Self confessed bookworm
Godalming, United Kingdom
10. January

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I have been an avid reader ever since I was able to pick up a book and discern a few written words among the pages.

I am a 40 something (for the time being at least) Mother of 2 living with my Partner who hails from Portugal. I work in the finance sector as an Executive Assistant

After a long period of time where I was barely able to finish a book from one month (maybe we should make that plural) to the next, due to having a family and working I have rediscovered my passion for books.

So now with the children fully grown, albeit one still refuses to fly from the nest, I cant get enough of snuggling down and losing myself between the pages.

Although I will pretty much read anything that passes through my hands my main focus is Fantasy, YA Fantasy, all things Paranormal, Thrillers and Mysteries.
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