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Nov 4, 2017  

SEAL Team (CBS) "America's Best"

Failure is not an option for the Navy SEALs—the world’s most elite, Special Ops forces. In this action-packed new drama, these stealthy and fearless warriors conduct high-risk, clandestine missions against impossible odds.

Renegades (2017)
Renegades (2017)
2017 | Action, Mystery
7.0 (2 Ratings)
Movie Rating
J. K simmons (0 more)
Its an okay action movie about navy seals looking for nazi gold in war torn bosnia plus bascally a cameo from j k simmons its a run of the mile action been there before type of film would i watch again maybe

Mark Halpern (152 KP) rated Executive Decision (1996) in Movies

Jan 14, 2018 (Updated Jan 15, 2018)  
Executive Decision (1996)
Executive Decision (1996)
1996 | Action, Adventure, Thriller
Navy Seals sneak on board
A Jet Liner bound for Washington D.C is taken hostage. A crack team of Navy Seals led by Cl Travis (segal) along with C.I.A analyst Grant (Russell) devise a plan to sneak on board mid flight using a Steal Fighter (cool idea). Belief is that a Deadly nerve toxin is on board the plane and they need to save the passengers and find out if the nerve gas is on board. One way or another they have to stop both with only hours until the U.S coast line. Thus is a suspensful movie with a few good action scenes. The addition of Oliver Platt as the technical analyst and Halle Berry as the stewardess who has to help the seals were good choices.

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Jan 26, 2021 (Updated Feb 2, 2021)  
Lone Survivor (2014)
Lone Survivor (2014)
2014 | Action, Drama
Mark Walhbeg (1 more)
Ben Foster
Never Out of the Fight
Lone Survivor- is a intense action thriller thats based on a true story. Its slow at first, but around halfway in, it gets good.

The plot:In 2005 Afghanistan, Navy SEALs Marcus Luttrell (Mark Wahlberg), Michael Murphy (Taylor Kitsch), Danny Dietz (Emile Hirsch) and Matthew "Axe" Axelson (Ben Foster) deploy on a mission of surveillance and to take out Taliban leader Ahmad Shah. Though spotted by goatherds, Luttrell and his team decide not to kill them. But one of the Afghans alerts a group of Taliban fighters to the invaders, and a terrible battle ensues, in which the SEALs find themselves hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned.

Its a must see film.
Lone Survivor (2014)
Lone Survivor (2014)
2014 | Action, Drama
Gripping and intense
Based on a true story, a team of American Navy SEALS is sent to Afghanistan in pursuit of a Taliban leader they must take out by any means necessary. They must make there way to the remote village where they discover their mission will be more difficult than expected due to the surprising number of enemy soldiers.

Once the firefight begins, the SEALS band together, use their wits, cunning and brute force to try and stay alive while waiting for pick up.

I was unaware of this story before seeing the film. You are enthralled and immersed in the characters almost immediately and become quickly invested in their fate. Their heroism is incredible and we should all be proud such remarkable human being exist and that they are sworn to protect the rest of us.

The gunfire action sequences are extremely intense. I'm not usually a jumper during movies, but this one made me quiver from a sudden gunshot or explosion several times. I believe this was the first Mark Wahlberg/director Peter Berg collaboration and it was a good one. Also check out Patriot's Day and Deepwater Horizon if you are in the mood for similar quality.
Navy Seals vs. Zombies (2015)
Navy Seals vs. Zombies (2015)
2015 |
3.0 (1 Ratings)
Movie Rating
Characters – LT Pete Cunningham is leading the Navy SEALS, he must put his trust in the newest member of the team in AJ, while trying to get the team through the hordes of zombies to prove once again that his team in the elite military team. Commander Sheer is running the operations from the military base, he doesn’t want to see his men take any unnecessary risks. VP Bentley is the man the team are sent to rescue, he is in the running for the next presidential race. AJ is he newest member of the SEALS team, he is about to become a father and this is his first mission as part of the team, where he must prove himself to the rest of the unit.

Performances – The performances in the film suffer because of the lack of interesting non-generic characters. none of the actors get a chance to show their skills as performers, with large parts of the film just being headless running around.

Story – The story here follows a Navy SEALS unit that must go into Baton Rouge to rescue the Vice president and the scientists behind the outbreak. This is everything a zombie story has given us before, we have a group of people running around a city trying to elude the zombies that outnumber them. We know the team will dwindle down as the film unfolds which is the normal. The starting point for the weaknesses comes from that fact this story is set in a world where zombie film don’t exist, which is clear by all the behaviour through the film. Most of the actual storytelling is saved for the closing of the film which fills in most of the blanks we don’t mention until then.

Action/Horror – The action in the film is just shooting zombies, it is nothing new and becomes overly repetitive after a while. The horror side of the film gives us zombies that run, they never feel like a threat to the anybody.

