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    Nerdy Birdy (6 KP)

    Book Worm, Movie Goer, Overall Nerd

    I am a mom of 3: 2 girls and 1 boy. I love movies, reading, traveling, photography, dancing, and...

    Last Active: Jul 9, 2020

    NerdGeek (153 KP)

    Nerdy about All

    I'm a self-proclaimed nerd about everything. I love Movies, video games and books. I love learning...

    Last Active: Jan 5, 2019

    The nerdy birdie (67 KP)

    Nerdy Birdie

    Hey there! I just joined Smashbomb in June 2018 & My name is Michelle ! I'm a true book ADDICT!!! I...

    Last Active: Nov 16, 2018

    Nerd Words Chris (0 KP)

    Self proclaimed king of the nerds.

    I run a Facebook page called Nerd Word. I owned a comic book store right after high school and...