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28. December

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45 year old movie buff, avid gamer and HUGE Trekkie. I love all types of films, with the exception of musicals (There are a few I can enjoy). My preferred genres are horror, sci-fi and comedies. I really enjoy Asian movies, especially Japanese and South Korean.
I have been gaming since the late 70's, and there's very little I haven't played on. My current gamer info; Playstation - ronin1272. Xbox - KnackeredGeezer. Steam - KnackeredGeezer. Send me a friend request, if you want and just put Smashbomb in the message field.
I love television too, especially British shows. The only type of show I will never watch are reality shows.
Music is life. Favourite all time band is Pink Floyd.
Don't read as much as I used too, but when I do, it's generally sci-fi and horror.
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