Settings – The film is set in Baton Rouge, which is considered a military area, I think, the truth is, it could have been any city without any major locations being shown.

Special Effects – The effects in the film are weak with even basic door explosion looking weak, the zombie look is acceptable for a low budget film.

Scene of the Movie – The explaining.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – The stupid decisions.

Final Thoughts – This is a basic zombie film that offers nothing new to the genre, it I filled with stupid decisions and generic action.


Overall: Basic zombie nonsense.

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Feb 12, 2021  

TITLE: Enemy Contact

SERIES: Trident Rescue, book 2

*Can be read as a standalone

AUTHOR: @alexlidell

GENRE: Adult. Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

RELEASE DATE: February 12, 2021




Eli Mason. Powerful CEO and former SEAL. Protector. Leader. Sexy as hell.
A man who has learned the hard way to hide his wounds.
And the man I’ve been hired to destroy.

As a cognitive psychologist, I evaluate high power executives. Help bring bullies to their knees. So when the Board of Directors for Mason Enterprises begs for my help with Eli Mason, I can’t say no.

Eli Mason is exactly who I expect him to be. Wealthy, self-centered, powerful, and not the least bit inclined to cooperate. He is also gorgeous enough to make my head spin.
Yet when a predator sets his sights on me, Eli steps up to keep me safe. To trust me.
Except Eli Mason doesn’t know what I was truly hired to do.

★★★★★Amazon top-hundred author Alex Lidell delivers a page-turning enemy-to-lovers stand-alone romance, with a whip-smart heroine, a powerful Navy SEAL, and heart-wrenching trauma that only love can heal.

Enemy Contact is part of the Trident Rescue series, which follows a group of Navy SEALs who return home to Denton Valley, Colorado, and found a search and rescue outfit called Trident Rescue. The stories feature former-military alpha heroes, steamy intimacy, and personal trauma that only love can heal.



One spine tingling thrill! – Kaye, Goodreads reviewer
Very easy to fall into and get swept away. – Michelle, Goodreads reviewer
It is the perfect combination of romantic suspense angst and drama and it had me turning the pages as fast as I could. – Debbie, Goodreads reviewer
Elijah and Dani’s story blew me away! – lollypop, Goodreads reviewer



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Loving a Warrior
Loving a Warrior
Melanie Hansen | 2018 | Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Romance
8.0 (1 Ratings)
Book Rating
loved it!
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.

Matt and Shane are in BUD/S training: an intense 6 months training to get them both into the Navy SEALS. They did not account for the intense chemistry between them, know that it can never happen while they are training, if they end up in the same unit. But neither can stay away from the other and anything worth fighting for is never going to be easy.

After all, the only easy day was yesterday.

This is only the second book of Ms Hansen I've read. Unquiet broke me, and I approached this one with kid gloves, because, I mean, she BROKE me before! And while THIS book isn't quite as emotionally devastating as Unquiet, it's still a very good read.

Matt joined the BUD/S training to follow in his beloved uncle's footsteps. Shane joins after spending time in the Marines, but his REAL reason doesn't come clear til much later. Neither wanted a relationship, and after graduation they were gonna get this. . . . whatever it is between them. . . out their system. But emotions have a way of coming out of left field, and Shane admits he wants MORE.

This book is quite heavy on the physical and emotional aspect of this kind of training. And at first, I didn't like it too much. BUT as the book moved along with Shane and Matt's relationship, I found myself thinking that aspect is really rather needed. It goes deeper than running the fastest mile, or swimming the longest, or finishing that O course in the quickest time. It goes deep within Matt and Shane, and how far they have to dig to get what they.

To get WHO they want.

It's told well, from both men's point of view, and I wasn't sure that would be the case at first, so when Shane gets his voice, I was happy. Ya'll KNOW how happy I am when everyone important gets a voice!

I didn't find it overly explicit, but it wasn't needed here. It's well over half way before Matt and Shane get to the main event, but the build up to that was great reading. It pitters and patters along, a little more here and there, til they finally decide to let their feelings run free. And it was glorious!

Some secrets revealed that I saw coming, and some not.

There is a second book, Keeping A Warrior in this series, and at first I thought it a follow on to this but it's not. It's about a character who pops up here, and I would like to read it. Especially after what happens to him here, and reading the blurb of THAT book, it ain't gonna end well!

A solid . . .

4 star star read

P.s That tag line " The only easy day was yesterday"?? Gonna stick with me a while!

**same worded review will appear elsewhere**

Louise (64 KP) rated Whisper to Me in Books

Jul 2, 2018  
Whisper to Me
Nick Lake | 2016
7.0 (2 Ratings)
Book Rating
***This review may contain spoilers***

I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway, which let me tell you I was so pleased, I mean who doesn’t like free books?

