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I love a good story, in all artforms. I have been a professional photographer for nearly 20 years and I had to learn to tell a story with a click of a button and capture the layers of emotion in a single image. Little did I know it was boot camp for writing.

Being an author was a childhood dream and as I got older it seemed to be a dream that grew further out of reach with each passing year. But with encouragement from a lot of friends, new and old, my husband being my biggest cheerleader, The Evolutionaries series has begun with Power Divided.

To keep me company during my writing bubbles are my husband and our fur babies. They love whatever I write, even if they can't read it but they don't always love the music I write to. We all have to make sacrifices! And I am still pinching myself ever since I found out, that,
recently I became a Featured Author. Power Divided will be in the Feb 15th Issue of Kirkus Magazine.

"This first volume in the Evolutionaries series skillfully balances intriguing worldbuilding, whose details are slowly revealed, with well-paced action sequences. It also ably handles Violet’s character development along the way, while also offering a diverse, lovable
supporting cast whose members become the protagonist’s close friends and allies. The novel effectively addresses themes of cooperation and isolationism, as well as autonomy, consent, and moving on with one’s life after learning of
long-held secrets." excerpt from Kirkus Review about Power Divided.

Kathy from Wandering Worlds Blog said,

"This book was so much FUN. Full of adventure, friendship, action, and the start of a sweet relationship – it was everything I wanted in a YA fantasy. What really sets it apart, however, was the imaginative world-building and rich history. Such a breath of fresh air. I’m honestly surprised more people aren’t talking about it."
See the full review- visit her blog!

To keep up with everything we are cooking up for this series, from reading events to audiobooks check back on our blow on my website

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