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Power Rangers (2017)
Power Rangers (2017)
2017 | Action, Sci-Fi
Casting was great (1 more)
Cameo at the end
Slow to suit up (3 more)
More effort put into action sequences than on the storyline
Character introductions felt a little forced
As the movie progressed, it felt more generic
Promising origin movie
A nice modern take on the cheesy 90s series that fleshes out its characters with unique traits and different stories. May resemble The Breakfast Club more in that sense, but doesn't abandon the source material with the action and lore. Saban's Power Rangers offers enough action and fun to compensate for its semi-cheesy concept. The character buildup does its job for most of the characters, and the first couple of acts of this picture takes its time morphing into shape. The finale is where all the fun happens; however it speeds up too quickly for its own good. Some characters like Elizabeth Banks' suffered from from a sufficient lack of character development.