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Hey there! I just joined Smashbomb in June 2018 & My name is Michelle ! I'm a true book ADDICT!!! I read about 10-12 books a month & this year the goal that I set for myself is to reach 100 books read. I hit 87 last year---so close! I'm currently sitting at 79, so Iā€™m Actually 5 Books ahead of schedule šŸ¤“
I am not working currently due to an array of health issues as well as I have been taking care of my Dad who has cancer--- needless to say I have a LOT of time on my hands to read & review! Before I got sick I wrote Press Releases for a casino and entertainment magazines, and was a media coordinator/advertising assistant, followed by a writer for a local newspaper where I reviewed books, movies, restaurants & more.
I not only review on goodreads, Netgalley and amazon but I have two albums located on my personal Facebook (1300 friends) in which I upload books that I recommend versus books that I did not enjoy. I am a pretty high- rater and my ratio of good to bad books is probably 1 bad to every 25-40 books! Friends are always, always, always asking me to give them book suggestions based on their taste. I love doing that! I also frequent booktube channels and make recs there ā¤ļø

I enjoy reading books of all kind but thrillers & dystopians are definitely my jam!

I plan on creating my own booktube channel within 3-6 months including book hauls, book recommendations and monthly wrap ups of what I read.

I hope that you'll consider sending me some books, cds, dvds, products,to review! I'd be truly honored that you value my opinion enough to rate them! My goodreads avg rating is 4.03 with 380 books rated.

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