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Dumb and Dumber (1994)
Dumb and Dumber (1994)
1994 | Comedy
Iconic performances from Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels (0 more)
A legendary comedy that's so dumb, it's smart
When it comes to landmark comedies that stand the test of time, Dumb & Dumber is near the top of that list. It's "stupidity" is sheer brilliance. Jim Carrey is a comedy icon. Jeff Daniels, one of the best actors on the planet, delivers the funny like no other.
Arachnophobia (1990)
Arachnophobia (1990)
1990 | Comedy, Horror, Thriller
Spiders, so many spiders.
Contains spoilers, click to show
If your afarid of spiders dont watch this film. If you want to kill spiders that you should watch this film.

After a nature photographer dies on assignment in Venezuela, a poisonous spider hitches a ride in his coffin to his hometown in rural California, where arachnophobe Dr. Ross Jennings has just moved in with his wife, Molly, and young son. As town residents start turning up dead, Jennings begins to suspect spiders, and must face his fears as he and no-nonsense exterminator Delbert McClintock fight to stop a deadly infestation.

Both jeff daniels and john goodman are great in this film. This film is very underrated and i think more people should see it.
Dumb and Dumber (1994)
Dumb and Dumber (1994)
1994 | Comedy
Want hear the most annoying sound in the world.
Ok. This the Jim Carey we kind of grew up with. Crazy,zany,funny, no limits in this character for him. Jeff Daniels reaches in and pulls out his inner Carey in this wacky film about two idiots who take a cross country trip to return a briefcase to woman they both don't know. I don't believe I have laughed so hard in a theater in my life and I still crack up every time I watch it. I can't wait til one day my daughter is old enough to see it and understand the comedy. Danger lurks around each corner but, being the idiots they are they slip right around it.
The Catcher Was a Spy (2018)
The Catcher Was a Spy (2018)
2018 | Biography, Drama, War
Very interesting (and excellent) cast. Paul Rudd, Paul Giamatti, Jeff Daniels, and Guy Pierce all step outside their general wheel houses and bring together a wonderful performance about a true chain of events that unfolded during World War II.

As a Red Sox fan I had a general idea of the story surrounding Moe Berg, but I was enlightened about several different elements of the story by the movie and even more so I was driven to do additional research and found out even more information about this unheralded American Hero.

If you're looking for an action romp this isn't where you'll find it. This is a movie that will capture your imagination and you will almost forget that this is all based on a true story.
Dumb and Dumber (1994)
Dumb and Dumber (1994)
1994 | Comedy
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Buddy comedy done weird
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This is a laugh a minute comedy with arguably the best comedy actor of the time Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in his first real comedy role. They play Lloyd and Harry two lovable bumblers who travel across America to return a briefcase to an attractive socialite named Mary Swanson played by Lauren Holly. Mary is delivering the briefcase as part of a ransom but Lloyd sees her leave it and grabs it before the goons can pick it up. It's revealed that the kidnapper is a friend of Mary's family. Through their shenanigans Lloyd and Harry travel to many places on their way to Aspen to deliver the briefcase. I won't spoil any of them but rest assured you will laugh. The jokes are very fast paced and hit most of the time. My only real problem with the film is the main bad guy he's dull and not very interesting. The soundtrack is great. The song choices work with the film well. Overall I give it 4 stars out of 5 of you haven't seen it before then please check it out, if you have seen it see it again you know you want to.

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Arachnophobia (1990)
Arachnophobia (1990)
1990 | Comedy, Horror, Thriller
Entertaining and tense, whether you have the phobia or not
"Arachnophobia" tells a standard but effective narrative, wherein relatable everyman protagonist Ross Jennings, an arachnophobic doctor played by Jeff Daniels, moves with his family to a new town. The town happens to get overrun by dangerous spiders, and you get a typical monster movie formula where the townspeople don't believe such preposterous claims, and like in "Gremlins" and several other flicks, it works well in "Arachnophobia". The pacing, high stakes, and likable characters make it an entertaining movie. The visual effects, not meaning the many real spiders used in the film, are quite good, and the actors give quality performances. John Goodman is a little goofy in his role as an exterminator, but the film is a fun time, from possibly traumatizing scenes of arachnids invading houses and showers to the exciting, fire-filled climax.
Allegiant (2016)
Allegiant (2016)
2016 | Action, Romance, Sci-Fi
The third film in the popular “Divergent” series is here and will follow the pattern of recent book based films of splitting the finale into two films. In “The Divergent Series: Allegiant Part 1”, we catch up with Tris (Shailene Woodley), and Four (Theo James), shortly after the events of the previous film.

The wall has been opened and residents seek to leave the city and see what lies beyond. This is cut short when a power grab arises as Four’s mother is putting people on trial for supporting the last regime and executions or a common place as mob mentality has arisen.

Risking it all, Tris, Four, and a few companions make a daring brake and discover a wasteland beyond the wall before being taken in by a seemingly ideal community under the leadership of David (Jeff Daniels). It is learned that via sophisticated technology, they have watched Tris and the others as well as their society for ages as they were conducting a social experiment to undo evils of the previous world which lead to war.

