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    In Pendulum, each player is a powerful, unique noble vying to succeed the Timeless King as the true...


Entertainment Editor (1973 KP) rated Scythe in Tabletop Games

Mar 7, 2018 (Updated Mar 7, 2018)  
2016 | Civilization, Economic, Fighting, Miniatures, Science Fiction
Scythe: The Kotaku Review
It’s not every day you get to rampage through the 1920s countryside in control of a fleet of giant mechs.

Scythe is a new board game from Stonemaier Games. If the art up top (which is on the front of the game’s box) looks familiar, that’s because the entire game is based on a universe imagined by artist Jakub Rozalski, which we featured on Fine Art a few years back and which is now also getting a video game.

Reviewer: Luke Plunkett
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Viticulture Essential Edition
Viticulture Essential Edition
2015 | Economic, Farming
Viticulture: Essential Edition Review
Viticulture: Essential Edition is one of the most polished, professional board game packages I’ve ever seen. From the perfectly sized box to the phenomenal graphic design to the most succinct and clear rulebook I have ever read, Stonemaier games have gone above and beyond to provide a quality product.

Beyond the beautiful presentation lies a fantastic worker placement game that is a lot more interesting than its closest popular peers–Stone Age and Lords of Waterdeep. While perhaps a half-step more complicated than those two games, Viticulture has the advantage of being more thematically cohesive.

Original Rating: 8/10
Reviewer: Marc Davis
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Akward (409 KP) rated My Little Scythe in Tabletop Games

Dec 31, 2018 (Updated Jan 3, 2019)  
My Little Scythe
My Little Scythe
2017 | Fantasy, Fighting, Kids Game
Easy to learn (2 more)
Excellent introduction to scythe
Artwork is great
Do you want to play Scythe, but are constantly with people who can't quite pick up the mechanics of it? My Little Scythe does an excellent job of scratching that itch, while still being really easy to teach. It can easily be taught in less than 10 minutes, and still has most of the mechanics of full Scythe.

The artwork is great, if you don't mind it being cartoony. The game will instantly draw children in, while stilling being pleasant to look at for adults.

Honestly, you will not find a more complete package for the price. Stonemaier managed to include an organizer, single player game mode, leaderboard (an addition that makes our games so much more competitive), and painting guide.

I highly recommend this game to anyone who is interested in a light euro or has kids.