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The best Stephen King Podcast out there
The Losers have been reviewing the works, social media and daily exploits of Stephen King since January of 2017. They go more in depth into each work than any other discussion I’ve encountered.

ClareR (1975 KP) rated Love Bites in Books

Apr 6, 2018  
Love Bites
Love Bites
Elena Kaufman | 2018 | Fiction & Poetry
8.0 (1 Ratings)
Book Rating
This is a collection of short stories that follow various people who are not where they started out. They are immigrants, eccentrics and those who really don't want to be where they are. Themes include loss, isolation/ loneliness and difference.
Stories that particularly stood out for me, were the story about a girl who loses her leg, the elderly woman trying to escaper her old people's home if only she could remember what she's supposed to be doing, and the woman who goes to see a 'Sheikh' for family relationship advice.
All of the stories made me stop and think - mainly about what I would have done in their circumstances. Very thought provoking.
This was another book read on 'The Pigeonhole' social reading platform.

Dean (4410 KP) rated Widows (2018) in Movies

Oct 4, 2019  
Widows (2018)
Widows (2018)
2018 | Crime, Drama, Thriller
Great cast (0 more)
Not much of a heist (0 more)
A heist film that doesn't quite payoff
A film that's based on an early 80's TV series of the same name. After seeing the cast line up and directed by Steve McQueen I was looking forward to this. It does have a great ensemble cast although the main plot is quite simple and a bit predictable. There are many layers to this film, with plenty of social comments on many themes. Something you expect from Steve McQueen. As a result though the actual heist almost plays second fiddle to all the other subplots and insights. I really thought the heist part would be very clever and elaborate. Instead it pales in comparison to many others of a similar genre. See it for the performances, story and not for the action of the heist itself. This way you'll enjoy the film a lot more.

Matthew Krueger (3261 KP) rated District 9 (2009) in Movies

Jul 26, 2019 (Updated Jul 26, 2019)  
District 9 (2009)
District 9 (2009)
2009 | Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
When Aliens Attack
Contains spoilers, click to show
District 9- was a intresting film.

The film is partially presented in a found footage format by featuring fictional interviews, news footage, and video from surveillance cameras witch is really intresting.

The story, which explores themes of humanity, xenophobia and social segregation, begins in an alternate 1982, when an alien spaceship appears over Johannesburg, South Africa. When a population of sick and malnourished insectoid aliens are found aboard the ship, the South African government confines them to an internment camp called District 9. Years later, during the government's relocation of the aliens to another camp, one of the confined aliens named Christopher Johnson tries to escape with his son and return home, crossing paths with a bureaucrat named Wikus van der Merwe.

It was Neill Blomkamp director debut and he did a great job.

District 9- mixs sci-fi with action, found footage, horror, suspense, thrills, chills, drama all into one film.

A highly reccordmend movie.

Awix (1805 KP) rated Web in Books

Sep 6, 2019 (Updated Sep 6, 2019)  
John Wyndham | 1979 | Science Fiction/Fantasy
6.0 (1 Ratings)
Book Rating
John Wyndham's final novel revisits a number of his themes and has the odd good passage, but you can tell the author has struggled with it. A group of idealists looking to create a perfect society discover they have made a bad choice of site: the location in question, a remote Pacific island, is already overrun by vast swarms of social spiders - possibly the result of nuclear testing in the region (or, failing that, a curse from the original islanders, displaced by the colonial powers).

Sounds like it has promise, but it takes a very long time to properly get going (the spiders don't appear until the second half of the book) and it's a bit unclear what points Wyndham is trying to make. Some of the divergences from the classic Wyndham formula are a little curious; the protagonist is older, and the general tone more fatalistic than in his better-known books. Fairly readable, but it lacks the big ideas and memorable imagery of his best novels.
The Ethics of Ambiguity
The Ethics of Ambiguity
Simone de Beauvoir | 1947 | Essays, Philosophy, Psychology & Social Sciences
8.0 (1 Ratings)
Book Rating
Complex themes, slightly obvious
Simone De Beauvoir is one of the foremost feminist philiosophers there are. However, unlike in The Second Sex, The Ethics of Ambiguity explores the nature of freedom and basically deconstructs arguments made by pioneering philosophers Marx and Kant. She poses the question how can humans be both subject and object yet still be free? She says if humans are born free why are they also treated like objects to control? And there lies the ambiguity.