First off, I need to mention how beautiful the cover is, the colours are amazing (I am a fan of pinks and purples) and the summer evening with fairground in the background just makes you feel like this is going be an epic summer read with loads of fluffyness…..How wrong was I! This book is DARK!

This book is told as a massive email, 535 pages long! I feel sorry for the guy she is writing to.

The story follows Cassie, she is writing an email to this boy that she met over the summer and tries to explain the reasons behind her actions and to hopefully win him back. The seaside resort that Cassie lives in always brings tourists and Teens looking for summer work, for the past couple of years there have been prostitutes/escorts that go missing but no evidence is left so the killer is at large.In Cassie’s favourite spot at the beach she finds a human foot washed up, after the shock of this discovery she starts hearing a voice inside her head, she is convinced it’s one of the prostitutes and starts investigating and taking matters into her own hands. Along the way she meets this guy and they start hanging out, but she is unable to reveal her secret.

I am going to start off by saying that I didn’t enjoy this book and there are several reasons. I hate having to write negative reviews as this author has taken a lot of time to write this and make a success of it but there were too many flaws for my liking.

First off the book is way to long for a contemporary, it could have easily been 200 pages less,there was a lot of waffle.

I didn’t like the characters!The father suffered from PTSD after being in the Navy SEALS, but to me he felt abusive and really harsh and scary, he was so protective of Cassie and would have these sudden outbursts that I actually feared for her. Cassie was really timid, a bit of a pushover. The guy she has a romance with (you never find out his name) is boring and dull.

HA HA, that brings me on to the romance. It was awful, it was awkward but not in a good way,in a cringe OMG why you doing this way. There was no spark, no angst..nada.

It uses *****for the swear words and that got really tedious in the end and sometimes I didn’t even know what swear word to use,you can fill in the blanks yourself.

Moving on to the things I liked, I enjoyed the focus on the mental health aspect, Cassie is diagnosed with some type of Schizophrenia and she has two different forms of treatment, she has a psychiatrist who just wants to pump drugs in her to solve the problem and then she has cognitive behavioural therapy and you can tell the difference between the good therapist and the bad one. I have read quite a few books about mental health like Depression, Bi-polar and anxiety but none with hearing voices so it was interesting to read something different.

The writing was good it was told in different formats and had some sarcasm and was definitely easy to read.

The ending, I was so damn disappointed with the ending! nothing got resolved, I literally felt I had been robbed. It was like Lake got bored and finished the story early and didn’t tie the ends.

I originally gave this book a 2.5 stars but after reflecting on this I have lowered it to 1.5-2 stars and one of those stars is for the cover.
VENOM Assault
VENOM Assault
2016 | Card Game, Fighting, Science Fiction
What would you say if I told you I completely expected a game I received to fall completely flat for me but instead may actually unseat a revered similar game from my Top 10 list of games? That would be surprising, right? Well such is life, and such is this game. I do believe that VENOM Assault may knock off one of my favorite games: Legendary: A Marvel Deck-Building Game. That’s really saying something from me, so let me discuss a bit about why I state this.

VENOM Assault is a deck-building game very similar in style to Legendary: A Marvel Deck-Building Game (which, if I have to reference again will just call Legendary). Players take control of a team of (relative) wimps in order to help recruit the real elites and battle the evildoers plus their henchmen. Sound familiar? For this review I will be playing the Solo rules, which are the same as the multiplayer rules, but for one player. Novel, eh?

DISCLAIMER: We were provided a copy of this game for the purposes of this review. This is a retail copy of the game, so what you see in these photos is exactly what would be received in your box. I do not intend to cover every single rule included in the rulebook, but will describe the overall game flow and major rule set so that our readers may get a sense of how the game plays. For more in depth rules, you may purchase a copy online or from your FLGS. -T

To setup a game, please follow the rulebook as there is way too much to cover here in complete detail. The setup should look similar to the following photo. Here is what you will see: a space for the Mission scenario in the upper left corner. To its right a space for the active Event card. Next to that is the area for the VENOM Support cards to be displayed. Then the VENOM Support deck and discard areas. Below the Mission area is the space to track threat level and the current VENOM Leader’s Health and Defense values. Beneath those trackers is an area for four decks: the VENOM Leader deck, Reward deck, Event deck, and Event discard. To the right of this area is the Training Ground (recruitment zone), the Recruitment deck, and the Retirement pile. In the middle of the board are seven spaces to be populated with Reward cards and VENOM Leaders on top of the Rewards. Each player is dealt six Recruits and four Commandos and will shuffle these to create their draw deck. The players then draw five cards to create their hand and the game may now begin! Go save the world!
I will not be covering every aspect of a turn but will highlight the goings on. The Commander (first player) will draw and read the Event for the round. Events can be helpful for the players, extremely hurtful by advancing the VENOM plot, or even uneventful altogether. Next, player(s) will enter the Recruitment Phase. During this phase players will be using their entire hand to total the recruitment points that can be spent on recruiting those elite soldier, vehicle, and location cards from the Training Ground right into their discard piles.

