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Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
2018 | Action, Sci-Fi
This is a good movie if it was considered separate from the Star Wars franchise. This did feel like a 'Star Wars Movie' but had its good parts. The best part was having Paul Bettany play the villain!
Inkheart (2009)
Inkheart (2009)
2009 | Action, Family, Sci-Fi
6.8 (13 Ratings)
Movie Rating
Acting (1 more)
Premise of story
Paul Bethany makes this film
I wasn't sure about this movie the first time I watched it, but over the years I have come to respect Paul Bettany so much as an actor that I will watch, and enjoy, anything he's in. This story centers around Mo, and his ability to read characters out of books. He's known as a silvertongue. But when he accidentally swaps his wife into a book, releasing a criminal in her place, he refuses to ever read aloud again.

This movie is good. It's worth a watch if you're in the mood for something different and enjoyable.
Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
2018 | Action, Sci-Fi
Donald Glover, The Villain, overall action, surprise cameo (0 more)
Not Harrison Ford, pacing was a bit off, too predictable (0 more)
Sneak Preview on Monday: Solo obvious but fun
Don’t expect any revelations in Solo, it is very much a story we have already heard but in greater detail. You will see how Han met Chewbacca, how he made the kessel run in 12 parsecs and of course how he wins the Falcon from Lando. Donald Glover stands out as Lando mimicking Billy Dee Williams mannerisms and voice. Paul Bettany excels as the main villain, but keep an eye out for an old foe to make a cameo.

No end credit scene so no need to stick around...

Matthew Krueger (5390 KP) rated Firewall (2006) in Movies

May 26, 2020 (Updated May 26, 2020)  
Firewall (2006)
Firewall (2006)
2006 | Action, Drama, Mystery
5.6 (5 Ratings)
Movie Rating
We've Seen This Done Before: A Dozen Times
Firewall- is a movie, that I fell like I've seen, watched oe heard of before. Thats because it is. Cause you will get these types of movies mixed up. Hostage and negotitation movies, cause their all the same.

If you like or seen "John Q", "Hostage", "Inside Man", "The Town", "The Negotitaor" and "Money Monster". Than you kinda of like this one. The Problem is that, movies like "Inside Man", "The Town" and "John Q" are better. The other problem with this one is that, the final battle just ends so quickly, badly and pointless. Like the bad guy just dies and than boom end. What?? The whole movie was building up suspense between the main charcter and bad guy, and than he just dies with one hit/blow and thats it. The whole movie felt pointless, because of that. The whole suspense just gone, you felt nothing. Felt like the whole movie was pointless and it was.

The plot: Bank security expert Jack Stanfield (Harrison Ford) builds a career on his expertise in designing theft-proof computer systems for financial institutions. However, a criminal mastermind (Paul Bettany) kidnaps his family, and he must work feverishly to find a way to break into his own system and steal $100 million, for the lives of his loved ones hang in the balance.

Paul Bettany was excellet as the villian.

Other than that, this movie is a decent suspense thriller and that has a bad ending that makes this whole movie pointless.
Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
2018 | Action, Sci-Fi
Ridin' Solo
Solo: A Star Wars Story- is better than Rogue Story by a lot. Its more fun, entertaining, action, adventure, thrilling, and more.

The plot: Young Han Solo finds adventure when he joins forces with a gang of galactic smugglers and a 190-year-old Wookie named Chewbacca. Indebted to the gangster Dryden Vos, the crew devises a daring plan to travel to the mining planet Kessel to steal a batch of valuable coaxium. In need of a fast ship, Solo meets Lando Calrissian, the suave owner of the perfect vessel for the dangerous mission -- the Millennium Falcon.

I like Aldren Ehrenreich as Han Solo, Woody Harrelson was good, Paul Bettany was excellent as the villian and Donald Glover was good as Lando.

