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    Shortround (4 KP)

    Movie Buff, Film Geek, TV Nerd

    I am a complete Film Geek. I go to the cinema at least twice a week and watch a film everyday. I...


    Tori Jo (3 KP)

    Stay at home nerd

    I at home most of the he texted with my grumpy cat watching anime


    Naisy (2 KP)

    Disney Nerd, Movie Buff, Life traveler

    Christian, adoring wife, loving mom, they are my purpose in life. I’ve been blessed with...


    Merci A Velez (17 KP)

    Book Nerd, Romance Novel Reader

    I am a big book lover.I love all things Romance and Fantasy.I love Cats and all their weird quirks.I...


    Alison Conklin (0 KP)

    Sci-fi nerd

    Young married college student just trying to figure out my life and spending way to much time...