Tris is highly prized as she is seen as genetically pure and David hopes to find out why and how so it can be replicated for the betterment of humanity. Naturally things are not always as they appear and before long, Tris, Four, and the others are forced to pick sides especially with a civil war brewing back at home.

The movie has some decent visuals but relies on the characters to carry the film. In many ways this is the downfall of the film as Woodley simply does not emote and James is very one-dimensional. Only Miles Teller and Jeff Daniels show any real or sustained emotion throughout the film.

There is also the matter of plot holes such as a society which amazing surveillance technology but they could not see a fairly obvious and common effort used during the finale of the film.

The movie is setting up the finale which hopefully will bring some advancement and satisfying closure to the series and characters. For now the film is a flawed but at times entertaining entry which should keep fans happy until the final film arrives.
Dumb and Dumber To (2014)
Dumb and Dumber To (2014)
2014 | Comedy
5.3 (9 Ratings)
Movie Rating
It is hard to believe that it is been 20 years since Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels brought the moronic Harry and Lloyd to the big screen. The comedic adventures of the well-meaning but idiotic best friends became a box office smash and has maintained a loyal worker fans despite the highly disappointing prequel that was made in an attempt to extend series. With the Farrelly brothers back in place to write and direct the long-awaited follow-up it should come as no surprise as to what viewers are in store for with “Dumb and Dumber To”.

Lloyd (Jim Carrey) has been an institution for the past two decades while Harry (Jeff Daniels), visits him lawyerly once a week. When the reason behind Lloyd’s institutionalization becomes clear Harry informs his old friend that is in desperate need of a kidney transplant. With his options limited, Harry visits his family whom he has not seen in quite some time and goes through some mail that had been delivered over the years.

Harry learns that an old acquaintance was pregnant and in an effort to see if the child he never knew he had could be a donor, the bumbling duo sets out to find child Harry never knew he had. This is easier said than done as the mother (Kathleen Turner), give the child up for adoption and her only effort to communicate resulted in a letter being returned to her with a note asking her not to write again.

Undaunted Harry and Lloyd set out from their Rhode Island home and venture down to Maryland before learning that the object of their quest is already left for New Mexico to attend a very important conference. The duo decided to head on to New Mexico with a third person in tow not knowing that he secretly is aiming to do away with them in a con limited inheritance scheme.

As anyone who’s seen the previous film will remember, traveling with Harry and Lloyd can be extremely dangerous to one’s physical and mental sanity and the ensuing years have done nothing to change this. In short time duo arrives at their goal but finds their natural tendencies to get in and cause trouble has followed them resulting in a series of chaotic misadventures.

While many of the jokes and situations were recycled from previous films including Lloyd’s daydreaming about a perfect date and various car pranks, one thing that is undeniable is the great chemistry and timing between the two leads. The material certainly strains its PG-13 rating in terms of suggestiveness but even though some of the jokes do not quite succeed and the plot is at best paper thin, it was sure good to see these two back in action.

The film is at best a guilty pleasure because it will be easy to say it was kind of dumb and meandering at points and that the two characters were not given much to do other than an act that was funny 20 years earlier but may seem a bit strange to date considering both Daniels and Carrey have shown they are capable of doing so much more.

For me I looked at it is a bit of a nostalgic guilty pleasure that despite the shortcomings and faults offered some enjoyable although mostly forgettable distractions in between some good laughs. For those willing to take more the same and can temper their expectations accordingly you will likely find this trip one worth taking if nothing else than for the nostalgia.

I for one am hoping that we haven’t seen the last these two in action but I certainly would like to see them come back with a better script and certainly do not want have to wait 20 years for this to happen.
Steve Jobs (2015)
Steve Jobs (2015)
2015 | Drama
Steve Jobs is written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle, stars Micheal Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, Jeff Daniels, and Michael Stuhlbarg.

Now that those formalities are out of the way I will just come out and say it. Steve Jobs is the best dramatic bio-pic I have seen. In fact, it is the best movie I have seen this year. Acted fantastically to the point of realism, the film takes the typical three act story arc and shows us the life of Steve Jobs at three periods of his life right before a product launch where we see Jobs as both innovator and villain alike. Each period consist of the 30-45 minutes of visually stimulating and aggressive cinematography leading up to each product launch and how the major people in Job’s life come in and out of those moments. These moments reveal that seemingly simple interactions with Jobs lead to a constant chess match of words and minds to maintain the reality distortion field of a seemingly great man but seemingly not a very good person. Clearly the film takes some Hollywood liberties, but with the screenplay based off the authorized biography of the same name by Walter Isaacson, the film Steve Jobs is probably the most realistic portrayal we may see of the man himself.