Like i said this is 10x better than rogue one. Its a good movie.
Avengers: Infinity War (2018)
Avengers: Infinity War (2018)
2018 | Action, Sci-Fi
Pretty much everything (2 more)
Paul Bettany
The banter (especially between Thor and the guardians)
Not enough Bucky (1 more)
Not enough Captain America
I love the Marvel Universe, both comics, movies etc and this film was no exception.

For me, this was has probably been the best addition to the franchise yet. Going into it, I certainly didn’t expect the wide range of emotions I would go through, I went from laughing with rocket and the guardians to being right in the middle of the grief.

What I like about this movie was that the ending was not one you may have necessarily guessed would happen but that’s what makes it more exciting. Personally I can’t wait to see the next instalment.

My only problem was...there was not enough Bucky or Captain America, they are my two favourite characters and would like to have seen more of them.

Film and stuff (27 KP) rated Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) in Movies

May 15, 2019 (Updated May 15, 2019)  
Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
2015 | Action, Sci-Fi
Set up for the future films (0 more)
Feels disjointed and has clear studio intervention issues. (0 more)
A great second Avengers outing
Starring: Robert Downey JR, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Rennee, James Spader, Samuel L Jackson and Paul Bettany.

Directed by: Joss Whedon.

Plot - Tony Stark creates an AI that turns psychopathic and is determined to destroy the world. The Avengers must stop the AI known as Ultron.

With spectacular visuals and an amusing villain this is on the surface of things, exactly what you would want a sequel to the excellent Avengers Assemble to be. The way in which the Avengers are reintroduced is quit simply one of the coolest things I've seen for a while.
The issue is that it treads over a great deal of previous material and doesn't feel as original and fresh as the previous.
Surprisingly something that is handled brilliantly is the volume of characters that are in this. Something that many have tried and failed. Huge kudos for this Mr Whedon.
With a great deal more humour, a romance that feels slightly forced and amazing action sequences I would rate this marginally below Avengers Assemble. That being said, I enjoyed it immensely and would definitely recommend seeing it.
A Beautiful Mind (2001)
A Beautiful Mind (2001)
2001 | Drama
Story: A Beautiful Mind starts as we see John Nash (Crowe) start his time at Princeton University where we meet fellow students Sol (Goldberg), Hansen (Lucas), Bender (Rapp), Ainsley (Gray-Stanford) and his roommate Charles (Bettany). Struggling to find his place in the University it takes an everyday occurrence for John to final start rolling on his theory.

After becoming the brightest student John moves onto becoming a teacher while secretly working for the government on code breaking reporting to Parcher (Harris). While teaching he meets the beautiful Alicia Nash (Connelly) and the two strike it off before starting their lives together.

When it becomes apparent John is struggling to manage both live the people that care about him with Charles returning to his life, Parcher pushing him too much and his wife wondering what he is up to, but this beautiful mind is about to be tested when Dr Rosen (Plummer) a psychologist enters his life.

A Beautiful Mind is a wonderfully drama showing us the story of one of the greatest minds of our generation. We see how difficult the life was for John before learning of his mind being damaged due to his schizophrenia. We follow from his time in school until his Noble Peace Prize. We see John deal and learn with his condition to still go on achieve greatness in his life. This is such a brilliant story that shows how success you can achieve your potential regardless.


Actor Review


Russell Crowe: John Nash is the brilliant mathematician that believes he has been working for the government cracking codes, but when we and he learns the truth we discover this beautiful mind is damaged in other ways. We see John’s life from early Princeton till his final acceptance in the scientific world. Russell gives the best performance of his career her where he shines in the drama.john

Ed Harris: Parcher is the man John believes works for the government as he lives the life of mystery and code breaking John believes he is part of. Ed is great in this supporting role.parcher

Jennifer Connelly: Alicia Nash starts off as a student of John’s before being the only person that sees there is something wrong with his mind, she supports him through every decision in their lives. Jennifer is brilliant in this role of the patience wife.

