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Flight of the Navigator (1986)
Flight of the Navigator (1986)
1986 | Action, Family, Sci-Fi
7.9 (22 Ratings)
Movie Rating
Good Sfx for the time, especially for the spaceship (3 more)
Good sound track
Feel good fun for the whole family
A blast from the past
One of my childhood faves. Funny scenes and one liners as well as a cool songs. The liquid metal spaceship effects were ahead of their time.

Dean (6918 KP) rated Alien (1979) in Movies

Aug 5, 2017 (Updated Feb 17, 2018)  
Alien (1979)
Alien (1979)
1979 | Horror, Sci-Fi
H.R. Giger's designs (3 more)
Great Sfx that stand out even today
The building tension
Some genuine make you jump moments
A cult classic
A great film on so many levels. I love the Alien designs and look of the found spaceship by H.R. Giger. The film is genuinely scary with some iconic scenes. It slowly becomes a game of Alien and mouse aboard a spaceship, providing a claustrophobic setting. If you haven't seen this where have you been?

Dean (6918 KP) rated The Midnight Sky (2020) in Movies

Dec 26, 2020 (Updated Dec 29, 2020)  
The Midnight Sky (2020)
The Midnight Sky (2020)
2020 | Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
6.6 (12 Ratings)
Movie Rating
Spaceship set (0 more)
Feels like it's 30 minutes longer than it is (1 more)
Rather dull and uneventful
Very slow burner
Thought I'd give this a go as it's just popped up on Netflix. Directed by and starring George Clooney as a lone scientist trying to contact a spaceship returning to Earth after a global disaster. The event on Earth is very vague with no real explanation. The film switches between the spaceship and earth segments for quite long periods. There just isn't enough story or action for the film. A couple of small action scenes and that's it. Which makes the film feel very long. The sets are nice and the space scenes look good. Overall it's a bit slow and predictable.
Alien: Covenant (2017)
Alien: Covenant (2017)
2017 | Horror, Sci-Fi
people running breathlessly through claustrophobic spaceship corridors moving in and exhibiting facial expressions suggestive of sexual ecstasy...
Critic- Dirty Movies
Original score- 3.5 out of 5

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Passengers (2016)
Passengers (2016)
2016 | Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Jennifer Lawrence (1 more)
Good Sfx
Enjoy the ride
A good film with 2 of the most popular stars of Hollywood at present. Despite the limited cast this is an interesting film. A little predictable but intense nevertheless. Good Sfx for the spaceship and ideas for future technology but it won't leave a lasting impression.

Bird (1697 KP) rated Arrival (2016) in Movies

Aug 26, 2017  
Arrival (2016)
Arrival (2016)
2016 | Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Amy Adams performs well on the whole - very well cast (2 more)
Some intelligent plot moves and on the whole the premise feels relatively original
Keeps you watching.
Feels a little too moralistic and utopian-wannabe in parts. (2 more)
Some plot holes, especially around the romance angle
Probably need a new spaceship designer!
Interesting premise, but cheesy in places
Brightburn (2019)
Brightburn (2019)
2019 | Horror
Sci-fi horror film that can best be described by 3 words: 'Evil teenage Superman'.

Another 3?

Not that great.

Exact same setup and setting as the Superman story, in that a childless Kansas couple adopt a baby who falls to earth inside a spaceship. Said baby then grows up and develops super powers: flight, laser eyes, invulnerability etc etc...
The Martian (2015)
The Martian (2015)
2015 | Sci-Fi
Matt Damon is great (2 more)
Quite a heartwarming film that will have you routing for him
Good Sfx for the spaceship
A quality film
I did worry that this film about being stranded and left behind on Mars would be slow and boring. I need not have worried. It has some nice light hearted moments and is quite funny at times. Matt Damon gives an awesome performance that will have you willing him on.

Sarah (7795 KP) rated Alien (1979) in Movies

Aug 5, 2017  
Alien (1979)
Alien (1979)
1979 | Horror, Sci-Fi
Terrifyingly Good
This film is a classic. An excellent example of a sci-fi horror and probably Ridley Scott's best film. The Xenomorph is one of the scariest creatures in film today, everything about it is terrifying and paired with the tense confines of a spaceship, is the stuff of nightmares. There are some fantastic visual effects for the time, great cast performances and who doesn't love Jonesy the cat? One of my all time favourites.

Rachel Howser Roberts (96 KP) rated Compete in Books

Jun 22, 2018 (Updated Jun 22, 2018)  
Vera Nazarian | 2015 | Science Fiction/Fantasy, Young Adult (YA)
7.0 (2 Ratings)
Book Rating
Sequal as good as the original
Nazarian’s sequal to Qualify is a fascinating look at a journey through space for the teenagers who qualified to escape Earth and travel to Atlantis. The novel provides more character development for the mysterious prince of Atlantis. The writings ebbs and flows with the excitement of special events and the monotony of space, which is appropriate for the setting. The world of the spaceship the characters are in is well fleshed out and unique.