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ErDoodles geys Smashbombed by making his Smashbomb debut March 14,2018 & I'm here to help promote & grow my YouTube channel,"The ErDoodles Show" & get a bigger audience.The ErDoodles Show is a wrestling talkshow/vodcast where I talk about wrestling news & I will also be talking about movies,shows,& more in the future.Read my about info from YouTube below.

The ErDoodles show™ has just arrived recently to the public on Youtube with the first video on March 9,2017. It took alittle while to edit the first video & bring it to the public.

ErDoodles™ talkshow(or podcast),its bascially like "The Don Tony & Kevin Castle show" but its more family friendly & it won't have anything stupid or fowl.(No disrespect to DT & KC but I ain't insulting y'all but I am talking about the language & stuff).In it I will be doing wrestling reviews(maybe not full shows but more like matches),talking about wrestlers in general on maybe developing they're character,whats been going on with a certain wrestler(not gossip but more like what a great year they had or how much they have improved,who should have a run as the world champion or maybe any championship),& other wrestling topics,& I will also be doing movie reviews too,& maybe shows,& maybe other stuff too.Check out my Facebook page by searching The ErDoodles show or @ErDoodles.(I created it on 3/29/17.)

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