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Skin (2019)
Skin (2019)
2019 | Biography, Drama
8.5 (4 Ratings)
Movie Rating
A career-best performance from Jamie Bell… No doubt about it.
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You Again (2010)
You Again (2010)
2010 | Comedy
5.7 (6 Ratings)
Movie Rating
Kristen bell (4 more)
Jamie lee Curtis
Sigourney weaver
Odette anabelle
Betty white
Just finished watching for a comedy it made me laugh not a perfect comedy there are funny scenes and some good acting including Betty white who’s always funny in whatever she was in overall not bad comedy about getting even with your high school bully at her wedding
Rocketman (2019)
Rocketman (2019)
2019 | Biography, Drama
Taron Egerton Jamie Bell (0 more)
More of a musical than a biopic (0 more)
Anyone expecting a biopic in the same way bohemian rhapsody was will be somewhat disappointed.This is more of a musical with elements of Elton's life thrown inbetween each musical number.

This film was never gonna reach the same heights as b.r did but does contain some very strong performances by egerton and bell as john and bernie taupin.The relationship (or lack of) between the young elton and his parents could have been explored in a bit more detail instead of just portraying them as the cold and unloving people they seemed to be.

This film wont win any Oscar's but is still enjoyable and worthy of watching.
Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool (2018)
Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool (2018)
2018 | Biography, Drama, Romance
A star cast (0 more)
Annette bending quirky acting (0 more)
No sparkle but a lot of stars
For a film that I have heard literally nothing about this little film with a big name is a hidden treasure, based on a true story of gloria graham's later live and her love affair with fellow actor 30 years her junior (peter turner) played by Annette Benning and Jamie Bell ,it's just a nice little film that probably would have worked better as a stage play
Billy Elliot (2000)
Billy Elliot (2000)
2000 | Comedy, Drama, Musical
7.9 (11 Ratings)
Movie Rating
“What boys do ballet?” One of my favourite memories of being in a cinema. It was The Filmhouse, Edinburgh, and we had heard this was getting good reviews, but were less than keen. From the first needle drop on T-Rex, through London Calling and The Jam, as Billy explores his passion for dance and expression in the face of Northern English prejudice and fear, I was in rapture! Julie Walters is the cornerstone performance-wise, but the immediate screen presence of Jamie Bell as Billy is undeniable. It reminds me so much of my own story that it will never fail to remain special. The feel good takes a while, and comes with lots of painful moments. But… when dad and brother witness that final moment… goosebumps on goosebumps!
Snowpiercer (2013)
Snowpiercer (2013)
2013 | Sci-Fi
Interesting premise (2 more)
Fantastic visuals
Director Joon-ho Bong brings us his vision of a post-apocalyptic world where most of humanity has been destroyed and the remaining humans are left to circle the globe in a relentless train called the Snowpiercer.

The cast is led by Chris Evans, but also features Kang-ho Song, Ed Harris, John Hurt, Tilda Swinton, Octavia Spencer and Jamie Bell.

Humanity has evolved similar to what I have read about the Titanic, meaning, the lower classes at the back of the train suffering to survive and the upper classes more forward living in luxury.

There is an uprising within the squalor and the inhabitants attempt to ascertain their situation by taking the cars ahead one-by-one. The story is very interesting and the people and situations the rebels meet along their way to the engine keep you surprised.

The engine also contains an interesting character who is eluded to within the beginning of the film.

The ending was somewhat controversial when the movie was first released; however, I find it more than satisfactory to tie up the story.

Check it out for yourself.

Snowpiercer (2013)
Snowpiercer (2013)
2013 | Sci-Fi
Another great movie by Bong Joon-ho.

In a world where the "fix" for global warming has caused the Earth and all of its inhabitants to freeze to death, a single train rides a worldwide track designed with an eternal engine that promises safety and shelter to those who remain within its confines. Passengers are separated by class (ring any bells?) and each class is required to maintain its position and fill its specific role within the ecosystem of the train.

I don't want to get into any major spoilers, but you can imagine that not everyone on board is thrilled with the class system hierarchy.

Chris Evans leads an exceptional cast that includes an appearance by Jamie Bell.

Snowpiercer is a completely new take on an apocalyptic world class film that's well done. There are a few spots where the answers chosen by the makers were interesting to say the least, but for what it's worth, that's much better then leaving a ton of gaping holes without explanation.

Highly recommended for fans of anything represented in the movie. The actors, the plot type, the apocalyptic future, or even trains. Everyone can enjoy this movie.
Rocketman (2019)
Rocketman (2019)
2019 | Biography, Drama
I knew before watching this that it wasn’t your average biopic but that still didn’t prepare me for how truly wacky and wonderful it was. But then when you think of Elton John, would you really expect anything less flamboyant?

This is more like an Elton John musical complete with rather strange fantasy elements, and I have to admit that the fantasy is mostly the bit I didn’t like. Singing with younger versions of himself were fine, but the rest I just found a little too odd and ill fitting. However despite this, it’s still a rather good musical. All of the songs that you’d expect are in here and it was a struggle not to sing along. I do think that the general sound on the music in this didn’t seem quite as good as Bohemian Rhapsody, it didn’t feel quite as immersive and concert like and it was in the same screen!

