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On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)
1969 | Action, Mystery, Romance
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We have all the time in the world
My favorite bond movie not perfect by any means its a shame that geroge lazenby only did one bond film. The plot follows the book perfectly as blofeld plans to use is angels of death contaminte crops and animals but only bond can only stop him and finds time to fall in lovewith tracey daughter of local crook.
It also has the perfect love song from louis armstrong. And telly savalas as blofeld and the ending still gets me

Awix (1967 KP) rated Horror Express (1972) in Movies

Mar 14, 2018 (Updated Mar 14, 2018)  
Horror Express (1972)
Horror Express (1972)
1972 | Horror, Sci-Fi
6.3 (4 Ratings)
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Unexpectedly winning Anglo-Spanish horror movie, with low budget and lo-fi production more than compensated for by strong cast and inventive script. Initially looks like caveman-on-the-rampage schlock, but turns into something much more interesting and intelligent; to some extent this is yet another version of The Thing, with a mini-zombie apocalypse dropped in for the climax.

Benefits enormously from the old Lee-Cushing magic; Telly Savalas turns up at the end and manages to upstage them both (no mean feat). Decent production values, once you get past the dubbing (movie was made without sound and had multiple different soundtracks added for different markets). Maybe it can't quite make its mind up whether to be a supernatural horror movie or sci-fi, but the genre mash-up is at least distinctive and interesting. Great fun; deserves to be better known.
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)
1969 | Action, Mystery, Romance
Characters – James Bond is back, he is still a womaniser only now he doesn’t have the same spark of charisma that he had been showing in previous films, he still must go head to head with Blofeld, but he just doesn’t feel right this time around. Tracey is the Bond girl this time around, she isn’t as easy as the previous one showing a higher intelligence to stay ahead of Bond and not following the traditions that her father wants. Blofeld returns and for some reason doesn’t recognise Bond even after meeting him in the last film, so that is strange. He has a masterplan to take over the world or at least put money in his pocket, well bank account. Draco is the connection to locate Blofeld with him being Tracy’s father it also helps with the locating as part of a deal.

Performances – George Lazenby doesn’t have the same level of charisma or charm that Sean Connery brings, this only disappoints and takes us away from the film in places. Diana Rigg does bring class the to Bond girl role, showing more commitment to this role that Lazenby. Telly Savalas struggles to step into Donald Pleasence’s shoes in the Blofeld role almost being a parody of the character.

Story – The story here takes James on his latest mission which is to capture Blofeld after his escape last time out, this takes him in a new direction away from the tropical islands and into the snow-covered mountain ranges as Blofeld is working on his next plan to become rich. The story is a way too long compared to previous films and does drag at times, the fact Blofeld doesn’t remember James is a big issue for me because them coming face to face was a big moment in You Only Live Twice. The highlight of the story comes from the fact we get a surprise ending which does show us that we are ready to continue the battle.

Action/Adventure – The action is a complete mixed bag because certain fights are good, but then the horrible green screen moments just don’t work. The adventure takes James to a new location which is all we want at times.

Settings – We are set in the Swiss Alps on top of one of the mountains which shows us a base that isn’t easy to escape from and away from the bikinis we have been seeing too often.

Scene of the Movie – Ski escape.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – Blofeld not remember Bond.

Final Thoughts – This is the weakest in the series to date, we just don’t get drawn in like before and the attempted new technology use only hinders the film.


Overall: Weakest Bond film to date.