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Bysa (2 KP) rated Comfort Food in Books

Sep 19, 2018  
Comfort Food
5.0 (2 Ratings)
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Not too shabby- deals more in Stockholm Syndrom than typical erotica.
As far as erotica novels go, this novel is one of the worst that I have ever read. Not only was it vague in any erotic descriptions the author decided to give use, but the actually erotica content was almost absent. It was like reading a fairy tale written for adults with all the gore and vulgarity instead the sunshine and smiles, although the happy endings were present.

When I want erotica, I want <i>erotica</i>. If I wanted some fairy tales told for adults instead children, I would read the Grimm's Fairy Tales.

Meg Dean (138 KP) rated butch sexology in Books

Jun 20, 2018  
butch sexology
6.0 (1 Ratings)
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First let me say: Erotica is really not my thing!

That said...this book wasn't bad! I know the author (who is an amazing person) I took a chance and read it...

If you like lesbian erotica...give it a read!
Degrees of innocence
Via Mari | 2016 | Erotica
9.0 (1 Ratings)
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Holy hotness
A storyline that's so hot the Page's will burn. Meet Katrina and Chase
Don't know how you can get away with call this erotica, infact in some chapters (namely the third) it stomach churningly revolting!
Don't know how you can get away with call this erotica, infact in some chapters (namely the third) it stomach churningly revolting!
I love erotica. The only thing I love reading more than erotica is fairytale erotica. I had high hopes for this book, and while the book didn’t meet the expectations that I had, it pleasantly surprised me. I was expecting something along the lines of what Nancy Madore writes about. Instead, I received a handful of very creative stories that were expertly written.

Not all the stories actually had sex in them, yet did have something that made them erotica. Each story also had its own world, story line, and character to it that made it special. I particularly loved the Beauty and the Beast story which, while being exceedingly different from the original (and Disney) story, it still held true to the beauty is not only skin deep theme of the tale.

That is how all the short stories of this novel are. Some of them, I wish had become full on novels of their own because of their great plotline. As an erotica novel, it fizzled. But what it lacked in eroticism, it definitely made up for with creativity.

Lisa Parker (0 KP) created a post

Mar 9, 2018  
Right now I read and review Gay Contemporary, Gay Paranormal, Gay Scifi, Gay Erotica... I have beta read for one author and am looking for more author's needing beta readers...
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I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

The description for this anthology was rather vague, but it was listed under erotica so I went in with an open mind. I was not disappointed. I was treated with some of the most erotic stories I have read in a while. In fact, when I read it, I was in a dry spell with erotica. It seemed that everything I read was lackluster and boring. This duo spurred my love for erotica all over again. My only complaint is that I read through them so quickly that they ended way too soon. I wanted more. Since, I have read more stories from the author, and found them just as enjoyable.

I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a quickie (pun intended).
And I'm straight off to buy the box set! What a way to end it.

I also feel I should mention that erotica doesn't normally hold my attention but this has me intrigued! What's going to happen next?