That portrayal is delivered splendidly by Michael Fassbender. Fassbender’s performance though each phase of the film is scary. That is to say he plays the egotistical narcissist to perfection. We get real moments of a cold and calculating manipulative intelligent person with quiet moments of compassion here or there. During arguments, Fassbender knows how to delivers bombs out of moments where you would not expect them and at points those arguments feel like high speed action scenes in an otherwise action less film. It is quite remarkable to witness.

Seth Rogen (uncredited) delivers the best dramatic performance of his career as Steve Wozniak. Michael Stuhlbarg likewise delivers a solid performance that stands in this film. While Jeff Daniels, coming off a great performance in the recently successful film The Martian, delivers an outstanding nuanced performance here across from Fassbender. When the two of them are on screen together it is as if they are speaking high prose to each other, albeit at times screaming. I would not be surprised if Daniels is nomination on his work for this film.

Finally we come to Kate Winslet who plays marketing executive Joanna Hoffman. To me she delivered the most fantastic performance in this film. Perhaps because she was the likable better half to Fassbender but more importantly we see this woman who is the only one to stand up to and in a sense understand Steve Jobs’s reality distortion field and work in and out of it as she desperately tries to hold everything together. We she her grow as someone who clearly loves and admires this man however recognizes his faults and is willing to call him out on them. Winslet reminds us yet again why she is one of the best actress in Hollywood and I predict she will be taking home a little gold statue to go with her performance in this film.

If you are still on the fence about watching this film, let me push you off it. Watch it. That may not mean in theaters, which is perhaps my only small complaint about this film. This is the type of film that would be great if it was released same day on digital distribution so you could watch it a few times from home over a few days while you think about it. But at some point you owe it to yourself to be amazed by the fantastic performances and cinematography of this film. While it may not be something you have to see on the big screen, it is absolutely worth the full price of admission. Do not miss it.
Allegiant (2016)
Allegiant (2016)
2016 | Action, Romance, Sci-Fi
Story: Divergent: Allegiant starts with Evelyn (Watts) closing the walls, has something to do with the last one. Tris (Woodley) and Four (James) are on the outskirts and Four is going to try and change the mind of Evelyn. When Evelyn starts acting the same as the former leader Tris and Four along with the other friends Caleb (Elgort), Christina (Kravitz) and Peter (Teller) plan their escape.

Over the wall they only find destruction before being rescued by David’s (Daniels) people the Bureau of Genetic Welfare who created the world they started in. This time Tris gets the chance to save the world not just a city, but can she trust everyone around her this time?

Divergent: Allegiant is the third instalment of the franchise with at least one more to go, great. This time we meet yet another group of people who want control of the city that Tris ends up having stop. The plan seems very familiar oh yeah it is the basic plot of Batman Begins, wanting to spread gas in a city to kill/infect everyone. I am getting tired of these because what happens is they hire a well-respected actor only to make them the BAD GUY yet again. Simply put this is nothing new.


Actor Review


Shailene Woodley: Tris having opened the box to the outside world last time escapes the city only to learn that the city is part of an experiment to find genetic perfection which is why they search for the Divergent in the first place. Tris is the most powerful Divergent, purest if you like that must represent the success of the experiment. Shailene is working her way through the contract where we know she can do better.tris

Theo James: Four for is the boyfriend, fellow Divergent and son of the new dictator of Chicago. When he escapes he finds himself being separated from Tris for not being pure finding it hard to adjust to the change. Theo improves from last time out but let’s face it his body got him this role.

Naomi Watts: Evelyn is the new dictator in Chicago that has continued in the ways the ruler before had, she is ready to fight anyone who goes against her. Naomi is wasted in this role where you would expect to see a lot more from her.

Jeff Daniels: David the running the Bureau of Genetic Welfare who have been watching Chicago for years, he sees Tris as the first case of purification to come out of the city proving their experiment has been working at last. Jeff is the star of the show without being too impressive.david

Support Cast: Divergent: Allegiant has a big supporting cast with some returning and a few more added but it is hard to keep up with who is work with who.

Director Review: Robert Schwentke – Robert gives us some very good shots but the story is very bland.


Action: Divergent: Allegiant has very basic action sequence you would expect to see now in the young adult genre.

Adventure: Divergent: Allegiant continues an adventure I guess.

Mystery: Divergent: Allegiant add mystery to where everything is going but really is milking it now.

Sci-Fi: Divergent: Allegiant brings us into a sci-fi of the future but too bright for the bleakness.

Thriller: Divergent: Allegiant doesn’t really keep us on the edge like it should have done.

Settings: Divergent: Allegiant continues to expand the world in this universe without really giving us enough.
Special Effects: Divergent: Allegiant has some good effects without being anything breath taking.

Suggestion: Divergent: Allegiant does improve on Insurgent but still going the wrong way, skip. (Skip)


Best Part: Peter is so funny.

Worst Part: More of the same.


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: Yes

Post Credits Scene: No

Similar Too: Hunger Games Mockingjays.


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 2 Hours 1 Minute

Tagline: Break the boundaries of your world


Overall: Yet another bland sequel to a franchise which has gone on too long.