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Entertainment Editor (1988 KP) created a video about Jerry Before Seinfeld in TV

Nov 8, 2017  

Jerry Before Seinfeld | Official Trailer | Netflix

Jerry Seinfeld takes you back to before you called him a king, or a legend, or the-guy-from-that-thing.


Toni Lynn Donald (1982 KP) rated Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee in TV

Mar 23, 2020 (Updated Mar 23, 2020)  
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
2012 | Comedy, Talk Show
7.0 (6 Ratings)
TV Show Rating
It's just what it says it is. Jerry Seinfeld picking up comedians ( mostly old or washed up)and taking them for coffee, talking about the old days. Some episodes were ok, most I found to be boring. Although I'm not a fan of Jerry Seinfeld. I like Seinfeld tv show but find him annoying.

Rebecca Billcliff (2164 KP) Mar 24, 2020

Of course this season it's just called "comedians at home, doing nothing".


Toni Lynn Donald (1982 KP) Mar 24, 2020

Lol 😅


Eri (1 KP) rated Seinfeld in Books

Dec 11, 2017  
Nicholas Mirzoeff | 2007 | Film & TV
10.0 (1 Ratings)
Book Rating
Seinfeld is a sitcom from the 1990's about 4 friends living life in New York city one of them is stand up comedian Jerry Seinfeld who is the core of the group and his life around him and his friends top notch acting and comedy executive produced by Larry David of curb your enthusiasm

Phil Maxwell (25 KP) rated Seinfeld - Season 1 in TV

Apr 9, 2020 (Updated Apr 9, 2020)  
Seinfeld  - Season 1
Seinfeld - Season 1
1989 | Comedy
Likeable main characters, but not given enough time to shine (0 more)
Painfully short (2 more)
Hadn't really found it's way in the beginning
Seemed like a Pilot in 5 parts
Slow To Start
So... I have recently started binging Seinfeld from the beginning, after not having watched it for years.
I probably should've started from Season 2, though really, as, had I been watching it on television when it first aired, I'd have probably not paid Seinfeld too much mind.
Aside from being painfully short (with a run of only 5 episodes), I find in retrospect that the storylines were incredibly banal and didn't really serve to make any of the characters have any lasting affect on the viewer.
Jerry, his ex Elaine, his friend George and Cosmo Kramer, the quirky presumptuous neighbour, all had an opportunity to make an impression in Season 1, yet none of them really hit the nail on the head.
It seemed, to me at least, like all 5 episodes were basically a Pilot broken up into pieces, and it really showed. I am thankful I stayed with it, though, as when the show progressed past that everyone seemed to find their niche that little bit more, and the storylines became more rich with it.
Top Five (2014)
Top Five (2014)
2014 | Comedy
Funnier than hell - but evenly painful. As far as straight up vanity projects go, this is one of the better ones - the only thing keeping it from a full five is that it isn't truly long enough to always delve into the surfeit of topics/arcs it adds into the mix. But when there's one hell of a cast like this one, it's incredibly easy to forgive. Chris Rock is one of the funniest people who has ever lived but JB Smoove, Anders Holm (we miss ya, bro), Jerry Seinfeld, and DMX practically steal his own movie away from him. I confess this is vaguely problematic in that it's another movie about a rich asshole who everyone is supposed to suck up to, but it's formulated in such a way that breaks from that usual pungent norm - for the most part. Plus that cinematography is *aces*. The best Woody Allen movie in over a decade and that mf had nothing to do with it. Petition for Chris Rock to write + direct again, anyone?
Seinfeld  - Season 1
Seinfeld - Season 1
1989 | Comedy
I always assumed I wouldn’t like Seinfeld in the 90s. In fact I was opposed to the very idea of it on principle. And that principle was: I’ve never heard of this guy as a comedian, and American stand-up usually isn’t funny. I never saw a single episode until six months ago – in my head it was some dumb, canned laughter show with very forced scripts and little charm. I just didn’t get why it was always quoted amongst the best sitcoms of all time, and I wasn’t willing to find out. This is called “being ignorant”. Guilty.

One random day with nothing else inspiring me I finally took the plunge and put an episode on. Guess what happened? I laughed, I found it completely charming and witty and easy to watch, with some great lines and likeable characters. 3 hours later I had done 6 episodes and was as hooked as anyone can be with anything. It was just so nostalgically and completely 90s! And I loved that!

A show doesn’t run for 9 years and over 170 episodes without being some kind of special, especially taking into account the depreciation due to being dated, as all sitcoms eventually are, and it really is quite remarkable – deserving of a place in the conversation of the greatest ever American half hour shows. Sure, there is an element early on in the preoccupation with everyone’s sex life and dating habits that is a little creepy in 2020, but I am totally willing to forgive it.

Shows that are hyper aware of themselves and the audience are odd creatures the minute they take themselves too seriously, and Seinfeld never does that. It knows it is trivial, essentially about nothing and going nowhere, and style-wise it is always winking at us for being in on the joke and a part of it, even to the point of applauding new characters on their entrance, which is a uniquely American thing to do.

The secret of the show is undoubtedly the chemistry of the four leads, so mismatched that it someone works a spell and creates magic, much in the same way Friends managed to do, times six. Jerry Seinfeld himself is a very likeable everyman, and the schtick of each show beginning and ending with 30 seconds of stand up is a gimmick that grows on you, as does everything about it: the more you watch, the more you love it for what it is.

Jason Alexander as the balding, quirky, self-conscious, opinionated best friend is perhaps my least favourite of the regular quartet, but he has some amazing moments over the course of things, and plays great dead-pan. But the other two are on a plane of equal genius. The verbal timing of the super cute, super smart Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine (who I have fallen in love with a little bit in 1993) and the physical slapstick timing of Michael Richards as Cosmo Kramer (surely one of the most memorable characters in sitcom history) have both left me aching with laughter time after time after time. Just a glance or an expression is often enough.

And the great thing is, it never seems to get old. They are always finding new ways and new situations that keep it fresh. Some trick! Even in the final season of the 9, when there is a small melancholia creeping in because they all know it is coming to an end, it still manages to create moments that aren’t just repeats of previous gags. Which means, as future background watching it is 100% perfect. Leave it on whilst doing something else, look up once in a while, and like the best of all long running US comedy shows each episode is indistinguishable from any other in the best way – it is like having a friend in the room.

I can’t imagine ever saying it is amongst my very favourites, maybe because I missed out on it first time around – which I put down to an inherent middle aged appeal, rather than a youth appeal – but I wouldn’t also ever argue with anyone that did say that it was one of their favourites. Because I get it now. And I’m so glad I got to do it, no matter how late to the party!