one is Sin's - Sinead! - story, Lore(n)'s sister and the only female Seminus demon in existence.

We get to know her a lot more in this one and I feel sorry for a lot of the crap she went through. She tries to be this strong woman who can deal with everything but she doesn't want to be. So thank God for Con - who we met in Lore's book, Ecstasy Unveiled - and who Sin had sex with.

As a dhampire, a vampire/werewolf hybrid, Con is immune to the werewolf shifter virus which Sin unwittingly started in the last book and a great candidate to help start a vaccine against it by using his blood. The only downside to it is that as a dhampire, Con is susceptible to blood addiction if he drinks from the same donor too often yet he needs to keep drinking Sin's blood to fuel his resistance.

Feelings start to emerge beyond their physical attraction as the two are forced to spend so much time together and get to know each other. How he demands that she feel things instead of letting her body do it's physical pain release by bleeding. They'd both been through so much in their long lives and they deserved happiness.

They had a few ups and downs in this. Con had responsibilities within the shifter and dhampire communities and Sin was donating blood and trying to help those infected by the virus before they died and also to her assassin den.

And then let's not forget that last chapter! How cute was that with Lore? I've really fallen for this extended family. They all deserve happiness and I'm really glad they've all found it.

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this series.
Demon Crew (The Wolfborne Saga #5)
Demon Crew (The Wolfborne Saga #5)
Cheree Alsop | 2019 | Paranormal, Young Adult (YA)
10.0 (1 Ratings)
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Demon Crew is the fifth book in The Wolfborne Saga and we continue with Zev and Virgo being part of a super-secret government agency... although Zev didn't actually agree to any of it! I admire Zev's resilience and his ability to forgive because I honestly don't think I would be able to do so! There is also a new woman in Zev's life although he's not sure if he actually likes this one as she is dhampir. Needless to say, the action and adventure start immediately and Zev remains the humble hero.

Now, I'm going to admit that I wasn't all that happy about reading this book. Virgo really did me in at the end of the last one and the thought of Zev back in chains did absolutely nothing for me. However, Ms. Alsop has managed to win me over yet again. Not only did I enjoy this book but it has become my favourite (so far) of the series! And yes, I know I've moved that title as I've read through the series, but that should tell you something!!!

As with all the books, this one leaves you on a cliffhanger, wanting more. The world continues to delight with all the action and fights you could ask for. The characters are lifelike and full of sarcasm and wit. The pacing is once again smooth and will keep you turning the pages. I really can't recommend either the book or the series highly enough.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

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Friend Request (2016)
Friend Request (2016)
2016 | Horror, International, Mystery
Social media has come to play a vital role in our lives. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or any other service, we cannot seem to escape the hashtags or trending topics. Social media has us feeling more and more connected with each day that passes. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for all who have access to the internet.

In Friend Request audiences are introduced to Laura, a popular college student, who befriends a lonely girl, Marina, when a friend request comes through her social media feed. She recognizes something unique about the young girl and feels the need to at least reach a hand out to her. This move proves to be a mistake as Marina becomes very clingy and eventually prompts Laura to push her away and back to her lonely existence. Laura and her friends are quickly thrown into a world where they are haunted and pursued by demonic beings.

The film is ambitious in trying to be more layered than a film with the similar premise of having the internet play an important role in terrorizing the characters. Sadly, the Friend Request becomes to complex. There are several aspects of the story that are inconsistent and raise eyebrows as it makes one question where the story is going. It disappoints in not investing enough time in making the audience actually fear the demon that Marina eventually becomes. The opportunity for a building of tension, paranoia, and claustrophobia is completely missed because of a lack of depth with the characters and a running tally on screen to demonstrate how Laura is continuously losing friends due to the meddling of Marina’s spirit hacking her interfering with her Facebook account.

Friend Request misses the mark in trying to be a truly inventive horror film as it finds itself without an identity.
Demons in the Big Easy
Demons in the Big Easy
10.0 (1 Ratings)
Book Rating
Adventurous in her youth, Cassandra built gateways between Domhan and its parallel realm of Earth. Now she’s too old for that kind of thing. But something is making it easier for demons to pass into Domhan. Not only that, but their behavior becomes inexplicable: whenever Cassandra banishes one, it laughs at her rather than resists, and it promises it will soon devour her essence and that of every resident of her small village. Cassandra is certain such a thing is impossible, for strong wards protect her village.
But then Cassandra’s granddaughter Aine falls through an unstable gateway. Cassandra is the only one within a hundred miles capable of creating a gateway and bringing Aine back. Despite her aching joints, Cassandra goes after her, and the gateway lands her in New Orleans. But something goes wrong with her tracking spell, which indicates Aine exists in four different places at once. As Cassandra struggles to find the true location of her granddaughter in the Big Easy, she discovers the source of the demons’ confidence. Now, with an unlikely pair of allies—her timid granddaughter and a homeless man who may or may not be crazy—she has to not only save her granddaughter but also prevent both Domhan and Earth from being overrun by demons.

