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    Wufnstein (3 KP)

    gaming nerd and horror buff

    Former middle weight boxer for nine years. Was a lead singer of a rock band for a rock band for...


    Annie Chanse (15 KP)

    Nerd Goddess of Nerdvana

    Books, Movies, Television Shows, Video Games, Music... I love it all. I know it all. Come talk to...


    Misty Rayne (0 KP)

    Book reading spy mom.

    Mom of three. Psychology major. Just trying to experience as much as I can before I go.


    Cory Lee (0 KP)

    Comic book nerd

    I am a huge comic nerd who loves sci-go and pop culture


    Reformed Ripper (1 KP)

    Star Wars/Trek and Theology Nerd

    I like reading, TV, comic books, video games, and spending time with my family.