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Thursday (1998)
Thursday (1998)
1998 | Action, Mystery
I had a phone, i broke anger
Former big time drug dealer casey wells (Tom Jane) is now an architect, wanting nothing to do with his past, living the quiet life with his beautiful wife.
When former partner Nick shows up out of the blue - on a Thursday, looking to stay for a few day's, casey Reluctantly agrees but quickly becomes increasingly concerned about Nicks "Luggage", so to calm his nerves casey breaks into the briefcase discovering a large amount of heroin.
This is followed by visits from multiple strangers looking for the drug's....which casey flushed down the sink...its gonna be a long day.

This movie is skip woods directional debut film, starring Tom Jane, paula Marshall, Aaron Eckhart, paulina porizkova, James le gros and Glenn plummer as the brilliant Rasta Man.