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Shazam! (2019)
Shazam! (2019)
2019 | Action, Sci-Fi
Zachary levi (2 more)
Mark strong
Easter eggs
Just seen and I'm glad I did been wanting to see this for ages. As I've been a fan of Zachary Levi since he was on chuck. His character Shazam reminds me alot of chuck two different people learnly how to use their powers for good. Mark strong plays the villian in his usual stlye. Would I recommend this movie definitely

Elizabeth (784 KP) Apr 13, 2019

I was also a big Chuck fan and couldn't help but notice the similarities as well.

Office Uprising  (2018)
Office Uprising (2018)
2018 | Comedy, Horror
7.0 (1 Ratings)
Movie Rating
Jane levy (2 more)
Zachary Levi
Some of the acting (0 more)
Watched last night on netflix not bad movie for a comedy horror about office workers turned into zombies after drinking emergy. Some of the acting can be bad but there are some good acting in others plenty of gore to go around for those who like there gore. Not bad at all

David McK (650 KP) rated Shazam! (2019) in Movies

Apr 17, 2019 (Updated Aug 3, 2019)  
Shazam! (2019)
Shazam! (2019)
2019 | Action, Sci-Fi
Zachary Levi (0 more)
None of the rest of the Chuck TV series cast (0 more)
Newest entry (at the time of reviewing) in DCs attempt at a shared universe, although (if I'm honest) I barely realised that it was part of that universe at all: yes, there's a couple of mentions of Superman and Batman et al, but they could easily be viewed similarly to how we talk about them.

I was also quite surprised by how dark/scary parts of this were for a child-friendly film, with it really only lightening up once the 14 year old Billy Batson gets his powers and transforms into Zachary Levis's adult superhero (but still with his child's mind).

With a subplot concerning family - 1 strand of which could probably have been handled better - and Levi knocking it out of the park (I'll admit, the TV series Chuck in which he starred is one of my favourites) as Shazam, this is one of the better entries in DC growing catalogue of movies.
Shazam! (2019)
Shazam! (2019)
2019 | Action, Sci-Fi
Zachary Levi is amazing and charisma leaps off screen. (1 more)
A fun enjoyable film that flew by.
Seemed a bit simplistic. (1 more)
Cooper Andrews is wasted in his supporting role.
An actual fun DC movie.
It goes without saying that most modern DC Universe movies tend to be on the dark and very serious side. So, this was a nice turn. Once the villain is introduced in typical DC dark fashion, the movie tilts to the lightness of youth and the chicanery that can ensue. So many light-hearted fun moments throughout. Zachary Levi is brilliant as the quick-quipping hero and embraces his child alter ego with ease. While the gaining understanding of powers and defeat of the villian seemed a little simplistic to me, overall it was just a fun, enjoyable film. The time flew by. It had laughs. It had heart. The cast had amazing charisma and chemistry. (Though the incredibly charismatic Cooper Andrews is kinda wasted in his supporting role.) While I think Batman and Superman need the gravitas, the light tone fit perfectly here. Great job by DC and a hope that they are making changes for the future thread of films in this universe.

Nickg24 (468 KP) rated Shazam! (2019) in Movies

Jun 27, 2019 (Updated Jun 27, 2019)  
Shazam! (2019)
Shazam! (2019)
2019 | Action, Sci-Fi
The friendship between shazam and freddy (0 more)
Rubbish bad guy (0 more)
Had read alot of mixed reviews for this movie but was open to giving it a try.First of all this is the weakest of all the DC movies so far for me (yes I even preferred suicide squad to this)

It had its moments and the humour at times was ok but there was alot that let this movie down.Mark Strong's bad guy was truly awful and was about as menacing as a chocolate teapot,zachary levi looked uncomfortable at times as shazam and as for the seven deadly sins gargoyles..just plain awful and hokey looking.
Shazam! (2019)
Shazam! (2019)
2019 | Action, Sci-Fi
Nothing stood out - more of the same
Boy becomes reluctant hero. Hero does battle against villain. You fill in the rest.

Kind of a DC PG-13 version of Deadpool (or at least it wants to be).

I was really hoping the humor would be funnier and there would be something that would make it stand out for DC. Especially after really enjoying both Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

At 133 minutes, the movie needed quite a trimming as the beginning dragged and the movie lost its way a few times before coming together well at the end. I looked at my phone several times to see how much was left to go and that is never a good sign.

Zachary Levi stood out as the humorous protagonist (with a stupid-looking costume), but the rest of the cast was generic and boring including the blah villain.

If they make another film, hopefully they can concentrate more on the non origin story and make the humor and action scenes sharper and tighter.