As free, we have the ability to take note of ourselves and choose what to do. As factic, we are constrained by physical limits, social barriers and the expectations and political power of others. She has quite a Hobbesian approach saying human beings are responsible for their own actions and therefore have to work at creating concrete ideals rather than following an abstract notion of freedom.

She also criticises approaches that require grasping for freedom at the expense of others - adding that inadvertently reduces gaining freedom down to another form of slavery ie. Communism, Capitalism and Democracies.

She concludes that the only way you can will yourself free is to will others free in the process.

While the sentiment is there, her writing style was very repetitive in this book, and at times a little tangential. Not her best work, but still very relevant for current times.

Peachy Bashan (4 KP) rated Eligible in Books

May 3, 2018  
Curtis Sittenfeld | 2016 | Fiction & Poetry
8.0 (5 Ratings)
Book Rating
<i>"There’s no shame in devoting yourself to another person, as long as he devotes himself to you in return."</i>

My synopsis: In this modern retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice mostly set in Cincinnati, Elizabeth Bennet is a writer for a magazine, Jane Bennet is a yoga instructor, Mr. Bingley is a doctor and an actor in a The Bachelor-like reality show, and Mr. Darcy is a neurosurgeon.

Themes: pride, prejudice, family, criticisms, social structure, socioeconomic status, social stratification, Hollywood, reality TV, marriage, scandal, familial duties, sisters, siblings, parenting, friendship, careers, devotion, romance, love

I have to say, I didn’t expect to love this one as much as I did (do?) Of all the P&P retellings I’ve read, this one is without a doubt my most favorite! I mean, imagine Mr. Darcy as a neurosurgeon (SWOOON)! I can’t think of a more perfect modern occupation for Mr. Darcy.

Pride & Prejudice is my all-time favorite novel. It’s the first classic I’ve ever read – probably the first-ever English novel I’ve read.

So, you can only imagine the level of my expectations. VERY HIGH. SKYSCRAPER HIGH, TOWER OF BABEL HIGH – and believe me, I’ve already managed it a bit at that point.

Sittenfeld’s modern retelling of P&P is a DREAM and it makes me so happy! Sittenfeld was TOTALLY qualified to write it. Except for a few minor things, I very much approve of Eligible!!

Sittenfeld was able to revive Jane Austen’s characters and she adapted them to a contemporary setting seamlessly, and she truly gave justice to the original P&P characters! Their most significant qualities were retained, and she made them even more accessible to modern readers – the social dilemmas made even more understandable and relatable.

Elizabeth is just as gutsy and witty, as ever. Jane is ever the kind and lovable person. Mr. Darcy, ever the dreamy and handsomely aloof and intimidating guy! I had so much fun getting reintroduced to these characters – it’s the closest I could ever come to rereading P&P for the first time again – a dream come true for every reader and their favorite novel.

If you haven’t noticed yet, YES, this is a GUSHING REVIEW. So yes, I do believe you should read it, whether you’re an Austen fan or not – as long as you love contemporary romance reads.

