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Orphan Black  - Season 1
Orphan Black - Season 1
2013 | Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Unique plot line (1 more)
Fantastic actors
I was originally drawn to the series after reading the synopsis, and was hooked in the first 10 minutes. The story centres around Sarah, who assumes the identity of a woman who looks identical to her, trying to escape her own troublesome past, but instead finding she has just stepped into more trouble. As the story develops, we find out that they are actually clones of each other, and are not alone in the world.
The plot thickens quickly as the series develops, becoming more sinister as Sarah tries to protect her foster family and young daughter. In all, I could the plot line unique and refreshing in comparison to what is currently out their.

The clones are played by Tatiana Maslany, who acts each one individually, the fact that she is able to demonstrate a clear identity of several characters at the same time, is a credit to her acting career.

The show itself does have a lot of drama, suspense and a little violence throughout the series, however it never takes itself too seriously, with regular breaks to add a little light heartedness into the show. The clone Alison/ soccer mom, in particular adds an air of humour to the show, particularly with her turbulent relationship with her husband and the stark contrast between herself and Sarah.

The series itself is worthy of a complete box set binge, and is definitely not one that you want to stop until the very end. This has made it to my list of favourite TV shows of all time.
Destroyer (2018)
Destroyer (2018)
2018 | Thriller
Characters – Erin Bell is a police officer that went so deep undercover that she lost her family, 17-years-later the leader of that gang has returned, this will give the Erin a chance to make peace with this case, trying to put her addiction problems a side, Erin won’t take any abuse from anybody, she will step over the line of the law to make sure she puts an end to this case. Silas is the leader of the gang, he makes his followers do anything to prove themselves to him and will lead them in breaking the law, he has gone into hiding, with his return making him a target for Erin. Petra is one of the main followers in the gang, she is one that is still active with Silas, showing that her addiction is still controlling her life. Chris is the partner that worked with Erin in the undercover job, we see how they got to learn to work together to make themselves seem like a couple.

Performances – Nicole Kidman gives one of her career best performances ever single scene we see her committed to this role where she demands your attention unlike any performance, we have ever seen from her before. Toby Kebbell does make us believe his character is on edge and a threat through each and every scene he appears in. Tatiana Maslany and Sebastian Stan complete the main supporting cast which shows us they can step up to look strong against Kidman through the film.

Story – The story here follows a former undercover police officers that wants to make amends for her case which ended in tragedy and has made her lose out part of her life when it comes to family, turning her to her own addictions. The first thing to know about this that we have two times being viewed, it is easy to tell the two apart because of the length of Erin’s hair. As Erin is trying to locate Silas, we get the flashbacks to her interactions with the gang members as she gets to relocate them as she is searching for Silas. Away from the investigation side of the story, Erin is also trying to rebuild her relationship with her daughter one that she shattered with her problems in the past. The mix of the two stories shows us just how dysfunctional this life can become for anyone that gets too deep within the undercover job.

Action/Crime – The action in the film follows the events of the robbery, how it went down and how the escape was planned. We do enter the crime world, which sees how Erin went undercover and operated within the gang, followed by how she bent the laws to track Silas back down.

Settings – The film is set in LA which as always is a wonderful backdrop for the criminal underworld, it shows us just how crime can get done around the city without people seeing it come.

Scene of the Movie – The robbery.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – The final encounter.

Final Thoughts – This is brilliant crime thriller that shows that Nicole Kidman is one of the greatest actresses of her generation, we have a story that keeps you guessing with an anti-hero in Erin that needs to fix her life.


Overall: Gripping Tense Thriller