ClareR (1996 KP) Sep 2, 2019

We watched this at the weekend. My eldest son said it was ‘wrong’, the youngest thought it was loads of fun 🤷🏼‍♀️ I liked it, but it was nothing special. It whiled away a couple of hours. The villain could’ve been much better, I think (he’s a good actor!), and it’s a shame they didn’t make Shazam as he was in the comics. I think that’s what grated the most on my son - especially the end bit.


Andy K (10251 KP) Sep 2, 2019

Yes I agree!


Daniel Boyd (971 KP) rated Shazam! (2019) in Movies

Apr 9, 2019 (Updated Apr 9, 2019)  
Shazam! (2019)
Shazam! (2019)
2019 | Action, Sci-Fi
Zachary Levi & Jack Dylan Grazer's chemistry (0 more)
Good Fun
Being the big ol' geek that I am, I usually know the source material of the superhero movie I am going to see pretty well. Shazam is an exception to this, - other than the infamous Captain Marvel/Shazam copyright battle between Marvel and DC's lawyers over the years and the fact that he is a teenage boy who transforms into a grown man who looks like Superman with a similar power set, - I don't know much about the character. Watching Shazam, I was more so reminded of a Mark Millar comic called Superior, which bears multiple plot similarities to Shazam, to the point that I am surprised that DC have never attempted to sue Millar for blatant plagiarism.

In a word, Shazam is fun. I enjoyed my time with it and I would see it again. I enjoyed seeing Mark Strong hamming it up as the movie's villain and Zachary Levi did a great job in the titular role. Also, his chemistry with Jack Dylan Grazer's character was a huge highlight of the film for me. The SFX were on point for the most part other than the fairly cartoony representations of the 7 deadly sins monsters. There was also a charming, dumb, pure, innocence to the movie that really shone through the entire thing.

My biggest issue with the movie was Asher Angel as Billy Batson when he's not Shazam. Not necessarily because he is a bad actor or anything, but more because of how he chose to play the role. He came across as broody and introspective, almost the total opposite of how Zachary Levi came across as Shazam with his over the top playfulness and silly puns. This discrepancy was prevalent to the point where the illusion that these two actors were playing the same character was entirely broken and it was as if they were just playing two totally different characters with entirely opposite personalities that were just never in the same room. I feel like a bit of smoothing out could have been done between the actors to come to a compromise where they could both deliver their respective lines while believably playing the same character.

Also, something that you should probably know going in is that this is a comedy with lessons about family and responsibility before it is a Superhero/Action movie. It does make sense within the context of the film that there are no epic action scenes as Billy is just an untrained everyday kid that has been given a bunch of amazing powers that he is still getting to grips with, but don't expect any mind-blowing action scenes on par with MCU movies etc. Even though I guess it makes sense that there wasn't anything too impressive in terms of action scenes, I was left a little bit unfulfilled as I left the theatre that the film felt more insistent on showing us tender family moments rather than huge scale superhero battles.

Overall, Shazam is dumb fun. Don't think too hard about it and you will almost certainly have a great time watching it. I am glad that the fun factor of DC films seems to be on the up and they have dropped the dour tone of their Batman/Superman stories set up by Zack Snyder and they seem to have almost totally abandoned the idea of following in Marvel's footsteps of tying movies together in order to lead up to a team up blockbuster. This move seems to be for the best and is what they should have been doing from the start rather than trying to win a losing battle and play catch up with a franchise that has been building for an entire decade at this point.

Lee (2012 KP) Apr 9, 2019

I forgot to mention the Asher Angel/Zachary Levi differences in my review but that was something that really bothered me too. You can understand him being broody earlier in the movie, but when he's at the point of being able to switch between boy and superhero, he still plays it broody!


LeftSideCut (2029 KP) rated Shazam! (2019) in Movies

May 14, 2019 (Updated Dec 15, 2019)  
Shazam! (2019)
Shazam! (2019)
2019 | Action, Sci-Fi
A refreshing, and often humourous entry into the otherwise troubled DCEU
Contains spoilers, click to show
I went into Shazam! with low expectations, after not being particularly taken with the majority of past DCEU films.

I left feeling pretty positive about the whole goofy experience.

As with most DC material, the film starts on a fairly dark note, introducing us to a young Dr Sivana (a truly old school super villain, dating all the way back to the late 30s).
After a bit of back story as to why he gets all villainy, the movie wastes no time introducing us to Billy Batson (Asher Angel) and the rest of his foster family, and the movie succeeds in making all of the younger characters likable.

