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Big Stone Gap (2015)
Big Stone Gap (2015)
2015 | Comedy, Romance
5.5 (2 Ratings)
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Wise County, Virginia in 1978. Ave Maria Mulligan (Ashley Judd), owner of the town pharmacy, director of the town’s outdoor drama. Ave having lived in Big Stone Gap all her life, is perfectly content in her place as the town spinster. Adriana Trigiani, the author of the book “Big Stone Gap” brings the little town with the big heart to the silver screen as the Director and Screenwriter.

We are taken by the hand from the opening scene where we Fleeta Mullins (Whoopi Goldberg) her acerbic assistant at the pharmacy; Ida Lou Wade (Jenna Elfman) best friend and Town Librarian; Theodore Tipton (John Benjamin Hickey) the school band director, star of the outdoor drama and Spec Broadwater (Anthony La Paglia) the town lawyer. These people are the pillars that help hold Ave up as her life gets upended with loss and challenges plus the awkward two-step of a courtship with Jack MacChesney (Patrick Wilson) whom she has known since childhood.

This film centers on relationships. The love of a mother and the secret that changes Ave’s path, the best friends on your side through thick and thin; the love that is timeless and enduring. Ashley Judd is exceptional, conveying to us what Ave’s feelings. Whoopi Goldberg delivering lines that are gems full of comedic punches; Jenna Elfman and Patrick Wilson(as Lyle Makin) giving a chaotic wedding scene with such physical humor that I wish could have gone on much longer.

This film is a Adriana Trigiani’s love story to the people of Big Stone Gap. The phenomenal ensemble of actors hook us in by charming us with comedy and warmth throughout the story, inviting the audience to be part of their town.