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    Kelly Vincent


    Kelly Vincent wrangles data weekdays and spends the rest of her time playing with words. She grew up...

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    I have an insatiable appetite for story.

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    A newbie book blogger and long time reader!

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    6th grade teacher, YA reader, commuter, mother

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    Hi guys! ?? I love reading books and then talking about them. I also enjoy giving recommendations on...


Bella Lacy (90 KP) rated Red Queen in Books

Jul 26, 2017  
Red Queen
Red Queen
Victoria Aveyard | 2015 | Young Adult (YA)
8.0 (64 Ratings)
Book Rating
Unique Story (0 more)
Typical YA (0 more)
Pretty good
Good concepts and well written but the themes are very typical young adult.
I am Number Four (Lorien Legacies #1)
I am Number Four (Lorien Legacies #1)
Pittacus Lore | 2011 | Fiction & Poetry, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Young Adult (YA)
7.6 (31 Ratings)
Book Rating
Great early character development (1 more)
Very minimal awkward teen love scenes
This is how young adult fiction should be done.
Roped in from the beginning. Easy reading without getting boring. Entertaining and engaging, with just the right amount of eye rolls from an adult reader for YA fiction.

Anna Steele (111 KP) rated Landline in Books

May 16, 2018  
Rainbow Rowell | 2017 | Fiction & Poetry, Romance
7.1 (19 Ratings)
Book Rating
YA or Adult?
I went I went into this book knowing nothing. (I do this for many books from authors I respect). I had read Eleanor and Park and thought I would be getting a simple young adult romance. Boy was I wrong, this book is great for people who are growing up a little. The young adult story is still there but it is complicated by the adult world of marriage and kids and family. Great transition book if you want to start reading more adult fiction.