After a bit of comic book magic, we're eventually acquainted with the true power of Shazam!
Zachary Levi absolutely shines as he clearly relishes in playing this goofy, excitable teenager trapped in the body of a God. He bounces back and forth with Jack Dylan Grazer pretty well, and for the most part the relentless stream of jokes land nicely.

The film starts to waiver slightly towards the end, as the story hurtles towards a standard comic book movie CGI showdown, with a by the numbers comic book movie performance from Mark Strong, and some sketchy CGI cloud monsters, but it's hard not to grin with the surprise introduction of the Shazam! family (something I would surely expect from a sequel).

Shazam! also struggles at times to balance it's humour with it's more serious beats, but for the most part is an enjoyable origin story that the whole family can enjoy.

Nick Beaty (61 KP) rated Shazam! (2019) in Movies

Jan 7, 2020 (Updated Jan 7, 2020)  
Shazam! (2019)
Shazam! (2019)
2019 | Action, Sci-Fi
DC has a fun side...
Shazam! is pretty much exactly what you would expect from a story about a boy with the ability to turn in to a fully grown adult superhero (with a very questionable muscle suit, it has to be said). As they are famously renowned for their dark content and moody superheroes, it is nice to see that DC has a fun side.

The movie itself reminded me of a lesser version of Big and a PG version of Kick Ass. The cast do a good job, in particular Asher Angel who plays young Billy Baston with confidence and a lots of swagger. Zachary Levi who plays the adult superhero version of Billy seemed to be having a blast.

However a couple of slight negatives for me was the fact that the two actors mentioned above are supposed to be playing the same person and adult Billy has literally none of the characteristics that young Billy has. Also the movie doesn't seem to be quite sure of it's target audience, as some scenes are really dark and creepy for kids, but the overall humour and jokes seem to be aimed more at children than adults.

I would say that the first half of Shazam! is better than the second half, as I felt I wasn't into the movie as much by the end. A long running time could have contributed to that though, as they could have easily cut twenty minutes or so from the film.

Still after all is said and done Shazam! is a fun movie and if you are wanting a superhero movie that doesn't take itself seriously, then this one is probably for you.
Shazam! (2019)
Shazam! (2019)
2019 | Action, Sci-Fi
Entertaining Enough
In the battle of DC vs Marvel in the Cinematic world, the prevailing theory is that DC is "righting the ship" with back-to-back decent films - AQUAMAN and SHAZAM. And...after viewing both of these films, I will agree that they are moving the ship in the correct direction, but they have a long, long way to go before they can say they have "righted" this ship.

SHAZAM is a fun. light, comedic-ish film that will appeal to kids and tweens and will be considered "not bad" by older teens and adults - and that is an improvement for a DC comic book film.

Asher Angel stars as Billy Batson, a troubled teenager with family/parental issues (is there any other kind in these types of films?) who is given the power of SHAZAM by a mysterious wizard (the always dependable Djimon Hounsou), when he says the magical word SHAZAM he is instantly changed into the SuperHero SHAZAM. The Superhero part of this character is played by Zachary Levi (TV's CHUCK) and that is the first problem for me with this film, I didn't feel that these 2 actors connected much to form the illusion of 1 person. Asher is all "broody and moody" - you know, the way an adult would direct a teenage actor to perform as a troubled teen - while Levi, who is having some fun, looks like he is trying just a bit too hard to showcase his "inner teenager" while wrapped inside a body hugging, muscle enhancing costume.

Billy Batson is sent to a foster home full of a "It's A Small World" group of troubled youth that have - despite their differences - formed into a family. Want to bet that Billy figures out that "family" does not mean his mother and father who abandoned him but rather those around you that love and care for you?

All of the kids in this "family" are well played, as are the "father and mother" figures. Standouts are Faithe Herman as smart-as-a-whip/cute-as-a-button Darla and, especially, Jack Dylan Grazer (hypochondriac Eddie in IT: CHAPTER 1) as the lad who becomes Billy's best friend. He is just as fun and charismatic as he was in IT. To be honest, I think I wanted more of a movie about this group of people than the typical "Super Hero/Super Villain" film.

However, I can forgive this film for focusing on the Hero/Villain dynamic for Mark Strong (SHERLOCK) is wonderfully villainous as the bad guy with daddy issues of his own and "that guy" actor John Glover is in it all too briefly as his dad.

Director David F. Sandberg (ANNABELLE: CREATION) does a nice job of keeping the action going at a fast enough pace to keep things entertaining - albeit in a way that was rather pedestrian and "nothing new". But he aims this film squarely at the older kid/younger tween audience and they will enjoy this very much, whilst the rest of us will not be bored as we accompany them.

Letter Grade: B

7 stars (out of 10) and you can take that to the Bank(ofMarquis)