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The Haunting (1999)
The Haunting (1999)
1999 | Horror, Mystery
5.8 (16 Ratings)
Movie Rating
A pretty good remake of the earlier film. The location and effects make this film. A bunch of people with sleeping disorders stay at a remote English estate to be monitored......or are they there for another reason?
Mindhunters (2005)
Mindhunters (2005)
2005 | Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Great cast (2 more)
Remote location
A mix of Thriller, Whodunit & Horror
Great cat & mouse Thriller
I really enjoyed this despite the fact it seemed to go straight to DVD. It has a well known cast including LL Cool J, Val Kilmer and Christian Slater. It has good production values as well.
A team of Fbi profilers are at a remote location under going a training selection when they start getting bumped off one by one. It has ideas from And then there were none and even some death traps like the Saw films. Well worth checking out if any of that appeals. Similar to @D-Tox (Eye See You) (2002) as well.
D-Tox (Eye See You) (2002)
D-Tox (Eye See You) (2002)
2002 | Action, Mystery, Thriller
6.0 (8 Ratings)
Movie Rating
Amazing setting (2 more)
Good cast
A mix of Slasher /thriller
Cracking serial killer thriller
Don't trust the critic reviews! This is a very enjoyable thriller, set in an amazing remote location. It has a strong cast and mixes up the thriller / Slasher genre slightly. If you have not seen it yet check it out.

Dean (6901 KP) Jul 23, 2017

Just seen this has the same director as @I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) which explains the Slasher feel.


Dean (6901 KP) rated Harper's Island - Season 1 in TV

Aug 14, 2020 (Updated Aug 14, 2020)  
Harper's Island  - Season 1
Harper's Island - Season 1
2009 | Drama, Horror, Mystery
Good cast (2 more)
Great remote location
Good gore effects
A good slasher series
I finally got round to checking out this series from 2009, currently available on BBC iplayer. Not sure why it's taken so long to be available again?
It's a good horror/thriller series that mixes the kills of a slasher film with the mystery of a good whodunit? Quite similar to the Slasher series and other related items.
A wedding party retreat to a small island for a week of events leading up to the big day. The island was the location of a serial killer and some murders 7 years before. With some people returning to the island for the first time since it's not long before guests start to meet a grisly end.
It's good fun if you like slasher films or a murder mystery with a decent cast. The overall reason for the killings was a little weak at the end. However the location really adds to the feel of the series. Only 13 episodes around 38 minutes long, you'll whizz through it in no time.

Dean (6901 KP) rated Black Lake in TV

Dec 29, 2018 (Updated Dec 29, 2018)  
Black Lake
Black Lake
2016 | Horror, Thriller
6.3 (10 Ratings)
TV Show Rating
Great location (0 more)
Decent Scandi Thriller
I saw this got recommended when it was shown on TV in 2016. It's a good thriller with a supernatural element to it. Similar in style to the likes of @And Then There Were None - Season 1 as a group of friends at a remote closed ski lodge slowly reduce in number. It was a bit slow to begin with but it picked up. The only real problem it still seemed to leave a few questions unanswered. If you like Scandinavian thrillers set in pretty locations you should enjoy this. A second series, a prequel, starts soon.
Black Water: Abyss (2020)
Black Water: Abyss (2020)
2020 | Action, Drama, Horror
5.0 (5 Ratings)
Movie Rating
Borrows ideas from tons of other films (0 more)
Lacking bite
Well the first film done in 2007 was an OK creature feature about a group stuck in a remote location with a giant Croc for company. Only difference this time is its set under ground in a Cave system with rising water.
Not enough Croc action and just appears to be a normal size one. You might be confused thinking you are watching The Descent at times or other similar films. It plays out pretty much as you expect. Check out @Rogue (2008) instead.
North by Northwest (1959)
North by Northwest (1959)
1959 | Classics, Mystery

"North by Northwest was a big influence for The Bourne Identity. I’m really drawn to adventure, and characters being plucked from normal life and sent on extraordinary adventures. When Tom and I had the opportunity to go deep into the rain forest to shoot scenes in a really remote location [for American Made], I was promised 360-degree vistas with nothing manmade in sight for a hundred miles. Well, Tom and I are both going to jump at the chance to go on that kind of adventure. So I’m interested in stories where characters are sent out and get to have an adventure, the kind of adventure I dream of having."

Nine Perfect Strangers
Nine Perfect Strangers
2021 | Drama
8.5 (2 Ratings)
TV Show Rating
Cast line up (0 more)
Nicole's Russian accent (0 more)
Good ensemble cast drama
A weird drama currently on Amazon Prime with a big cast line up. Including Nicole Kidman, Luke Evans, Melissa McCarthy and Samara Weaving to name a few. They all go to a wellness centre in a remote location to deal with their various issues. Is everything as it seems as Marsham (Kidman) who leads the retreat hand picked this group for other reasons. Her unconventional methods start to panic the group.
A decent drama with so many good actors on show. I did feel there would be a bizarre twist out of left field totally unexpected. However it never quite goes that extreme.
OK for a short series to distract you for a while.
The menu (2022)
The menu (2022)
2022 | Horror
7.0 (3 Ratings)
Movie Rating
Original (1 more)
Anya Taylor-Joy
Misleading Trailer (0 more)
A la Carte
A slightly odd quirky film that won't be to everyone's taste. From the trailer this looked something along the lines of @The Hunt (2020) or @Ready or Not (2019) where things turn left field quickly and a group has to try and survive. It's not quite like that.
A very upmarket restaurant in a remote location with a limited guest list turns out not quite to be the dining experience the guests expected. However a last minute addition to the guest list could turn things sour.
If you enjoy slightly odd films and can ignore a few plot developments which aren't very believable you could enjoy this offering.
A Perfect Getaway (2009)
A Perfect Getaway (2009)
2009 | Mystery, Thriller
If “Survivorman” hadn’t given me enough reason to never spend time on a remote beach, “A Perfect Getaway” has sealed my resolve. Cliff (Steve Zahn) and Cidney (Milla Jovovich) are newlyweds honeymooning on a remote Hawaiian Island when rumors of a murderous couple begin to circulate. Cliff and Cidney soon find themselves in a triangle of couples, any of which could be the killers.

The film is more akin to a blending of “The Rundown” and “Idle Hands”, than the non-stop creep fest I had expected. Avoiding the exhausted remote Hawaiian island murder movie clichés, “A Perfect Getaway” contains a funny attention-grabbing game of who-done it complete with movie terms worked directly into the plot.

This is a film all about well-crafted characters. All the leads are fun to watch and everyone is bound to have a favorite; from the self proclaimed ‘American Jedi’ Nick (Timothy Olyphant) to the bubbly newlywed Cindy. For me it was the standout performance of Kiele Sanchez as Gina that was the most dramatic and suspenseful.

While I was hesitant to see a film about another a remote island in Hawaii covered in killers, “A Perfect Getaway” blasts past my sense of been there-done-that. The general feel of a mystery novel scattered through the lead characters creates a funny film reminiscent of my R. L. Stine years.

The location is beautiful and haunting, as is to be expected, and the camera is used in a way that truly puts viewers in the film’s action. While “A Perfect Getaway” does drag a little in the beginning staying into the real meat of the film is worth the wait. Additionally viewers will wonder why the film’s characters continue to spend time on an island reported to house a set of murders, but if you can discard these obvious mistakes “A Perfect Getaway” is a refreshing trip.