Paul Bettany: Charles is the roommate John has at Princeton that helps him break out of the problems he has been suffering through but we learn the truth about Charles once we learn John’s mental state. Paul put himself on the map with this great supporting role.charles

Support Cast: A Beautiful Mind has a brilliant supporting cast that all give performances worthy of this subject matter.

Director Review: Ron Howard – Ron shows that he can handle the serious films that are important to see the greatest people in human history.


Biographical: A Beautiful Mind shows the struggles John Nash had with his own sanity to achieve unlocking all of the potential inside his mind.

History: A Beautiful Mind is one film that shows the mind of someone so troubled achieving so much.

Settings: A Beautiful Mind uses the real life location re-created for the story to be unfolded in.
Suggestion: A Beautiful Mind is one for everyone to watch at least once. (Watch)


Best Part: The Pen scene.

Worst Part: Slightly too much time on the imagined side of John’s life.

Favourite Quote: Dr Rosen ‘Imagine if you suddenly learned that the people, the places, the moments most important to you were not gone, not dead, but worse, had never been. What kind of hell would that be?’


Believability: Based on the John Nash and his amazing story.

Chances of Tears: Maybe a few nearer the end.

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: Won 4 Oscars including Best Picture, Director and Supporting Actress with another 4 Nomination including Best Actor.

Budget: $60 Million

Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes

Tagline: The Only Thing Greater Than the Power of the Mind is the Courage of the Heart

Trivia: John Nash is shown smoking in the film. In reality, he was a militant anti-smoker.


Overall: Brilliant Biographical film that is a must watch for all.

Sarah (6068 KP) rated Manhunt: Unabomber in TV

Sep 15, 2018  
Manhunt: Unabomber
Manhunt: Unabomber
2017 | Biography, Crime, Drama
Good performances make it watchable
I was told i had to watch this by my brother, and more surprisingly my mum, but in all honesty I wasn't too impressed.

The performances in this are great and these are what kept me watching. Paul Bettany is very unnerving as Ted and even Sam Worthington, who I don't particularly rate as an actor, was actually quite good. Visually it looks good and the script, staging and directing are all well done and quite gritty and dark.

The problem with this series is that there's nothing to grip you & no surprises. Whilst I wasn't aware of the true story behind the Unabomber, the series starts off by telling you who he is and then relaying how he was caught across the 8 episodes. Even the trial at the end isn't particularly interesting. I can understand why they wanted to tell the story in a non linear manner, but for me this just didn't work. I didn't want to know who the unabomber was right at the start, as even though the investigation into how he's caught is vaguely interesting, there are no plot twists or turns to keep you hooked. It made for a very dull series and my hopes for a massive twist ending or something shocking were sadly dashed.
Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)
2018 | Action, Sci-Fi
So this was my midnight screening... I threw caution to the wind again and dragged myself out of bed when normal people were sleeping. I rocked up at 11:45 thinking I was actually running a bit late... but as it turned out, I was the first one there. I tried my best to sneak down the side so I didn't have to have my picture taken with some extras who were doing some promo shots out front. Unfortunately I wasn't channelling my ninja skills enough due to lack of sleep and I was trapped against my will for snaps.

When I went to see Last Jedi the whole screen was packed out. I had been toying with when to see this one, I wasn't overly bothered so a midnight screening seemed a bit over the top. But LJ had been such a great atmosphere that I went for it. I was very surprised to find that when I went to book there were only two other seats booked for the 3D screening, and when I checked the 2D there were maybe 20 tickets booked.

No one had very high hopes for this one, and I for one didn't think it was as good as Force Awakens or Last Jedi, but it did have its moments. There were a lot of nostalgic references, I don't know if they were things that was already know in the fandom, but to me they were new and I appreciated them.

Beyond that I wasn't overly impressed by it. Paul Bettany was woefully under used and the rest didn't really feel very convincing, even when taking into account the fictional nature of everything. The one thing that actually got me in the feels was Lando and L3. Still brings a tear to my eye now.