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Vera Nazarian | 2017 | Fiction & Poetry, Thriller, Young Adult (YA)
9.0 (1 Ratings)
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The series is still going strong
The third book book in the Atlantis Grail series is just as good as the first two with new trials and adventures for the main character, Gwen. The writing is fast paced, and several new fascinating characters are introduced as Gwen must compete for her life, again. While Gwen must overcome obstacles similar to the first book, Nazarian has created new unique situations that are fascinating to read about.
Win (The Atlantis Grail Book 3)
Win (The Atlantis Grail Book 3)
Vera Nazarian | 2017 | Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Young Adult (YA)
9.5 (2 Ratings)
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Romance (3 more)
The Atlantis Grail Games
Awesome storyline
Book 4, Survive, is not out yet ? (0 more)
My favorite in the series so far
Contains spoilers, click to show
I originally downloaded Book 1, Qualify, on my Kindle because it was offered for free. I immediately purchased Book 2 (Compete) and Book 3 (Win) after getting through the third chapter! I knew this was going to be a series to follow because Vera Nazarian's writing has an amazing way of drawing you into the story.
After Qualify, I was completely invested in the fate of Gwen Lark and needed to know what happened, so I continued with Compete. While Compete did not have the same action and urgency as Qualify, it was still an outstanding sequel and made me want to continue the The Atlantis Grail Series.
To be honest, Compete left me right where I wanted to be! Everything I had hoped for Gwen was happening and I had no choice but to continue the story (yes, I am a person who gets emotionally attached to certain fictional characters and therefore live my fantasy life vicariously through them).
Now, on to Win. Oh. My. Lord! Be still my heart, because Aeson has admitted his feelings for Gwen and they are going to get married!!! Yes, regular Earth-girl and winner of an all expense paid trip to Atlantis gets to marry the friggen Crown Prince of Atlantida!!!
Nevermind that Aeson's dad, the Imperator of Atlantida, does not like this one little bit, because what Gwen and Aeson have is real true love and it is so sweet and tender and... I must stop here before I gush all over this review since shit is about to get very real for them (at the hands of the Imperator, of course).
Flashback to that mindnumbing and heartbreaking decision Gwen made in Book 2 to niether become a Civilian or Cadet and instead enter the Atlantis Grail to become a Citizen so she could save her parents and her brother George from the impeding doom of the Asteriod hurtling through space with the purpose of destroying Earth. Well, it just so happens that because she is now the Imperial Bride-to-be, she will be awarded Citizenship when she marries Aeson and thusly inherit the ability to save the rest of her family without having to compete in the horrible and terrifying Atlantis Grail Games. I was literally jumping in my seat and squealing when I learned this!
All that worry and training for the entire year travelling in space to Atlantis was put to a rest and all seemed just hunky-dory. Until....
The Imperial Court Assembly that is held to recognize Gwen as Aeson's choice of Imperial Consort and Bride. Everything goes as planned until the Imperator decides to bestow an unrefusable gift unto Gwen: the "opportunity" to compete in the Atlantis Grail Games. This was such a blow to my heart and I wanted to hold Gwen and tell her it was never going to happen and she could just marry her Prince and have many children and live happily ever after. Alas, that would not have made for a very interesting story, so we must concede to the Imperator's whim and suffer with Aeson as Gwen competes in the stupid Atlantis Grail for her life all because the Imperator is not happy Aeson did not choose Lady Tiri, a proper Atlantean Royal.
Things get intense from this point on as Gwen only has 28 days to train and become a warrior capable of NOT dying in the Games. Thankfully, she has the support of her Bridegroom and the crew of the Astra Diamon to help her with this nearly impossible challenge.
After the 28 days of intense training, it is finally time for Gwen to say her goodbyes and focus on staying alive through all 4 stages of the deadly Grail Games.
During the Games, she is met with unique challenges and ordeals that left me reading into the wee hours of the night to make sure Gwen survived. I seriously could not put this book down I was so worried for Gwen and Aeson.
The Grail Games were more intense and horrible than Katniss Everdeen ever had to endure and although I was confident Gwen would make it through alive, I was unsure just how much of her would make it out at the end.
I cannot wait for Book 4, Survive! I saw an update yesterday from the author mentioning that over 26,000 words had been completed for the book! It cannot come soon enough!
Compete (The Atlantis Grail #2)
Compete (The Atlantis Grail #2)
Vera Nazarian | 2015 | Science Fiction/Fantasy, Young Adult (YA)
8.5 (2 Ratings)
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Contains spoilers, click to show
After reading Qualify, the first book of The Atlantis Grail series, I was completely invested in the fate of Gwen Lark, her siblings, and her friends and could not fight the urge to continue reading!
Compete brings us one step closer to finding out what awaits the Qualified Earth refugees in Atlantis.
We begin this journey aboard a fleet of arkships where each teen from Earth must make a decision to determine their place on Atlantis. Gwen remains adamant to save the rest of her family from the asteriod and rejects the choices offered her, instead making a choice that enrages her Commanding Pilot Aeson Kassiopei and worries her siblings.
Since there is not near as much action in this installment, we get to enjoy the year-long trip through the galaxy to Atlantis right along with Gwen and her friends. We get to learn more about the Atlanteans (especially Aeson Kassiopei) and their customs as well as what is expected of the Earth refugees when their final destination is reached.
We also get to see relationships blossom and fade and new alliances forged.
Vera Nazarian did an excellent job creating a complete environment aboard the arkships with just enough drama snd action to keep me reading.
Sometimes the descriptions of the classes were a little long-winded but in the end, I understood why it was necessary and believe it would have detracted from the story if anything was omitted.
The ending was my most favorite part of the entire book! I was overcome with emotion and could not believe what I had just read! I had been rooting for it to happen since Qualify and was pleased at the way Vera worked it into the story.
Now, on to Book 3, Win! I can't wait to discover the planet of Atlantis with Gwen and her friends!!!