Taron Egerton does a wonderful job, I’ve said before that he’s a marvellous actor and he proves it yet again here. Whilst he doesn’t look exactly like Elton John i can’t imagine anyone else playing this role and there were some moments later on in the film that I had to do a double take as he looked so like him! There are other great performances too, namely Richard Madden as the smarmy John Reid and Jamie Bell as Bernie Taupin. There are some scenes with Bernie and Elton that almost have me in tears. I know fairly little about Elton’s earlier life so for me this was rather an informative and fascinating film too, and I was beyond glad at the end to hear that Bernie is still going. I couldn’t have coped if he wasn’t!

This film isn’t faultless and I felt like it was rather drawn out, but it’s still a rather good musical biopic and definitely one I’d like to see again and sing along too. Indeed, wouldn’t this be marvellous as a musical stage show?

Lee (2222 KP) May 29, 2019

Yeah I didn't feel this was really a sing along kind of movie, in the way Bohemian Rhapsody was


Darren (1599 KP) rated 6 Days (2017) in Movies

Jun 20, 2019 (Updated Jun 20, 2019)  
6 Days (2017)
6 Days (2017)
2017 | Action, Drama, Thriller
Contains spoilers, click to show
Story: 6 Days starts on the 30th April 1980 when Iranian terrorists storm the Iranian Embassy in Princes Gate taking hostages and demanding the release of 91 prisoners back in Iran. We follow the negotiator Max Vernon (Strong), reporter Kate Adie (Cornish) and the specialist SAS unit with rookie Rusty Firmin (Bell) planning their ideas of for entering the embassy.

England faces the idea of negotiating with terrorists or being strong and taking them down from the within showing the strength to deal with terrorist situations. As the tensions rise, Max tries to find a peaceful solution to everything while Rusty and his team are preparing for any chance of taking the embassy by force.


Thoughts on 6 Days


Characters – Rusty Firmin is the lead on a SAS team that are called to try and solve the hostage situation, they have only ever done training never being able to get their hands-on experience before. Rusty is desperate to show they are ready to protect their country. Max Vernon is the negotiator that keeps the terrorists calm, trying to make their demands happen, he stays calm through the whole situation even when the pressure to make something happen is getting to him. Kate Adie gives updates from outside for the watching television public to see how everything unfolds, in all honesty, we don’t need to be following this character.

Performances – When you look at the performances you can’t fault them because they are give good performances, Mark Strong shines like he always does, Jamie Bell is good too, the limited scenes Abbie Cornish is in she does well to. The problem is the characters are not the most interesting.

Story – The story is based on the real Iranian terrorist hostage situation in 1980 which last the 6 Days. It shows how England didn’t want a copy of what happened in Munich, didn’t want to give into terrorism and wanted to remain strong in the eyes of the world. It also shows how while being trained to deal with the situation, the SAS had never had to tackle things in reality. This should be an interesting watch but in the end, we don’t focus on enough of the negotiation process or the tactical side leaving us feeling like we haven’t learnt enough by the end.

Action/History – The get tactical action, the most part is training ideas before one main shot, but it doesn’t feel like it was shot the best way. We learn moments from the historical events, but most comes from the reading over the storytelling.

Settings – The film is set instantly around the Embassy, which puts us into the action from the start which is all we want to see.

Scene of the Movie – The practise sieges

That Moment That Annoyed Me – I feel we should have followed one side more instead of trying to cover three angles.

Final Thoughts – This is a solid enough history lesson, we learn what we need to, but not enough from the action unfolding before us.


Overall: Disappointing historical drama.
Snowpiercer (2013)
Snowpiercer (2013)
2013 | Sci-Fi
A bleak and violent sci-fi
I wanted to see this film when it first came out, and was so annoyed it didnt get a UK release. At the time I managed to find a copy to watch, but havent seen it again until now.

To start with this has a fantastic cast. Whilst I struggle to forget Captain America every time I see Chris Evans, I do think he's a good actor and he's brilliant supported by the likes of John Hurt and Octavia Spencer. Jamie Bell is a great actor too and I think he's rather underrated. And Tilda Swinton simply steals the show as Mason. You hate her yet love her at the same time as she's absolutely hilarious. In part due to the genius idea to give her a Yorkshire accent, as this makes it even more surreal and funny.

The story itself is an interesting one and I was intrigued by the whole thing, I felt invested in the characters as they traversed along the train. And this plot plays out in a very bleak and violent manner. The action scenes are great and wonderfully brutal, and there is some very bleak and dark outcomes and conversations towards the end of the film that make this not your typical run of the mill sci-fi.

I do think there are some parts of this film that aren't great, namely some strange seemingly plot holes to do with character backstories. They're not the end of the world, but still a tad annoying. Also I'm not sure if this is just the Netflix version, but when the Korean characters were speaking there were no subtitles. Fine for minor scenes, but there is a least one major scene where the lack of subtitles is a huge detriment. I'm assuming/hoping the film hasn't been made that way, so I'll blame Netflix!

This is not your average happy sci-fi. However if you dont mind watching something with dark and bleak overtones and a decent amount of violence, this is definitely worth a watch.

Andy K (10815 KP) May 3, 2019

Love this film!