I really enjoyed this novella.
Demons in the Big Easy is a short urban fantasy novella following an elderly witch Cassandra as she searches for her lost granddaughter across dimensions.
I think this story has more to tell and would be first in line if the author decided to expand on it.
This story had a perfect mix of mystery, bad guys and horror. I could not believe the end, I never would have thought who the head demon was.
I am hoping for a sequel!
Resilience (The Demon and Shadows Duology #1)
Resilience (The Demon and Shadows Duology #1)
Kandi Vale | 2020 | Horror, Science Fiction/Fantasy
9.0 (1 Ratings)
Book Rating
132 of 200
Resilience ( The Demon and Shadows Duology book1)
ARC copy
By Kandi Vale

Ok folks strap in it’s a bit of a long one!!

*** The books do include scenes of BDSM and scenes of a sexual nature. Adults only ***

I was extremely lucky and privileged to be given the chance to read the ARC of Kandi vales new book Resilience which is the first book in a Duologly featuring Joro and Mattheus from the slivered souls trilogy. I was first introduced to this author in February 2019 and I absolutely fell in love with the world she has created. This new book tells the story of Joro and Mattheus, we get to see how Joro came to be the person she is now. It is full of action and some of the hottest sex scenes I’ve read, now don’t let me mislead you with the sex scenes they are also some of the best I’ve seen written. If BDSM is not to your taste I’d still recommend reading this book as they are done so well in my opinion (and I can only write from my opinion so don’t shoot me). This book had me hooked from the prologue and it was one of those books that kept you hooked! It answered so many questions and brought every emotion you can think of.
I can not wait for book 2 to see how this ends! I’m a huge fan of supporting authors like Kandi these writers put their heart and soul into the worlds they build and you can definitely see it in her work!

So I highly recommend you check this book out when it officially releases Tuesday 28th July!!

In the meantime go find slivered book 1 of the slivered souls trilogy
Constantine (2005)
Constantine (2005)
2005 | Action, Horror, Mystery
6.8 (15 Ratings)
Movie Rating
The battle between Heaven and Hell has been chronicled numerous times on film. Ranging from the “Omen” and “Exorcist” series to the recent “Hellboy” and “End of Days”, Hollywood has never shied away from the struggle between good and evil and audiences have usually responded by attending in droves.

The latest entry into the genre is Constantine, which chronicles the exploits of supernatural detective John Constantine (Keanu Reeves), who is tasked to walk the line between good and evil to make sure that balance is maintained. John is a very troubled individual and his transactions with angels and demons have warped his views on life, humanity, and the afterlife.

Due to things in his past, John is trying to right his wrongs so he can gain a place in heaven, toward that end, the forces of Hell are trying there best to ensure that John is unable to gain redemption so they will be able to collect his soul, and repay him for all of their minions that he has vanquished over the years.

As if this was not bad enough, the rules between Heaven and Hell seem to be blurring as there is a growing demon presence on Earth which does not bode well for the future of humanity. It is learned that there is an agreement in place that there can be no direct contact, only influence to humans giving them the freedom to pick between good and evil and thus the fate of ones soul.

When a local detective named Angela (Rachael Weisz), contacts John, she is desperate to learn the truth behind her twin sister’s apparent suicide. Although skeptical at first, John soon learns that he and Angela have become players in a much larger game with the very fate of humanity dependant upon their actions.

Before long, John and Angela are facing off against legions of Hell’s minions as they attempt to save the soul of Angela’s sister and save humanity.

The film will be different things to many viewers as on one hand; some many take exception to the story and the bland tone and mannerisms of Reeves, as well as some of the films theological stances.

That being said, the film works, the action is good without being in your face as the computer generated effects enhance the film, complimenting the story and actors rather than upstaging them. The film has a murky look to it which sets the tone perfectly as this is not a happy movie filled with lovable people, instead it is a tail of people trying to do what is right and staying true to their beliefs though surrounded by temptations and numerous chances to stray.

Reeves plays Constantine as a man who is dedicated to what he does, but also shows us that he is unhappy with his life and past choices as they have forever haunted him. John is forced to do things he would rather not do as it is the only chance he has left at redemption and this has seen him deteriorate as he feels he is a tool that is being used with no end in sight.

Weisz does a good job with a very limited role as she is able to keep up with the action without falling prey to the damsel in distress mode that haunted her character in the “Mummy Films”. Singer Gavin Rossdale does a good job as the smarmy demon Balthazar who is a constant bane to John.

Despite the occasional hiccups with the plot and Reeves inability to show range or expressions, for the most part Constantine works and looks to be a good starting point for what is likely to be a franchise series for Warner Bros.