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Isle of Dogs (2018)
Isle of Dogs (2018)
2018 | Adventure, Animation
7.7 (38 Ratings)
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Anamation is awful
Not good.
This movie has potential. But it just wasnt thought through. The anamation sucks.
The Wicker Man (2006)
The Wicker Man (2006)
2006 | Action, Drama, Horror
4.3 (7 Ratings)
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How did it get burned!!!
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Nicloas cage in a bear suit punching a woman one of the most funniest sences of all time. So many bear jokes you can come up with.

Anyways this movie sucks, the jump scaries suck, the horror elements suck. Everything is bad about this movie.

Not the bees, not the bees, ah my eyes, their in my eyes. Ahhh.

Also nicolas cage fights muliplite woman in this movie.

How did it burned!!!!!
The Warriors (1979)
The Warriors (1979)
1979 | Crime, Drama, Thriller
Warriors comeout to play
I have watch this many times and well i wish they kept most of the delete scenes. The dialogue in this movie sucks (might make you snicker as it can be cheesey)but the idea is great. To me if you enjoy GTA you might enjoy this just go into it and remmber this was done in 1979.
Hitman: Agent 47 (2015)
Hitman: Agent 47 (2015)
2015 | Action
This movie excist
Unlike the 2007 film which to me was really good and underrated. This movie sucks, i forgot that this movie came out. This movie was really bad.

The plot: Raised from childhood by the mysterious Diana organisation, Agent 47 is the perfect killer, but when he is dispatched to kill the Russian president, 47 discovers that his employers have betrayed him. Taking prostitute and possible witness Nika with him, the enigmatic assassin flees from both Interpol and the Russian secret service as he fights to uncover the root of the conspiracy.

Its confusing, the plot makes no sense and overall anethor bad movie based off of a video game.

Watch the 2007 movie intstead of this one.

Chloe (778 KP) Jul 6, 2019

Spot on with this review, couldnt agree more


Jason Dohring recommended Top Gun (1986) in Movies (curated)

Top Gun (1986)
Top Gun (1986)
1986 | Action, Drama

"For no other reason than it just kicks ass and inspires you. There’s no other reason. I remember watching the love scene when I was a little kid and I was like, “This movie sucks; it’s so gross,” but since then I get pumped up because it’s so kick-ass and cool."

Dazed and Confused (1993)
Dazed and Confused (1993)
1993 | Comedy
You haven't seen this movie... It’d be a lot cooler if you did.
I quote this movie so much it's insane.. Like every single day type of quoting and I can hoestly say that as soon as someone gets my reference we become instant friends.

Dazed and confused is such a piece of life movie that it just works so beautifully. Even though I wasn't born until 89 and this movie wasnt made till 93 its such an iconic 70s movie that you just don't question it.

The casting was just so spot in that even the most minor characters feel like real people you could have gone to high school with and it's with that detail that Dazed and confused sucks you in and doesn't let you got to the point that you can watch this movie and rewatxg it multiple times and it's still just as good.

The other stand out factor is the soundtrack is one of the best there is each song just fits so well.
The Humanity Bureau (2017)
The Humanity Bureau (2017)
2017 | Sci-Fi
5.3 (7 Ratings)
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Man where do I start this film had so much to offer yet it was so appalling!!!

Nicolas Cage's acting is the really poor and the script,dialogue and locations aren't any better.

this movie had a budget of 3 million pound and God knows when I spent the money because they didn't spend it make this film.

If you looking for a film on Netflix and come across this one don't be fooled by the write up or the trailer, I would keep looking for a better film because this films sucks.
Happy Death Day 2U (2019)
Happy Death Day 2U (2019)
2019 | Horror, Mystery
What goes around comes around
A sequel rarely stacks up against the original but in this case, it does.
A plot almost identical to its predecessor which quickly changes saving the movie from a copy paste review.
This better take on inception (because inception sucks) adds players to its life and death game starting off at day 1.

Includes original cast and new members, with a faster pace than the 1st, happy death day 2U is a rollercoaster of fun.
If you enjoyed the 1st, you'd be outta your freaking mind to miss this.

Dark humorous tone throughout.