AMAZON ASSOCIATE LINK: <a href="">Buy it on Amazon!</a>
The First Purge (2018)
The First Purge (2018)
2018 | Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
Purge the purge
#thefirstpurge starts off with so much promise but quickly descends into one big messy brainless #shootemup. When the credits started to roll at the end of this film I found myself feeling confused as to what I'd just watched. It was like I'd just sat through the new #diehard film not a horror movie & as I stood up to leave thats when I saw in big letters ''PRODUCED BY #MICHAELBAY'. For the first 20 minutes I was really digging this film, it was slow with very interesting set up & seemingly going in a really intelligent direction with its strong social commentary themes & its portrails of human behaviour. See you have the government glamourising & rewarding #violence to secretly encourage the poor to eliminate each other, killing not even being a choice for most people or people not taking the #purge seriously, hate groups using the purge as opportunity to commit racially motivated killings, people embracing religion or using it as a excuse to commit violence. Then theres the people who commit crime outside of the purge & get away with it on daily basis who are never punished making the over all question does the purge do more harm than good or vice'versa?. All these themes/subjects are so fascinating but other than at the start of the movie they are not explored or developed with any depth at all. Tone is a mixed bag here too, theres very very light horror elements mixed with humour thats just so out of place & the shoot out heavy third act just feels like they ran out of ideas or didnt know what direction to go. Theres also no real tension or scares here & the costumes/masks are sparse & unimaginative this time around too bringing no fear or haunting imagery to the film either. Acting is fine but no character has a clear drive or a fleshed out back story making them disposable. If your looking for a good horror film the first purge is to action packed, if your looking for action the film is to generic & if your looking for a good time its pacing & mixed tone is to all over place. Watch #electionyear instead its by far the best purge. #odeon #odeonlimitless #horror #scary #gore #fun #mask #jumpscare #halloween #silly #wednesdaywisdom #filmcritic #filmbuff
Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)
Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)
2019 | Action, Sci-Fi
Home Run
Spiderman Far From Home while more like add on dlc to the far superior Homecoming is packed with enough breathtaking moments & genuinely touching character moments to make is a top notch Spidey road trip. I cant deny Im a sucker for anything Spiderman related so please take my review as possibly slightly bias. At first Far from home had me extremely worried as some of the writing is borderline awful, some acting felt extremely off & its strange offbeat comedy is thrown at us so thick & fast I was eeeessshing more than I was laughing. However about half an hour in something changed & all the things I hated started to come together & I really felt my self becoming really involved with it all. I think what the movie had actually managed to do was not only remind me of the 90s animated show but almost recreate its feel in live action form too. Full of exposition & plot twists I saw coming a mile off Far from home still managed to keep me invested in its characters & raise the stakes/tension constantly as the film went on. What started off as a silly predictable romp actually ended up being a thrilling adrenaline rush filled with pulse pounding busy action scenes that utilised slow motion & unique camera tracking brilliantly as well as a finally thats heartfelt & extremely touching. Themes of new love & the rush it brings as well as its beautiful awkwardness are so relatable & believable & its darker themes of how the worlds gullibility/naivety/social media can be used against us as a weapon are scarily current also. Jake gyllenhaal is literally of the chain as mysterio & I would go as far as saying brings THE best acting I've ever seen in any marvel film so far. Seriously his performance is next level especially when you compare how his character behaves in the first half of the film against in the second half going from quiet, bland, weak & emotionless to unstable, intelligent, overconfident & tactical with some intense/harrowing use of his powers too. One of the most comic like comic book superhero films we've had so far its dorky, full of awesome action, twists/turns & a kickass villain so sit back & take it for what it is pure enjoyment.
Social Intercourse
Greg Howard | 2018 |
4.0 (1 Ratings)
Book Rating
<i>"Don’t worry so much about labels, just love who you love and never be ashamed of it."</i>

My synopsis: When the dad of proudly gay teen, Beckett, starts dating one of the lesbian moms of star football player, Jax, the two starts an alliance to break their parents apart. Their schemes spark an undeniable attraction between them.

Themes: LGBT, bullying, parenting, family, true friendships

 wish I had more to say about the book – but I just didn’t think it had memorable enough characters or events. I really wanted to enjoy this more – I’m just glad it’s short enough that I didn’t have to DNF it.

Social Intercourse alternates between Beckett’s and Jax’s POV, and between the two, Beckett seemed to be the more interesting one. Beckett is very sassy, and he knows and is passionate about what he wants. Jax, meanwhile, is attractive yet there is no depth of character – he is extremely indecisive, is confused, and frankly, just not that interesting besides his looks (which is maybe the point, because the whole point of his character is that people often neglect to see beyond his good looks).

One thing I particularly like, though, is the friendship/camarederie between the football players.

Anyway – I’m sure some of you will enjoy it, but I just didn’t feel that invested in the characters nor the plot. Another thing I should mention is The Golden Girls (I have never heard of it, before this book), which was referenced A LOT, so a fan would probably enjoy this book!