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  • Lindsay Lees

    Lindsay Lees


    Lindsay Lees is originally from Los Angeles and holds dual citizenship in the U.S. and the United...
  • Jamie Schulz

    Jamie Schulz


    Jamie Schulz lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her family, her husband, and their fur...
  • Lauren Sevier

    Lauren Sevier


    Lauren Sevier lives a simple life in small town Walker, Louisiana with her family and two...
  • A. Smith

    A. Smith


    Abbie Smith is an author of romance novels. She holds a Bachelor's degree in theatre, where she...
  • Kate L. Mary

    Kate L. Mary


    Award-winning author of WHEN WE WERE HUMAN and the Amazon best-selling BROKEN WORLD series, Kate L....
  • Kyra Ann Dawkins

    Kyra Ann Dawkins


    Inspired by the stories her grandfather told her, Kyra Ann Dawkins is no stranger to writing. Having...
  • Dean Murray

    Dean Murray


    Dean Murray is a prolific author with dozens of titles across multiple pen names and more than half...
  • Yolanda McCarthy

    Yolanda McCarthy


    Yolanda grew up in London, where she worked as a lawyer, a supermarket assistant, a civil servant,...