Poet, Book reviewer and chocolate connoisseur.
Jerusalem, Israel
26. June

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I have been writing on-line content (reviews and articles of all kinds) since about 1998. In 2013, I began specializing in writing book reviews. Since starting this blog, I receive ARCs from NetGalley, Edelweiss, and most recently from BookBrowse (where my reviews there are exclusive to that site, and available only to site members, unless they are featured reviews. Fear not, I write new reviews for all those books here as well). Aside from this blog, and the reviews on BookBrowse, I also sometimes post my reviews on my Times of Israel Blog (an English on-line newspaper originating in Israel).

Aside from my love of books and my passion for chocolate (I’m a gourmet, not an addict), I like to bake, make my own ice cream, and watch far too much television. I recently retired from my “day job” as a Resource Development writer for the non-profit sector.

I’m originally from Evanston, Illinois and moved to Israel at the tender age of 21. I started out living on a Kibbutz in the south, moved to a (then small) development town in the north, and I now live in Jerusalem. I am very happily married and have three wonderful children.

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