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    Chris Ryu (0 KP)

    Robot builder, coder, engineer, teacher

    Just opened my own education centre where I teach kids how to build robots, enjoy science and how to...


    Everett Morris (1 KP)

    Podcaster and part-time historian

    History, automotive industry and the Great Lakes are my favorite areas of study. Father, husband and...

    Last Active: Feb 15, 2019

    Mathew Mauß (0 KP)


    I spend a lot of time watching movies and reading since becoming disabled.

    Last Active: Mar 23, 2018

    Kira Karneth (1 KP)

    Geeky book work of space and time

    I am one with the fandoms and the fandoms are with me

    Last Active: Jan 23, 2018

    Mary Anne Lewis (1 KP)

    Bookworm and Space traveller (in my head)

    Aspiring author of women's fiction. Love reading everything from children's books to literary...

    Last Active: Oct 26, 2018