Once the Recruitment Phase is complete, the Tactical Phase begins, and this is a large part of the game that helps differentiate it from others of its like. The players will choose one of the seven revealed VENOM Leaders on the map to attack in combat (if they choose – this is optional). Using the stats on the VENOM Leader card the players will adjust the Health and Defense values on the trackers on the board. If the VENOM Leader has any abilities that would trigger during this phase, then they trigger now. These could include Global Abilities as well. Once the Leader is done with their abilities, the players will choose one of their cards played to become the Combat Leader. This character now may not use their printed ability but will use their Combat Value (crossed pistols) to place combat dice on their card. The other team members in the combat will add dice to the pool as well if their abilities direct them. Next, the VENOM Leader will call forth their VENOM Support armies to aid them in the combat round. Once displayed, any hero Tactical Phase abilities can be resolved. If VENOM Support armies still are active, their abilities may be resolved at this point.

As the Tactical Phase ends, the Combat Phase begins. The Combat Phase is where the players are able to roll their combat dice in the hopes of besting the VENOM Leader’s Health and Defense values. Defense values dictate the dice values that need to be hit or exceeded to equal a successful attack. The Health value is how many successes are needed to defeat the Leader. However, once rolled the VENOM Leader will trigger any Combat Phase abilities at this time. Once complete the hero team will be able to resolve their own Combat Phase abilities, if any. Finally, the VENOM Support will resolve their Combat Phase abilities. Now the dice may be completely resolved against the Leader, after all abilities have been resolved. If the Freedom Squadron (heroes) defeated the Leader, they take the Leader and Reward cards into their VP pile. Depending on the Mission, these Rewards may be necessary to win the game, and all will have VP values.

After a lengthy Tactical and Combat Phase, the players then enter the Retirement Phase. The players may retire a card from their hand, thus removing the card from the game entirely.

Once a card has been retired (or not), the End of Turn Phase will help clean up the mess of the current round. Any other End of Turn Phase abilities will trigger, and used cards will be discarded to the appropriate areas and refills of key points on the board and players’ hands will setup the next round of play.

Once the Mission card’s success or failure stipulations have been met the game is over and, with any luck, the Freedom Squadron has defeated VENOM once and for all!
Components. This game boasts a large game board, a metric ton of cards, some dice, and some cardboard tokens. All the components are of fine quality and I have no issues with them. The art style used in the game is pleasing and, thankfully, not over-the-top gory or bloody or anything.

You may have noticed or thought that perhaps this game is taking inspiration from a cartoon/toy line from the ’80s, and I would very much agree with you. Could it be called Legendary: G.I. Joe? Maybe, but this one stands on its own, though very similar to the Legendary system. What I do like about VENOM Assault is the fact that it already comes with a large amount of incredible cards to be recruited. I do not know if I will ever feel the need for extra heroes in this game, whereas with the Marvel Legendary one can really go overboard trying to collect all the mini expansions and big box expansions just to find their favorite Marvel entities. Since VENOM Assault isn’t tied to any specific IP and is more generic overall, each character provided is its own thing, not a specific hero that one has grown up loving their entire life.

You see, the problem with those mini expansions in Legendary, at least for me, is that each one brings with it a host of heroes AND a host of new keywords and rules that must be remembered or referenced until it becomes second nature. In VENOM Assault, the rules stay the same and play is altered by the Missions and which characters can be recruited. I like a more reliable and static ruleset when I’m playing an intense game. So point goes to VENOM Assault here too.

Now, I was never into G.I. Joe and I am not at all a war or guns kinda guy, but I am really attracted to this game. I don’t necessarily think of my heroes as going in and shooting the place up, but rather taking Navy Seals-style tactical maneuvers to eliminate the target. So the point is that if you were never into that IP before, you should not feel alienated by this one. It appeals to all, in my opinion.

I said previously in this review that VENOM Assault is knocking on the door of bumping Legendary from my Top 10 games. I continue thinking about it even when I am not playing, and that is a mark of an excellent game for me. If I never think of a game again after playing, there is no way it remains in my collection. This one, however, has me considering different strategies in my head even now as I’m typing.

If you are in the market for a great deck-builder with worldwide espionage at its heart, I urge you to grab a copy of VENOM Assault. If you like the Legendary system but are looking for something just a little different, check this one out. If you just enjoy owning games that are fun and make you think, but also include a bit of luck in the dice rolls, then you owe it to yourself to play this. I really think you’ll enjoy it, as I have. Okay, time to setup another game.